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  1. Let me take another stab at it - I grabbed a random horse Capriccioso from the layout based on the Results table (results are imported form excel). The Track, Class and Fin are from the Races table (also excel import). I hi-lighted the races I need to focus on. As you can see on 24 Feb Capriccioso raced at Oi, C2 class and finished 12th. He then travelled to Kana for a B1 class race and finished 6th. I need to find these pairs in the thousands of records. My first thought was that I needed to somehow mark a race record where the horse travelled - otherwise, my thinking goes, there is not
  2. A Class A race in New York would probably be the same as a Class A race in California. Not so here. Each of the 15 local tracks have their own bizarre class systems. If I could isolate just the races where there was a venue change and see the results from both races (the new race, and the previous race) on one line, I think it would be a real eye opener. I have almost 300,000 records, so separating these out is important. As far as isolating the races, I thought it would work with something like checking for duplicates where a record with a different track than the previous record gets ma
  3. That was it I think I'm happy with this for now - as I review the races I can just use the check box when there is a change in venue. Let me think on it for a while - as always, I very much appreciate your help.
  4. Yes, I have just like your demo - It appears I have something wrong with my thinking on the found set. I see now that it is grabbing the previous Race_ID (not unique) - as if it were in the original sort. I thought "GetNthRecord of the current table returns the Nth record of the found set according to how the current table is sorted" current table - results found set - Inside Out sorted by - rDate
  5. I’m being too ambitious. Can we just do one small thing, first, so I can understand GetNthRecord? From the image, I want the record with the [_RaceID] of 15may18kana7 to show 4mar18kok1 in the [last Race_ID] field. Thought I would get that with: last Race_ID = GetNthRecord ( _RaceID ; Get (RecordNumber) - 1 ) But I didn’t … [_RaceID] and [last Race_ID] are the same.
  6. Hi, the goal is to monitor and compare results when a horse changes racecourses. I want to grab a few of the field values from the previous record and insert them in the following record when there is a track change. I’ve seen similar requests for help on getting info from previous record, but was unable to adapt the solutions offered up. In the image I’ve added text fields (last Race_ID, last track, last class, last fin) for demo purposes. The ‘change’ field should be temporary, but I suppose I could live with it. The ‘mark’ field was part of my effort to have fmp do it. Ther
  7. I was able to get something working with Aussie John and Ash's solution:
  8. Hi, I’d like to show days since last race for a horse where the first race returns 0. I played around with ‘last’ and ‘GetNthRecord’ but something went wrong. I had some problems with races where the horse was scratched, but I can live with that. Thanks, Paul
  9. Thanks, Doug I reproduced it and I have the 2nd place horses now. My new recent goal is to understand why these things work rather than just ask for and get solutions. As what you did is not obvious to me, Im working up a few questions.
  10. Very fundamental concept query. This might not belong here, but I'm here to discover if I am thinking 'case' and 'if' wrong. Quite often I come to a situation with 2 tables (something like this): Table A fields: ID_A, RaceID, Horse Name, Time, Finish Table B fields: ID_B, RaceID, Winner, Second In Table B I want to populate 'Winner' and 'Second'. I would do a simple look-up for 'Winner', but then I go for 'Second' and I start bumbling around and thinking like this (just English, not FM-ese): If Table A RaceID = Table B RaceID and Fin = 2 then give me the Horse Name. Then I start fumbling
  11. Didn't want to leave this hanging -- I think Don's file is it -- though I haven't gotten it to work yet, I think I will soon enough if I keep at it. I've got to work on the fundamentals. So in the future I am going to limit my queries to things that I might actually be able to discuss. It's fine asking for help and getting a solution, but there's a line between "help me do this" and "do it for me". It feels like I have a new car and I am pushing it around town, and people are saying 'why don't you drive it' and I'm answering 'I don't how to drive'.
  12. It doesn't help, yet. I'm still playing with it ... the script has been running quite a while ...
  13. Hi, After the weekend races and all the results are imported into FM, I mark (now by hand) the “Key Races”. I’ll find each horse who either won or finished 2nd. As in this screen shot of Cherry Summer you can see he won his last race on Oct 3. (1) Then I mark the preceding race. (now I’m using a ‘K’, but I intend to change it to a number — different problem). The point is to show which race produced winners. The screenshot shows I have put a 'K' in Cherry Summer's race on may 31 and changed the 4 to a 5. Then I find matching records for RaceID (31may15tok5) on the record I just tagged,
  14. These race averages do not change all that much once you get a dozen or so races averaged. There are 10 racecourse and 2 or 3 are holding races at a time. They rotate the races seasonally. I think I'm just going to create fields for each race type average and update them monthly. An inelegant solution, but I'll be able to move onto other projects that I desperately need to get to. Thanks for all the help -- I will be using the ideas I got here for some of those other projects.
  15. Thanks, I downloaded the sample file 'fast summary' from FileMaker Hacks (Kevin Frank). Very interesting and seemingly simple (though I don't understand the script). I want to use it somewhere else. To me it seems like a cool way of doing a report, but the end is the same. I don't see how I would take the class average from it, use it in a calculation to get the speed rating and then drop it in the portal I'm using to show past performances. Perhaps it is possible, but I just can't see it. Since it is a given that I cannot use the sub summary value if it is not sorted by the breakfield, then
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