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  1. For anyone interested, I got it to work this way (attached). username: u1 password: blank conditional portal sample solution.fmp12
  2. Hello, If I may pick your brains regarding this relationship dilemma I'm struggling with... (sample file attached) I have a file that will narrow down options to choose from in a popup menu (global_presetsList) based on which account is logged in. That part is functioning correctly. (scripts to switch users — u1, u2 — available in Scripts menu; accounts have no passwords) What I need for the bottom portal (result for specific preset) to show is values belonging to that specific option (presets in my file). As such: current account > leads to presets > which leads to end va
  3. Thanks for suggesting it. Yes I can invoke FM script but to my knowledge it will not return its result to AS... I'm afraid @comment is right about this one.
  4. I'm familiar with utilizing Calculated AppleScript or setting a global field to a value and then reading it from AppleScript. But is there a direct method for AppleScript to get a FM global variable from outside of the FM application, ie. for AS app, is there a way to say: tell application "FileMaker Pro" to tell database "myDB" to set v to { get filemaker global variable named "gv" }
  5. I know this is mucho ancient but could you clarify this part... Tried this, but no go: tell application "FileMaker Pro" to tell database "myDB" to tell layout "Aux" to set cell "Aux::arguments_AuxWindow" of current record to 1
  6. you are indeed right! I was not telling you of the the script trigger... bad McScripta, bad. Totally wasn't on my radar. Excellent detective work Commet. Thank you.
  7. I have a single, unrelated table I am viewing as list in Browse mode (all records showing) I enter Find mode and input search query in one of the fields (I already know there is a record with that value, in fact it only matches one single record). When I hit enter, FM goes to that record but while still displaying the entire list of records (preceding and following my target record). My "found" record is basically an item on a long list of all records. Is that normal behavior? I want to see only one item on my found list – the only one record matching the search query...
  8. ...I can hardly follow what I'm doing here myself. Thank you for your input!
  9. I've considered that but my implementation requires Sum result to be picked up downstream via portal. I'm not working with a classic report layout. SOLUTION: I moved my calculation field into the portal itself (since that was the implementation I needed in the first place), then it's just a matter of Sum() function targeting the portal field I needed to get total of. Since the portal already limits the records to the common value via relationship, that fixed my issue. Thanks.
  10. I'm using {{FoundCount}} to get count of filtered records in a portal. This works well when just displaying the count on the layout but I'd like to use that figure as output to a field (regardless if this needs to be a calculation field or just number). How do I have a field track count from a portal?
  11. I have a list of records where I'd like to sum values from one of the fields but "in groups". Each group effectively shares a value in another field. If those other common values match, records in that subset of records are summed. Here's an illustration of my data set and the calculation I'm trying to find. Common value Summed value Sum result (calculation field) 1111 5 8 2222 10 33 1111 3 8 2222
  12. Please disregard, crossed posts. That was in regards to your earlier suggestion about applying current formatting on export. This worked perfectly: Let ( t = Sum ( Time Sheet::Hours ) * 3600 ; SerialIncrement ( "00" ; Hour ( t ) ) & SerialIncrement ( ":00" ; Minute ( t ) ) & SerialIncrement ( ":00" ; Seconds ( t ) ) ) Thanks all for pitching in and your help!
  13. ...that doesn't seem to do it. My field is type Calculation with calculation result set to Time
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