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  1. Well I aborted the sync and started over again with a new clone. Everything went fine with the new file. Still kind of wondering what the "Resolving and writing conflicts" thing is about though. Craig
  2. We had a technician run a recovery on a damaged spoke file and sync it to the server. I've now replaced it with a new clone and ran an initial sync for his system. MirrorSync console is now showing that it is "Resolving and writing conflicts" but it has been doing this for more than an hour. I've never noticed this during a sync process and am wondering whether I should allow it to continue and keep my fingers crossed or stop the sync and try to start over again. We're running MirrorSync 2.50702. Thanks, Craig
  3. That did it. The clock was off by about 5-1/2 minutes. Thanks Jesse. Craig
  4. We are running MirrorSync 2.50702 and FileMaker 14 Server on a Windows VM. Everything has been working fine, but for some reason the MirrorSync e-mail notifications have suddenly stopped. I haven't found any errors or signs of other problems, the FM Server notifications (sent via SMTP server) have been fine. There haven't been any changes to server or firewall that would have blocked port 443 (that I know of). I saw the post from 2015 giving instructions for modifying the MirrorSync.xml file and using an SMTP server, but am wondering if there is anything else I should check. Even if m
  5. Thanks Lee. I think we'll just start over as soon as we can schedule the time. Craig
  6. We had a problem with the spoke file on one of our spoke systems and had to run a recovery in FileMaker. Is it okay to use that recovered file (if it passes the recovery okay) or should we just start over again with a clean copy? Would rather not loose any data that hasn't been synced, but if it has to be that way so be it. Thanks, Craig
  7. Thanks Jesse that's what I was hoping. So I shouldn't even need to run the configuration again after moving, correct? Craig
  8. I'm getting ready to move a FileMaker / MirrorSync installation from a Mac system to a Windows Server. In reading the documentation on moving from one server to another it states that I need to: Run the MirrorSync admin utility. Edit the configuration and modify the IP addresses of the servers as necessary. In the last step of the process where you copy and paste the script steps into the MirrorSync script, be sure to first delete the 'MirrorSync_internal' and 'MirrorSync_external' items from the list of external data sources. They will be recreated with updated values when you paste the
  9. Thanks Jesse, I'll give it a try. It isn't a critical issue so I do have the ability to wait for the next role out if necessary. If I do end up having to put the fields back on the layouts I should also run the configuration and re-paste scripts again, correct? Craig
  10. We have a sync configuration that has been in use for a year or more and I'd like to remove a couple of container fields from syncing. These fields are in a preferences table which in only synced from hub to spoke systems, it is not bidirectional. The spoke database is different than the hub database, tailored specifically for the remote users. Can this be done without having the spoke systems download a new copy of the remote file? I can remove the fields from the sync layouts, rebuild the configuration, and copy and paste new sync scripts in the server copy of the files, but will that ca
  11. Thanks Jesse, I've found that and made the change, updated scripts on our server copies, but the notifications still don't seem to be getting sent out. Notifications from our FileMaker Server (on the same machine) are still going out, but not MirrorSync. Is there anything else that might need to be done? I've double-checked the address. Problem appears to have started after our last update (8/7/15). Client reported not having received any notifications since the 6th. Craig
  12. I'd like to change the admin email address on our MirrorSync installation. Can I make that change without a re-install? I don't see it anywhere in the admin console. Thanks, Craig
  13. Will do Jesse, thanks for the response. Craig
  14. Sorry for the delay in getting back to this. Everything seemed to work fine without users downloading a new version of the database. Your hunch appears to have been correct Jesse. Thanks, Craig
  15. I'm syncing with a different file for the spoke database and was going to update the server version of that file with a copy I've been working on offline. This seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I'm wondering if replacing the current server copy of the spoke database with a new version of the same name will cause problems for users currently on the old version. Nothing has changed with regard to the "alignment" with the Hub database, just layouts and some scripting to further tailor the spoke system for remote users. Ultimately all remote users will update to this version, but
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