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  1. Well i've mostly got it working how I would like on your database. Apart from the Get(foundcount) field - I dont really understand whats going on there. How is it counting the number of people who work for a company from the contacts table? Edit - fixed something filterbytypeandSUBtype_aq.fmp12
  2. Im trying to add another field in the Add popup window for sub type. I've tried to implement what I would like in the database you uploaded but am struggling to get the value list to work... again. filterbytypeandSUBtype_aq.fmp12 edit- actually it appears to be working. I'll finish the contact/subtype side of it.
  3. Thanks Eos, Im surprised the company_contact::id works. Its great!!! I like your solution especially how much nicer it is to use. However, I still need to be able to add a company which hasn't had a contact associated with it. But I can butcher my way through it and make it work to my needs. Thanks for neater fullname calc. You mention in an earlier post calculation being "expensive". Is the idea to get to the result you want with the least number of script actions? I was in Canada over the winter period and this project has been on hold. My brain is slowly engaging back into Filermaker gear. I've enjoyed the learning experience though I'm glad I'm not dreaming about conditional value lists anymore. Thanks again for all the help.
  4. Thanks for the help. I can certainly send you the file if your happy to have a look. I'm nervous about your thoughts on my beginner database You will see in that the database hold records of Companies separate from the Contacts. I did this to allow for a company to be in the database without having any contacts and a company to be attached to a project and not the personnel. It does however seem to be causing me some headaches. I've removed most of the data but the core is still there. Apologies for the mess. Username: Admin No password! aquinlan database.fmp12 Note/Edit - The layout which where im trying to hide the fields is under Details/Projects/Project Contacts.
  5. According to the data viewer there are 24 results in the value list I am using. I'm not sure if Im not understanding the problem or I haven't explained what I am trying to do thoroughly enough. I will use an example to explain just incase. I have a portal where I can add Companies and Contacts to a join table with a related Project. It is set up with a drop down for the Type of company. The next drop down will only show me those companies that do that kind of work. I then have another drop down with a list of contacts who only work for the company I select from the previous drop down. What i'm hoping to achieve is hiding the drop down if the value list returns no values when the choice of Company reveals no related Contacts. Thanks The linespacing is a bit strange when posting since I was last working on this project and asking for help from this forum.
  6. I did try but I cannot seem to get it to work. I made the wrong assumption in how it worked after testing it on a blank database. I will play around with it more and see if I can figure out why its not working for me. I'm afraid i'm not sure what you mean by
  7. Thanks eos. The value list in question isn't empty - but it uses related values from another table. Sometimes there are no related values; in this case I would like to be able to hide the field. Any thoughts? Many Thanks Sorry it took 5 months to reply
  8. Is there a way to hide a field if the conditional value list that it uses for values returns <no values defined>? Thanks
  9. Thanks Eos. I'm struggling to understand parts of the script. ExecuteSQL ( " SELECT id FROM Tasks WHERE id_stage = ? " ; "" ; "" ; $selectedStageID ) I have no SQL knowledge at all - so at first I thought you were writing me a message. I assume this is creating a list of ids for the tasks that are going to be generated. Let ( $i = $i + 1 ; $i > ValueCount ( $listOfTaskIDs ) ) This exit loop part I guess is making sure all the tasks have been generated before exiting. GetValue ( $listOfTaskIDs ; $i ) How does this work? Finally - what is the reason for setting the project id field at the end of the script? Thanks again for the help. Edit. I remembered you had explained $i to me before as a merge variable within the space of a portal and that its part of a conditional formatting calculation. I don't really understand what the a merge variable within the space of a portal means nor can I find the conditional formatting in this instance.
  10. So I managed to put together a script and, amazingly, it appears to be working. I'm surprised how big a grin appeared on my face when i pressed that button. I'm sure it is very ugly. Freeze Window Set Variable [ $stage; Value:Projects::Stage ] Set Variable [ $project; Value:Projects::id ] Go to Layout [ “Task_list” (Task_list) ] Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Task_list::id_stage: “=$stage” ] [ Restore ] Set Variable [ $taskcount; Value:Get ( FoundCount ) ] Set Variable [ $taskNumber; Value:1 ] Loop Go to Layout [ “Task_list” (Task_list) ] Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Task_list::id_stage: “=$stage” ] [ Restore ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ $tasknumber ] [ No dialog ] Set Variable [ $taskname; Value:Task_list::Task_list Name ] Go to Layout [ “Tasks Records” (Tasks) ] New Record/Request Set Field [ Tasks::Task Name; $taskname ] Set Field [ Tasks::id_projects; $project ] Set Field [ Tasks::id_stages; $stage ] Set Variable [ $taskNumber; Value:$taskNumber + 1 ] Exit Loop If [ $tasknumber > $taskcount ] End Loop Go to Layout [ original layout ] I attached the database - any feedback on script or structure of the databse would be appreciated. Im going to apply this to my project now. Edit - Is there a line i can add to stop doubling up on tasks? Checklist_test.fmp12.zip
  11. Thanks for the help, Forgive me but i'm going to, hopefully, repeat exactly what you just said to me. The tasks(actual) table will hold the task records for the projects and will hopefully be generated by the script. The stages will hold the different stages of development. The tasks (definition) will hold records of what those auto generated tasks can be and which stage they are related to. Is this correct? So I will be able to have a script which will generate tasks in Tasks (actual) from the records in Tasks (definition) for the correct Stage. I will start making a test database with this and see how i go.
  12. Hi, Im trying to figure out the best way to set up a checklist/task style table for my projects. Each Project has different stages of development; I would like to have a list of tasks for each stage. Currently each new project record defaults to enquiry stage. I would like this to populate a list of tasks automatically and then when the user changes the stage of development to "appointment", for example, a new set of tasks would be generated. My initial thoughts are that I need a big script which creates a bunch of related records in the tasks table each time the stage is changed. I was hoping for some input before I start making the script. Any help appreciated.
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