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  1. I have a couple of layouts (dialogs) that are invoked through a script with any number of button bars on them. One button would cancel the script/layout dialog, another would OK it and then there's buttons that change settings. In order for this to work I pause the script indefinitely, in a loop and check which button gets pressed. I then take action accordingly (ie, if the cancel button is pressed I exit the loop). To do this each button on the button bar needs to have the option "Resume Current Script" enabled. So I've checked this was so by opening the Button Bar Setup dialog and walking through the various buttons to check the setting is enabled. It didn't work for all buttons though. It wasn't until I found out that if you open the settings dialog on the first button, and then click on the next button, the option dropdown list doesn't change to reflect its true setting. The option below it "Change cursor to hand over button" does change to reflect its true setting. If you click out of the button bar, then double click on the second button, you get the true setting for the dropdown option. Which turned out to be the default. Been bashing my head against this for days now trying to work out why I wasn't getting the result I expected. This is on Windows 7 x64 with FMPA v16. It works as expected on FMv17. For those that are still working with v16 (like me) be aware of this. Unfortunately upgrading to FMv17 isn't as straight forward for us.
  2. Well, that explains why I couldn't find it. 😄 Thanks!
  3. Your persistent ID on the server would only change when you uninstall FMS and reinstall. And while those IDs can be the same on the clients when they are imaged, that isn't really an issue for you as you would only really care about the server ID. You can also easily check if the PersistentID you get on the server is not an empty one with that thread. I've encountered the same issue described in that thread on iPads. Uninstall the FMGo and the ID changes. It's not an issue for me perse but something to keep in mind.
  4. You could store the PersistentID of the server and check that every time the script runs. Get( PersistentID )
  5. The FileMaker 16 and 17 manual state very clearly: "Wait for event completion before continuing tells FileMaker Pro Advanced to wait until the event is finished before continuing. If you don't want to wait until the event is completed, deselect this option." https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/17/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help/send-event.html But I don't have that option in the script workplace? This is FMv16 on Win7x64 Is this only on Mac? The help does not state that.
  6. Ah, you're right. I usually use enter find mode and set fields. With perform find you'd have to create a single variable that holds from and to date, and use that single var in the perform find. Like so: set variable[ $daterange; $start & "..." & $end ] Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Log::Date: $daterange ] [ Restore ] 
  7. Because the $start and $end variables are not used correctly. What you need is: $start & "..." & $end Notice the quotation marks. When you do “$start...$end” the variables aren't converted to their values, but instead are used literally. Yeah you can. 😛 Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Log::Date: $start &"..." & $end ] [ Restore ]  Works perfectlly fine. 😛
  8. My biggest issue with Mac Server is that its just software. Apple doesn't have proper server hardware. At least with PC hardware you have a choice to run Windows and FMS on a shitty piece of cheap hardware, or get proper hardware (ie dual PSU, NICs, built in RAID, 19" rack dimensions, etc) to run your server on for reliability. If only FM would support Linux for the server (might be slowly coming?) then you'd have the option to run it on proper hardware without the Windows cost. Depending on how critical your environment is, I'd probably go the Windows server route.
  9. In your Orders table create a numeric field (ie NotClosed) with an auto calc: if( IsEmpty( Close_Date ); 1; 0 ) Then create a summary field that counts NotClosed.
  10. That's because you're not checking the result of the dialog. The dialog itself doesn't exit a script, it only tells the script (if you ask for it) what button was pressed. The buttonlabels on a custom dialog may say 'Cancel' and 'OK' initially, but you can easily change them around so they say 'OK' and 'Cancel'. Or something completely different. To check what button was pressed you need to use Get( LastMessageChoice ). See attached file. Dialogue.fmp12
  11. Don't have a Mac so can't test for you, and don't know too much about AppleScript. Can you invoke a FM script with AppleScript? If so, can you grab the exit value if one is specified in the FM script? (ie, Exit Script [ value ])? If yes, you could create a simple script that returns only the global variable you're after.
  12. Pfff. I did not see that. Ever. Thanks Josh!
  13. You'll have to take me by the hand and guide me through the streets of FMForum. Scroll to the bottom where? The list? I've looked but can't find any theme settings?
  14. Just noticed the change of the layout, where the featured products, blog entries, subscriptions etc have moved from the right to the left. I'm finding the previous layout, where that column was on the right, much easier on the eyes. Somehow having that column on the left just doesn't work and gets in the way. Anyone else finding this change a distraction?
  15. Why not simply use gSubmittedFromDate and gSubmittedToDate? That is the date range they've entered to search, if you showed them different dates, they might get confused, and think the system is doing something odd.
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