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  1. Franco I want to have a common database file for Client and hosted file. Can I ask what I have To do to make this possible in our database. Thanks
  2. Hello I want to have the same database as Client and hosted version. Do you Simply insert client and server scripts In one database and it works out of the Box or do you have to make changes to scripts And sync layouts. My database is already iPad friendly. Thanks
  3. I realised my mistake. One of the tables had alot of data in it. Hence the reason for the sync taking alot of time. The sync is now taking 2 mins and 30 seconds when there is no changes at all in the database. Does that seem like a reasonable amount of time? I now have an issue where the sync completed 100% successfully without any errors. However it is downloading data from the hosted file. HOWEVER IT IS NOT UPLOADING ANY RECORDS TO THE HOSTED FILE? Thanks
  4. Hello, We have implemented FMEasySync in our solution. We have 21 tables, each table has over 15 fields. I followed all the instructions in the guide. The sync even worked once but it took over 1/2 hour. But now it just keeps going on and on saying "pushing payload to server" and never returns. there is only about 100 records to sync. There are no container fields they are all text fields. So i cant imagine being alot of data. i have hosted the main database in filemaker pro advanced 12 and i am using filemaker go 12 as a client. I have disabled the PSOS in the client file. I wou
  5. Tim Thanks for your reply. If we used 1 connection in filemaker 13. Does this sync open and close connection after the sync operation when ran on an iPad. So if two iPad users in the building will filemaker go automatically hold a connection. Or does the sync open and close connection. Thanks for your help.
  6. This is what it says on the FAQ page: "easysync runs on the filemaker 13 platform. The hosted database must be hosted on filemaker server 13" So you cant run this sync if you have filemaker pro 13 setup. You must be using filemaker server to host the master database. Then filemaker pro can connect to it. What makes this sync filemaker 13 specific. can we disable some of the functionality to make it work on filemaker 12 pro.
  7. Hello I think I worked out my problem my hosted file is in file maker pro 13 and not filemaker server. I have raised a separate question around whether you can host a file in file maker pro 12. Thanks
  8. Hello I understand the documentation for this sync says the hosted file needs to be on filemaker server. However if we disable the perform script on server features then will this work on filemaker pro 12. Filemaker server with 5 concurrent iPads is very expensive. But you can have 5 users with filemaker pro 12 included in license. Thanks appreciate any feedback.
  9. Hello, Thanks for your reply. I resorted to the * after trying the ip address. This is the external source that i set on the FM_Surveys_Mobile file. fmnet:/ I get exactly the same issue "Unable to connect to server". I have diabled the firewall on my computer, i have added filemaker pro 13 into the inbound rules for the firewalls. No matter what i try i get this error. Any further suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hello, I know this topic has been discussed. I read the whole of that topic and my issue still not resolved. I downloaded the latest fmeasysync file. I have enabled the networking sharing on the hosted file. I have add the following external sources to the mobile file: fmnet:/*/FM_Surveys_Hosted filewin:/C:/EasySync/FM_Surveys_Hosted I can see the hosted file from the ipad, i can even open it and use it. I have not made any changes at all to the demo files. I am simply trying to get the demo working. Can someone please help me with this. I have been battling with thi
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