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  1. OlgerDiekstra

    Create record via new windows

    g_work_order_notes is not a global but a calculated field?
  2. OlgerDiekstra

    Function to check if value is numeric

    FieldIsNumber would return false for 1.0 (or 1,5 depending on your language) so make sure you include the dot and/or comma as well in the filter.
  3. Get( DocumentPath) or Get( TemporaryPath ) will give you the accessible paths. iPads, as are iPhones, are sandboxed and you can't (afaik) access anything outside those locations.
  4. OlgerDiekstra

    Square Credit cards

    If you mean the squareup app, there's docos here: https://docs.connect.squareup.com/articles/point-of-sale-api-ios that describe how to use their API. Have looked at Squareup but never used it.
  5. OlgerDiekstra

    Cant get the recursive function to work

    Yeah, I was looking for something like rightvalues but couldn't find it. Simplifies it greatly. Here's the numbered list: numberedList( text; counter ) If( ValueCount( text ) > 0; counter & " " & GetValue( text; 1 ) & ¶ & numberedList( RightValues( text; ValueCount( text ) - 1 ); counter + 1 ) ) It's funny how it now all looks so easy. 😄
  6. OlgerDiekstra

    Cant get the recursive function to work

    Well done. Here's a simpler version, no need for those variables: If( ValueCount( text ) > 0; bulletChar & GetValue( text; 1 ) & ¶ & bulletList( RightValues( text; ValueCount( text ) - 1 ); bulletChar ) ) The only downside is that you do valuecount() twice. (I prefer if statements as opposed to case in instances like these, but it makes no difference really).
  7. OlgerDiekstra

    Go to portal row

    script step "go to portal row[first]"? Very similar to "go to record". But first you have to go to the portal, like with "go to object".
  8. OlgerDiekstra

    Cant get the recursive function to work

    Nearly got it right. bulletList( text; bulletChar ) Let([ line = GetValue( text; 1 ); textstr = Substitute( text; "¶"; ","); text = Substitute( ¶ & text & ¶; ¶ & line & ¶; ¶ ); text = Middle( text; 2; Length( text ) - 2 ); result = If( IsEmpty( text ); line; bulletList( text; bulletChar ) ) ]; bulletChar & " " & line & ¶ & result ) The last item is duplicated, which I haven't worked out yet, but everything else works. Recursion ain't easy.
  9. OlgerDiekstra

    Cant get the recursive function to work

    The "!!!" in the substitute make the first line unique in case there are duplicate values.
  10. OlgerDiekstra

    Portal of Unlinked Records

    Are you committing the records after you assigned them to a meeting? Is the calc stored or unstored?
  11. OlgerDiekstra

    Adjust Windows

    FMv16 changed the window behaviour on Windows, it no longer kept FM windows in a 'parent' window, which fixed this behaviour. There's two options, upgrade to FM16 or don't maximize windows but calculate the max dimensions, take a few pixels off and resize the windows to that.
  12. OlgerDiekstra

    Open link in internet explorer FileMaker webdirect

    OS/browser security, antivirus will likely all complain. If you could do it, hackers etc could do it just the same.
  13. OlgerDiekstra

    Open link in internet explorer FileMaker webdirect

    Not really. Doing that would require direct access to the local file system (ie invoking iexplorer.exe) which a sandboxed browser wouldn't allow. In addition, you're already running in a browser, so the url would usually open within that browser. Maybe the best approach is to not allow any other browsers but IE to access the webdirect solution? You can determine which browser a user is using with some javascript. Unless a user modifies the useragent of course and fools your app into thinking its IE, while it is firefox.
  14. When you pass the FileMaker certification exam, FileMaker calls you A Certified FileMaker Developer. So I guess that would be a FileMaker Developer.
  15. WeChat has a url scheme and API that you could use. Not sure if KaTalk has a url scheme but it appears they have an API. With a url scheme FM would communicate directly with the app, and messages are send as the user logged in to KaTalk or WeChat, whereas with the API the user would have to provide their KaTalk or WeChat details to FM so that it can send messages on behalf of the user through the respective API.

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