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  1. Thank you comment, will attempt that.... Webko, do you have this implementation in Filemaker? If so, please share some light. many Thanks
  2. Hello Forum, Please assist me, i am struggling to get a working calculation for sick leave field, how to go about calculating how many sick leave days are due for employees if every employee has 30 sick leave days in 3 years, which will lapse if not taken. Can someone please point me in the right direction how to go about all this? Please ask if anymore question as i am also in an ambiguous situation. Many thanks, Miss Amen.
  3. Hello Forum, Can you please assist me with date range calculation for the following situation/problem/challenge: I have a date field = TG_StartDate and would like another field(Season(text field)) to display "HighSeason" if the date is between 15.08.**** and 14.11.****, that is from August 15th to November 14th all years, any year and the rest of the range display "LowSeason" Many Thanks, Miss-Amen!
  4. Script does not look like it is running into any errors as per Script notification: FileMaker Server 14.0.2 on fmserver.packsafari.private reported the following event:2016-05-13 13:44:27.097 +0100 Information 150 fmserver.packsafari.private Schedule "Transport Invoices" completed.FileMaker Server automatically sent you this email. Contact the administrator if you no longer want to receive these notifications:P S <it@packsafari.com> Also running the schedule manually does not go for more than 3 seconds - it is like the schedule does not go through at all.
  5. Hello Forum, I have scheduled a script that i expect to search for a running tour(on current date) and creates and invoice for that tour. The server gives a notification that that script ran but when i check the database, there are no records created. Also the script ran just fine initially and suddenly that began to happen, without any alterations. Anybody aware of a situation like this with server scheduled scripts and have an idea how to fix this. Thank you for your time and support. Miss-Amen.
  6. Hi Forum, I am working on a script to be triggered when a field is modified so that it can pull data and update fields on a layout. Some data is in another file and i do not know if possible how to access this file and search for the data i need? Any thoughts on how to accomplish this? Thank you for assisting, Miss-Amen
  7. Hi Forum, Please help me solve a calculation for this problem, i have a table with various records, i would like to implement a field called Order_Check that would display a "1" if the table field Order_Num begins with "PT00" if otherwise it must display "0". This field Order_Num for invoice records appear to be either empty, has value ID that begins with PT00* or just have some random values, i tried the calculation: IF(Order_Number = "PT00*", 1, 0) Thank you for assisting, Miss-Amen!
  8. Hello there Forum, On a filemaker 14 platform, i have a server scheduled script that goes through records and making use of the email field in order to send a Home Sync reminder to staff using SMTP, since its implementation it ran normal until very recently with no alterations on our system, i noticed there is an error in the schedule list for this script, i tried running script manually and i get an error message "Emails could not be sent successfully" also the email does not go through at all, that is none of the persons intended to receive it gets to receive it. Anybody ha
  9. Hello Forum, Anybody with a solution or understanding as to why FM crashing when browsing records on layouts that have container fields?
  10. Hi there, I have a field that has been altered for more than 100 000 records to the same value, it is a number field - I would like to know if it is possible to restore the old values for this field from a latest backup, importing only for this field. please help and many thanks, Miss Amen
  11. It is working now - Had missed the *Grant Full Access Privileges* on my new record creation script. Rgds, Saima-Amen
  12. The other tables(Vehicle Rates 2015 and Vehicle Rates 2016) are in the file Transport Remmitance,
  13. I mean user is unable to work with the data contained in the table, they can create new records and populate their fields but the calculation fields do not calculate at a all, the remain blank and can not be entered. I have a vehicle rental price calculator, when the users enter this layout, i want them to specifies values e.g End date, start date, select a rateID(Is a value list), # of passenger and the KM driven - High season and Low season values depend on a particular rateID selected, The field Total is calculated from the high and low Season values by the High and low season d
  14. I have a layout based on a particular table with fields from a table in another file through a relationship - I have full access and hence can access and edit fields, other user with custom privileges are unable to access or edit this fields, but can create records, i have tried editing the privileges on this tables for this users but still no change - what could i be missing? The table name is Rental_Calc, i have attached screenshot for the set privilege. Thanks for your help! Miss A!
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