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  1. Anyone else still getting issues with 3.08 failing to initialse, random java errors, failures to send? Firstly my users are now having to check the plugin has initialised - yes we had a failure this morning with 3.08 and FM Pro 16.04 And I have scripts that loop through several records sending fairly basic HTML formatted emails I am getting about an 80% send rate, the rest are just ignored or sometimes get an occasional java error. These scripts were rock solid on a Fm pro 13 system with version 1.99 of the plugin. 3.08 has improved things over 3.05 but in no way could this be
  2. If only it would still work with 16. 3.08 is just a nightmare, errors, fails to load, gone were the days aof a nice stable solution
  3. Thanks for the response Junior I logged a call with the information you have requested with yourselves call ref: HD-36497 I believe you have already recreated the truncating issue.
  4. Anyone know if this has been resolved? I have emailed support but had no response.
  5. Hi All Anyone else getting issues with the 360 works email plugin sometimes not enabling when filemaker is started? The plugin is listed, and just but needs to be enabled, but it is very frustrating. OS - Windows 7 / 10 Filemaker pro 16.03 Plugin version 3.05 enterprise license
  6. When was 3.06 released? 3.05 appears to be the current version on website
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