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  1. cliftz

    RPN ( expression )

    reminds me of when I used to 'program' my HP48GX. Started with RPL.
  2. cliftz

    Need to add html tags

    tested and working. Sorry for the late reply. Had to try it at work. thank you again.
  3. cliftz

    Need to add html tags

    oh thank you dwdata so much. I've been so busy at work, I didn't check. I'll try this out when I get home. It looks like that's what I need.
  4. cliftz

    Need to add html tags

    Okay, I see. I'd would like to create a specification field. This field will contain a calculation that lists data from six different fields. The problem that I have is when a field is empty it still shows on my list. I was wondering if I can Create a CASE or calculation in which if the attribute is empty it does not get added to my list. e.g.,: <li>attribute1</li> <li>attribute 2</li> <li>Attribute5</li> if attribute3, attribute4 are empty fields. other wise <li>attribute 1</li> <li>attribute 2</li> <li>attribute 3</li> <li>Attribute 4</li> <li>Attribute 5</li>
  5. Hi, I think what I'm trying to do is similar to the post here : http://fmforums.com/topic/43137-creating-html-templates-using-data-fields/#comment-201362 but expanding the idea quite a bit. I'm adding products to ecommerce site Volusion. Eventually, I'm moving the site to the Magento platform. I've been using Excel and the concatenate function, however, I'm seeing the time saving benefits of using FM12Pro but hung up on adding fields that contain html tags and populating them with attributes. I've attached a text file that more fully explains. Thank you for your assistance. We lost a member of our team and We're just trying to get all the work done. I'm also attaching, what we've done thus far. In the layout I want to add sections for Features, Technical Specifications and Includes which will contain the html tags. The database contains some products for example. Ultimately, what we want to create is a technical specification Attribute Table. And tell it If Attribute 1 exists then output it to <li>1</li>, <li>2</li> and so on. (I'm not exactly clear on how to do that) Also, if the Attribute doesn't exist, I want it to continue to check for attributes 4,5 and 6 and so on.. Or, maybe the LIST() function, and tell it somehow if the attribute doesn't exist, e.g., empty tags <li></li>, delete the empty tag. Eventually, I expect to have hundreds of attributes to pull information from to populate the various fields that contain the <li></li> tags. We created the "html" field to see what it looked like. So, I guess the question here revolves around the use of the CASE function maybe...or the IF function. An example of attributes would be M12, M18, M24 which describe certain models of tools, Voltages, Amps, chuck sizes, rpm, corded or non-corded, diameter, etc. I'm just learning FileMaker and kind of figuring it out as I go...thank you for your patience. hmm, apparently I couldn't delete one of the files... adding html to fm fields.txt DynamiteTool.fmp12 DynamiteTool.fmp12

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