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  1. OlgerDiekstra

    Inspector not showing field options

    You're in the wrong tab of the inspector. Click on the one with database symbol (top right in the inspector)
  2. OlgerDiekstra

    Bring file to front

    Open File would bring the file to the front if a layout is specified in an opening script or in the File Options. If no layout is specified, you can bring the file to the front by opening a layout in the opened file.
  3. OlgerDiekstra

    Error reporting for SMTP Email

    With standard FM script steps, you only get error 1501-1507 returned. These errors relate to the communication with the SMTP server you're sending through. If the user mailbox exists on the SMTP server you'll get a 1501 error (authentication failed). But why do you need user authentication details? You can simply send an email with the from email address of whichever user and authenticate to the server using a different email address.
  4. OlgerDiekstra

    execute stroke

    If you want to display a dialog whilst FM is speaking something, you could use a card or dialog window instead that displays prior to the speak step, then close the card or dialog window after the speak step is finished.
  5. OlgerDiekstra


    If you want to have the actual field name as a calculation, then no, that's not possible afaik. On the other hand, if you want to have the a fieldname called 'client name' and have the value calculated (ie a calculated field, or a text field with an auto-calc), then yes, that's possible. How to do the calculated field would depend on where the info comes from. If it's pulling related data, then a calculated field is best, if the data resides within the record (ie contacts::firstname & " " & contacts::lastname) then an autocalc would be best.
  6. OlgerDiekstra


    It would be extremely inefficient to have the client's name as the field name. How would you go about adding a new client? You'd have to create a new field for each. If, like in my case, you have 350,000 clients/customers, that would result in 350,000 fields in the one table. You would also have to give users training and access to add fields and ensure they name them correctly, and educate them on how to deal with duplicates. Searching would be a nightmare, layouts and scripts would become a disaster. The way to do this is to create a field called 'Client Name' and store clients names in that field. That's generally how databases work.
  7. OlgerDiekstra

    Attachment links blocked by client firewalls

    How do you know a firewall is blocking the link? Generally, a firewall would allow port 80 traffic as it's pretty common. Any company blocking outbound port 80 or 443 will find themselves in trouble sooner or later. It's probably more likely that they have a web content filtering system in use that blocks the link. In which case they just need to unblock (whitelist) the url aws.momentum.uk.com. If it is a web content filter causing the issue, making it https will probably not do much as most will look at the url. I can access the link fine.
  8. OlgerDiekstra

    Downloading files to iPad / iOS

    FileMaker doesn't recognize zip files. You have to unzip the file first.
  9. OlgerDiekstra

    Can I Disable, Bypass or Delete the FMP "Launch Center"

    You should be able to use an fmp url to open the file too. I don't have a Mac so can't test it, but it should work the same as Windoze.
  10. From memory, and this is going way back now, on FMSv13 this has to do with the version of Java. Check which version you are supposed to run with the version of FMS you are running.
  11. Wouldn't such an unstored calc also have different results based on how the table is sorted? And have different results in a found set?
  12. Netlimiter (https://www.netlimiter.com/) can throttle bandwidth on Windows.
  13. You could create a maintenance database, separate from your normal database, with the BaseElements plugin, which has a container to hold your new database. Then when you want to change your database, the maintenance database, could run a BE script that stops your normal database using "fmsadmin stop databasename", then export (using BE) the new database from the container, and run another BE command to open the database again "fmsadmin open databasename". Untested, but should work.
  14. OlgerDiekstra

    Dicom viewer

    If you're talking about this: https://www.dicomstandard.org/, unlikely, unless there's a Filemaker plugin to enable this. However, you can store dcm files in a container, then export them for viewing when needed, and display them in a webviewer. If IE or Safari can display the file, then the webviewer should also.
  15. OlgerDiekstra

    Set Variable / Set Field

    No you don't. It sounds like you're record is not actually created in which case your customerid will have no value. When you go to edit mode FM saves the record, and so when you go back into browse mode, the record is there including a value in customerid. I can't tell you how to fix it as I have no idea what your scripts/layouts look like.

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