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  1. OlgerDiekstra

    Network File Paths from OS X to Windows using FMP 16

    On Nix systems you mount other filesystems/disks on folders. Unlike Windwos where a drive has its own driveletter (both have benefits, but Nix's way is more flexable). So when you want to mount something on a Nix system you first have to create a folder which is used as a mounting point. That folder becomes inaccessable after mounting. That in itself can be used to check whether something is mounted or not, create another folder or file in your mount folder (before mounting) called 'notmounted' and you can simply check whether that folder is visible or not (as long as your mounted folder doesn't also have a folder 'notmounted' of course....) So in your documents folder you create a folder 'windowsshare' and then use that folder as a mounting point. (mount <source> <directory> if you do it from a shell, where <source> is the filesystem/share and <directory> is your mount point, which is the folder in the documents path you created: 'windowsshare'). One thing you will have to be aware of is how you mount it. You can mount it read only. In theory FM shouldn't care whether it is a mounted share, and from memory I have done something similar a long time ago on a Windows machine. However, Windows is not Mac. One thing you could try is Get(DocumentsPathList). That will parse the entire DocumentsPath tree. In theory the share would be part of it and FM should the also parse the share and show you the folder structure. If it doesn't, you're probably out of luck mounting a share in the documentspath. An alternative is to export your pdf to the documents folder and then use a plugin such as BaseElements to move it to the share.
  2. OlgerDiekstra

    Network File Paths from OS X to Windows using FMP 16

    Create a folder in the documents folder of the Mac ( Get( DocumentsPath ) ), and mount the Windows share on that folder. Then you should be able to export records to that mounted share. Test first that the user that you are running as on the Mac can create a file from Mac on the Windows share. If that doesn't work you probably have permissions issues on the Windows side.
  3. OlgerDiekstra

    Multiline radio button

    Filemaker doesn't reflow the text for radio buttons when there's too much. One way to work around that is to have a radio button with just values of 1,2,3 and 4, set the linespacing to double or triple (or whatever works) and add individual text fields with the content, which will wrap.
  4. OlgerDiekstra


    I've used Softphone.Pro (available for Windows and MacOS) to connect to FileMaker. It can trigger custom actions based on inbound rings (detailing the calling number), inbound answer, and hang ups. I use fmp urls to get data flowing. When I want to call a customer from the database I can initiate a softphone.pro url scheme command to get it to start dialing, it will then report back using an fmp url to let me know when the call is finished so that I can track this in the DB. Softphone.pro can also (on our request) now record (parts of) calls on demand and tell FM where the recording can be found when it informs FM the call has finished. That allows me to import the recording into FM. https://softphone.pro/
  5. OlgerDiekstra

    Size Calculator

    Mac only unfortunately, and as I'm on Windows, all I see is a screen flash.
  6. OlgerDiekstra

    Tuesdays in a year

    It depends. See this: https://www.convertunits.com/dates/howmany/Tuesdays-in-2017 So most of the times the number of weeks is the number of Tuesdays (52), but not always, it can sometimes be 53.
  7. OlgerDiekstra

    Things to do

    I never do either, I shrugged it off that it was probably just me, but obviously it must be something on FMForums. I've set to get notified on any threads I've commented on, but never get any notifications. Correction, in the past year I may have been notified maybe once. Perhaps the admins can shed a light on this?
  8. I wasn't talking about FileMaker container references. I mean filesystem references using Base Elements, using drive letters\folders or volume mount points/folders. A simple text field can hold such a reference. You can check the file exists using BE functions, load it into a temp container if desired or simply open the file using whatever app it uses (ie word, image viewer, whatever).
  9. Or, you could do what I do. The business I work at is a photography business. They take some 15TB of photos every year. Can't possibly import all that into FM. So I use references. I have all images stored on a NAS. I use Base Elements (a plugin, yes, its the only one I use) to check whether an image is accessible (contrary to FM, Base Elements can check any mounted volume on Mac or network drive on Windows), and load the image as required into a container. The server doesn't even need to be involved, you could load the image into a container using the client if needed. That allows you to handle backups of those images outside of FM as well. I backup to a second NAS, and from there to AWS.
  10. OlgerDiekstra


    Drink when you're thirsty and until your body tells you it's had enough. Too much of anything isn't good and that includes water.
  11. OlgerDiekstra

    Script Step not executing

    Can you post a dumbed down version of your file?
  12. OlgerDiekstra

    Script Step not executing

    You change the menu set, and then a few steps later you hide the menu it. You would never see it if you ran the script outside the debugger. Disable the script step that hides the menu and see if you get the menu you expect.
  13. OlgerDiekstra

    Get a street address from Location coordinates

    You can use Google Maps for this: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/geocoding/start
  14. OlgerDiekstra

    CWP internal server error 500

    Did that, no go.
  15. I'm developing some php scripts using FMS16 on Windows (2k8R2) with CWP and PHP, but am running into an issue I can't seem to solve. As part of the script, I want to log when the script gets invoked, and to do that I figured I'd use an fopen() and fwrite(). However, when I try to fopen() in write mode, FMS throws a 500 Internal server error. When I try fopen in read mode its fine. I've moved the log file to several locations but none seem to work. Does FMS only allow writing to certain folders? Which ones? I've tried the http folder, the data folder nothing seems to work. PHP works as I've already created some scripts that interact with the DB.

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