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  1. We have a message in the database that is sent out to end users at certain times. Filemaker used to properly format the line break tag <br> at the end of the lines where it was needed. Now it sends them along in the message which is confusing a lot of our non-technical users. I have removed them but now the message is not properly formatted and comes in on large chunk of text. Has anybody experienced this as well and have any advice for a solution to restore formatting the way we would like? Thanks in advance.
  2. I have upgraded my FM11 databases to FM13 and their corresponding webforms. I have one find that build a dropdown list that cannot connect to the database to find the list of options. Everything else works other wise including the submission of the form which successfully writes to the database (when that form pair is commented out). Switching my includes back to the old FX and adding .fp7 back on allows the form to see the old database and reflect the list. I can't figure out what has changed from 11 to 13 that now prevents this function call from working. Does anybody have any similar experi
  3. Thanks Lee. I was really worried that was the answer. Appreciate your expertise.
  4. Has anyone had any luck with connecting the filemaker 13 databases with databases on FileMaker 11 using fmnet in external data sources? I tried to edit the existing references by adding .fp7 to the end of the filename and tried to create a new data source. However, when adding the remote server, it does not display any databases (as they are not compatible) and I unfortunately cannot convert them at this time.
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