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  1. I would like to place text in a field called "textbegin" before the text that was already there. IN other words. How can I place text in a field before the existing text without losing the original text, If the field contains "mystery tour" I would like place "magical " before "mystery tour". Not sure how to calculate to make the cursor add my text before existing text in a field.
  2. How to I calculate to REMOVE either the Left number of characters or the Left number of words from a field Thank you
  3. Thanks Comment Thanks LaRetta In my case with this situation it is not possible to omit. But the point is well taken for other circumstances.
  4. I wonder how to determine if a field is containing some text, any text. I can see the function IsEmpty determines if the field is without text but I want to perform a script that moves to a only records that are empty so I need to bypass records that already have entries. Thanks
  5. I would like to apply a script only if one of my fields called "BeforeP" contains the words "your search" They are always the first two words in the field if they are present but I would like to find a way to execute another script if those two words are present. Thank for any help.
  6. I mean I have pre arranged content on a website. I would like to make the images in the webviewer flow from one layout to another. I am trying ways to minimize filemaker space but moving from one image to another ( without loading FM into a really big file from images.
  7. I have a series of layouts in my database. I am using the webviewer to post images from webpages. I have a need to move quickly from one layout to the other but I am trying to see if there is any suggestion on how to get the next layouts on standby so there is no interruption in the flow of my presentation. Just wondering Thanks
  8. Thank you - I can see the the continue button on my script running in the top of the filemaker window. If I cancel the script the menu comes back. I never knew this . Thanks
  9. yes I am in a modal window when this happens. It seems like a menu change but not activated by me.
  10. I keep using my databases but after some time without my doing anything but using the database---- there becomes some items which grey out and are not useable. Like New Record ,, Manage scripts,New Database. I am not sure why this is happening. Can someone put some light on this for me. Thanks
  11. HI I am absolutely frustrated. I see greyed out areas to insert Audio in the Menu I am trying to insert audio into a container field. The same is true for PDF. I can drag any file into the container field and it resides there but It doesn't play or open. What is going on? I need to do this.
  12. Hello I am using firefox as my browser but I would like to invoke a facebook search for a Church. I have a lot of these to do. How do I use filemaker to make a facebook search happen I will be using a calc i n a file called comAddress which calcs the name, address and city and state. Thanks
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