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  1. This article might help: https://litmus.com/blog/how-to-create-an-add-to-calendar-link-for-your-emails Remember that if you want recipients to download the calendar ics, it will need to be published somewhere where the browser can access it as the email client is unlikely to invoke that itself. It will usually invoke a browser if it knows the link is something the browser understands. This may not be the case at the recipient side. Webcal, ics are not standard protocols like http. For a recipient to be able to 'just click on the link' their system needs to have webcal or ics setup so that it knows how to handle it. You can embed an ics file as an attachment in an email, but the problems remain the same. The recipients system still needs to know how to deal with it.
  2. Yes, you could, as long as the file names are all different, then you could export the images, resize them with your favorit editor and reimport them with a script that searches for the imagename and imports the image back into the container. If you were on Windows I'd suggest Irfanview, free app that can do batch actions. On Mac you'll have to ask someone else for a suggestion. Unless you want to tinker with the command line and use ImageMagick. Very powerful. Writing the import script might not save you much time, but its an interesting exercise.
  3. Also, the images on your layouts appear fairly small, yet some images are much larger than they need to be (I found one that is 1644x1380). By resizing your images to the max size your DB uses, you reduce the filesize significantly. Also make sure you use something like 80%-85% compression as the quality of the images doesn't justify any higher. Your max image size doesn't need to be higher than 650x455 pixels at 85% compression. The mentioned image original size was 287kB and went to 98kB at 640x540 with 85% compr. Considering that 50% of your images can loose around 200kB each, you'd be looking at a reduction of around 15MB. If there are duplicate images, you can loose more fat by using a separate image table and using a relationship.
  4. Worked fine on my iPad (FMGo v18, iOS 12.3.1), you have to tap on "More..." under "Open in FM Go 18" on the google drive webpage, and then select "Copy to FM", but it opened fine. I don't think you'll be able to make it any easier, iOS won't let you download directly to FM and open the file without user interaction.
  5. FROM \"Invoices \" has a space following the tablename, that's likely at least one of your problems.
  6. You could make a loop that loops over every word, speaks that word and checks for a keystroke after each spoken word? It might cause an unnatural stutter though.
  7. True, I suppose you could do that with sliding panels. But then the mechanics of this whole thing starts to get clunky. Unless you can programmatically dictate which repeated field is shown in a window.
  8. Or would a repeating global field work? That would limit the number of open windows to the max number of repeated fields set, but that way one could edit globalField[1] in one window, and globalField[2] in another without reloading content or overwriting? In which case you just need to track which window uses which repeated field.
  9. My initial thought was to use a json var stored in the global field. The json var could hold the content of various windows. But, to edit and display only the content of the window you're in, you'd have to copy the contents for that window out of the json into another global field in order to be able to edit it. And then copy it back again. And when windows are switched, you need to move content again. I figured that's probably too many moving parts. You wouldn't be able to work this with just one global field, you'd need multiple things to make it all work. I then discarded the idea as not viable and figured I'd remove it all together.
  10. I did. I was originally thinking about using a json variable in a global field, as you could store content for multiple windows. But then I thought a bit more about it and concluded that while using a json was possible, it wouldn't be possible to retrieve part of a json for an edit field. You'd get the json data back, which wouldn't work. Trying to make that work would introduce probably considerable complexity. Record locking isn't an issue as each window layout has the note table as the primary TO. So that record would be locked, but noone else would need to edit that record anyway. And if they do, that's too bad.
  11. I have a similar setup where staff can enter notes in separate windows, for the very purpose to be able to start something, take another call, and eventually come back to their older notes. I just use normal textfields rather than globals for this though.
  12. Curl (Insert URL script step) supports ftp.
  13. I would create an FM Go app that can work offline and syncs with FMS, so that you don't have to rely on connectivity. After all, you can never be sure you get reception everywhere. Then create a manual sync whenever the salesperson has reception or when its convenient, and sync data back to the server (and pull new data). The server can then take care of communication with the ERP system. "To place the order i was thinking of using Filemaker GO place the file either on Dropbox or using an ftp (but cant find an email that works with FM GO " That doesn't make sense. You don't need an email for either dropbox or ftp.
  14. That looks more like an issue with Excel than FM. You're exporting from FM and opening in Excel. FM seems to be exporting in an older format than your version of Excel uses. Have you tried using an older version of Excel? What if you use LibreOffice Calc? I don't use Excel unless I really have to (give me LibreOffice any day), but you should be able to tell Excel to use an older format. With FM you tell it when to upgrade. With Windows 10 and Office, MS upgrades you whether you like it or not. It's well possible a chance was made in recent times after an upgrade. MS is not known for delivering quality software. Especially with Windows 10. I don't think they've had a Win10 release without issues yet. It's possible to stop Win10 from auto upgrading, none of the Win10 machines in my network upgrade automatically, some are 2 years behind now :-D, and its saved me a lot of headaches.
  15. Comment is right. @Greg58, your last entry in the post Comment refers to states that you're trying to replicate your daughters app. It's very unlikely that this app is moving data between different tables for today and tomorrow. Most likely, it uses tags to filter records in the same table, probably called "today" and "tomorrow". You can do exactly the same in FM by using a field called "tag" and setting it to "today" or "tomorrow".
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