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  1. See related post, Image Issues Creating Files from Scribe. Another big THANK YOU to Ryan. The 2.23 rev specifically addresses the image offset: http://sc.360works.com/SuperContainer/Files/pro/360/scribe223 Thanks again, Ryan! ~debi
  2. Just need to give a shout out and a big "THANK YOU" to Ryan DeMaeyer, who deduced an issue with spaces in the file names! So glad to be able to move along with this project. Although not required for this particular problem (you need to address the naming), he's posted Scribe 2.23 here http://sc.360works.com/SuperContainer/Files/pro/360/scribe223.
  3. This is a follow-up to the "Formatting Issues Creating Excel Files from Scribe." I'm still testing for the same client, but he has decided he is fine formatting the Excel files after the fact. Our primary reason for moving to Scribe is for "exporting" images to Excel, and that is my current issue. FYI, I'm using FMP Advanced 15.02; Mac OS X 10.11.6, Scribe 2.184. I'm getting an error when opening the Excel file: "Excel could not open <name of file.xlsx> because some content is unreadable. Do you want to open and repair this workbook?" and then, in smaller print, "If Excel cannot repair the file, some data may be lost." Two options are "Cancel" and "Open and Repair." Opening the file presents most info OK, except that there are are floating boxes where the images should be. (Well, kind of, as the boxes seem to start at column B and I'm setting the images to land at column A - will worry about that later.) The floating boxes have a big red "X" at top left, plus the text, "The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough memory to open the image, or the image may have been corrupted. Restart your computer, and then open the file again. If the red x still appears, you may have to delete the image and then insert it again." I have restarted, and googled a bit. I've tried a few other things, as well: * File is set to be exported to the temp folder. Modified that to the desktop, and tried opening it directly from the Finder, no change. * Tried setting the images directly from local table (I was using a related field earlier), no change. * Tried setting the image to a smaller thumbnail first, no change. Also, I went back to the test file (based on the provided Scribe sample) and, for the most part, did not get this error. However, after adding a few images from the client file, I had mixed results: one image was OK, three were not. Some of what I've read makes me think there are errors with the xml output, but I can't judge that. Any suggestions on how to fix or what to try next? TIA, debi
  4. Just wanted to close out this issue. I tried "tls=true" and "tls=1" and a few other combinations of parameters related to ssl etc. Then I asked the client to verify that the account was working on their side. Apparently there was a glitch there, and once that was resolved, the code you gave me above was just perfect. Thanks!
  5. Thank you Ben. I wrote to Appriver Support, asking how to set set the parameters for the EmailConnectSMTP functions, including the port, and whether I needed true or false for ssl, forcetrust, and tls settings. Here is their reply: SMTP Server: smtp.exg6.exghost.com SMTP Port: 587 SMTP Authentication: requires authentication SMTP Secure Connection: TLS (if TLS is not available, use SSL) How would that translate to the plug-in function? TIA, debi
  6. I've successfully tested the email plugin sending emails via both my business email (gmail) and a personal account (ipage). But I'm having difficulty getting this to work for a client who said she uses exg6.exghost.com. Format I'm using is: EmailConnectSMTP ( "smtp.exg6.exghost.com:465" ; "name@domain.com" ; "password" ; "ssl=1" ; True ; True ) Have tried several port numbers, including 465, 587, 25; also no port. Errors include "Couldn't connect to host, port: smtp.exg6.exghost.com, 465; timeout 30000" and then "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not connected" What am I doing wrong? TIA, debi
  7. Thanks, Ryan! I am having mixed results. Also reverted to older plugin version to test and results are inconsistent with previous. Do you think it could matter how the cells in Excel are formatted - for instance, as a style, or as part of a whole row or column selection, or anything like that? I'm going to try to do some more experimenting - - when I can. Thanks again, debi
  8. First, I hope this is the right forum, as I did not see a specific one for Scribe. I'm excited about evaluating Scribe for creating Excel files that can include containers. So far, I've found that the template row height must be tall enough to fit the image, or else the row shrinks and the images end up looking kind of stacked. Also, they seem to be showing up in the column after where I wanted them, but scripting them to column B when I want them in C is an adequate work-around, at least for now. One problem I haven't solved is that the template formatting isn't holding. Some of it is - for instance, simple bold is working. But top alignment is not - except for my numbers. And a row 1 cell that should be bold and larger point is just coming out standard. I saw there was another thread with a similar problem that was resolved with an update, but it was very old. I am using Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.15, FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.4, Excel 14.4.7, and Scribe 2.15 (demo for now). I realize this is not the most current configuration, but my clients are on PCs and will likely not be all up-to-date either. Am I doing something wrong? TIA, debi
  9. debi


    I just got about 6 of these -- all referencing the same iPad -- within an hour. This is right after ODI did the 2.208 update. What should we do about it? TIA, debi
  10. Two sets of questions regarding notifications: 1. I've been told that our client could not receive notifications directly because his email address had a hyphen in it. Is that true? Are there other characters that would prevent an email address from being used for notifications? 2. Is it possible to send notifications to more than one email address? If so, how? TIA, debi
  11. Jesse, The data for the three type fields: server container Hub The mobile file is a copy of the served file; as this is from a third-party hosting service, we are unable to use the download feature. Type data is the same for both files, neither file has a type of client. Thanks again for all the help, debi
  12. Got a few notifications from MirrorSync, about one a day since the end of last week. Portions of the message say: SEVERE Last sync failed: java.sql.SQLException Error occurred while reading XML Premature end of file. I'm waiting to hear back from the client to see what they noticed on their end. Meanwhile, what does this mean? And what should we do? TIA, debi
  13. Thanks, Jesse. That is what I did and everything went pretty smoothly. Still wondering about the number of records in the MirrorSync table, as that seemed to magically go up to three. Is that OK? Are there any issues related to adding/deleting records in that table? TIA, debi
  14. I need to update a file located at a hosting service, adding a few fields (including containers) and modifying a couple of layouts. MirrorSync was previously set up by another developer. Do I need to re-run the whole MirrorSync process, over-writing previous settings, or is it possible to run the set-up in some manner just to update it, or ... ? Also, I noticed that there are two records in the MirrorSync table - does that seem right? TIA, debi
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