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  1. Sending Emails is Slow

    Something else to check is the the DNS server (if you're using FQDN). Use an IP address instead to see if that makes a difference. If it does, there's likely an issue with the DNS server. Then there are a lot of things that could cause slowness on the network. Bad cabling, retransmissions, incorrect network card settings, etc.
  2. check network path before export

    You can do this with the Base Elements plugin. The BE_FileExist function can also check for a folder.
  3. Windows 10 Mail "send event''

    You can use Open URL with a 'mailto' link. If Winmail is your default mail app, then it will open up in winmail. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mailto

    I was actually responding to a comment Agnes made at the beginning of the thread, before using ExecuteSQL in a field became a topic. I probably should have mentioned that the ExecuteSQL I used was in a script.

    That all depends what you use it for. I needed something recently to filter customers within a set of postcodes. There's over 300,000 customers in the database, and I had a list of 80 or so postcodes (the list of postcodes is a list that sits in a radius of specified range around one postcode). The reason for extracting customer that live in that area is for marketing purposes. I tried using a multikey relationship but that was horribly slow. Exporting that list took about 30 minutes. I ended up using ExecuteSQL to extract firstname, lastname and email from the customer table with a WHERE Postcode IN ('1000','1001', etc). That finished the job within seconds returning 8,000 customers into variable that I could export in less than a second. I don't know how I would have been able to do this in a find, aside from creating new find records for 80 postcodes. I don't think it would have beaten ExecuteSQL. So what you have been told about not using ExecuteSQL on sets larger than 40k records may have been true once, but certainly isn't any more in v16. :-D
  6. One problem with Win10 is that MS keeps changing the names of services, and adds and removes services as they please. So your mileage may vary with the below commands. I use these to stop Win10 forcing updates. You can run these from the commandline or place them in a batchfile and run that. They basically disable all known services that enable updates and also all the telemetry ('spying") services. Be warned though, disabling bits and dosvc may have undesired effects in your environment. You can read about what each service (and others) do on blackviper.com. Disable Updates: sc config wuauserv = disabled sc config bits = disabled sc config dosvc = disabled sc stop wuauserv sc stop bits sc stop dosvc Disable Telemetry/Tracking: sc config DiagTrack start= disabled sc config dmwappushservice start= disabled sc stop DiagTrack sc stop dmwappushservice sc config "Connected User Experiences and Telemetry" = disabled sc stop "Connected User Experiences and Telemetry"
  7. You might also want to check the task scheduler: Open Task Scheduler and then go in Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > WindowsUpdate, then right click on Automatic App Update and click Disable (also disable Scheduled Start and sih, but don't disable sihboot). I got this info from https://superuser.com/questions/837946/disabling-windows-updates-for-windows-10 I don't have win10 on my machine so can't check it for you, but do know that Win7 has entries in the task scheduler for the GWX app. You may have to search a bit through the task scheduler, or temporarily disable task scheduler entirely.
  8. Have you tried disabling the windows update service? That should work. I've had no trouble preventing Win10 updating itself. But I disable any tracking as well. It's for reasons like these that MS should not enforce updates.
  9. Pff, that's still a good way off... Quantum computing is nowhere near that yet, and won't be for a while to come. https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2018/01/weve-entered-a-new-era-of-quantum-computing/ according to the article, it's several decades away before quantum computing will come anywhere near it. I think we're safe for the moment.
  10. Filemaker Go Import Records bug

    Still not sure whether this is to be regarded as a bug, I will be submitting it to FM. I did find what the problem is though. Apparently, when you close a file on FMGo, it must save the current state of the file. Ie, if I have a found set when I close the database on FMGo, that found set is kept. If I open the database again that found set is essentially restored, unless I override it with a new find or a show all. I tested this by prior to closing the database opening a layout with the problem table, do a show all records, and then close the file. Eureka. The import now worked importing all records. Not sure if FM knows about this (I will tell them), but the intermediate solution is to go to loop through each table and do a show all prior to exiting if you need to import records at some point.
  11. I THINK I may have stumbled onto a bug in how Filemaker Go handles imports of records from another filemaker database. When importing records from another database, the manual states that if you import from a closed file, it will import all records from the specified table (ie, with a closed file there's no found set hence all records are imported). This is what I want, and how it works on the desktop (Windows in my case). I am importing data from an older version file (same data structure) into a new version. Works fine on FM Pro. However, performing the exact same procedure on FM Go, I get only data from a found set (the app automatically goes to a specified layout when opened normally, which filters records). From what I can see and find, this is not how it should be (and is a problem for me). Before I go and register this as a unwanted feature/bug, I'd like some opinions whether this is expected behaviour on FM Go? Thanks!
  12. Printing The Call Chain Diagram

    I have to ask. Why different names for the same file?
  13. FileMaker GO unable to access TO's at random

    I haven't been able to find a definite cause, but I do appear to have found a solution. My findings do suggest it gets triggered by a slow connection. The solution appears to be to delete the linked file FMGo creates for a hosted database. This is probably the tempfile the Draco engine creates, which appears to get corrupted. Deleting the file results in FMGo creating a fresh connection and new tempfile. All I have to do now is trap for said error, invoke a script from my portal app (using the fmp protocol) that closes and deletes the linked file to the hosted database and reopen the connection. At least that way I can let the iPad recover, without the end user having to call for support. Once I have developed a working solution I'll come back and update this thread in case someone else finds this useful.
  14. Create a boolean calc field that is set to true when the current time is 15 minutes greater than the creation time. You could make that boolean field 'enable sign in' and have it set to false when the chief stops signing in. Then you only have to consider the one field for allowing firefighters to login.
  15. Alternatively, tick the box "always permit connection" and it won't appear on that workstation any more. It'll need to be done once on every FileMaker client. As for the invisible databases, open the database (locally) on a client, navigate to "File->Sharing->Share with FileMaker Clients". You can hide the DB from the Launch Centre, and also specify the accounts that can open the DB. Generally you would set it to "All Users", and show the DB in the Launcher.

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