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  1. Nice, but what's the benefit of using this over a Code 128 Barcode font? Using a font seems much simpler? I've had good results with fonts such as these: http://www.dafont.com/code-128.font
  2. user interface

    You can't do what you want without a portal. FileMaker doesn't allow you to dynamically add fields to a layout. If you really want to get rid of the portal, then you have to pre-define the filter fields on the layout and conditionally hide them until such time they are needed. Which means you'll be limited in the number of filter fields to whatever amount you set. With a portal you can have 1, 10, 25 or any number. You can create a similar feel in a portal, by putting add buttons on portal rows and making the rows higher than they are now.
  3. Need advice -- one man, one database

    Or, buy a FileMaker Server Development License (US$99), which includes FM Pro, server and webdirect licenses. Then install the server on your Mac, and access the DB via the server from Pro on the Mac and Go on the mobile device. You can still host your FMS anywhere you like, but you'll need to find a provider that either has Mac or Windows servers available. Not too sure if there are any Mac providers out there, as Apple doesn't seem to make server hardware (ie rack mountable), but there are heaps of Windows providers out there. It'll be much more expensive than hosting it at home though.
  4. Filemaker Server 16 and Windows 10

    In my last job we developed for a customer that ran their FMS on a Win7 system. They had constant issues and rebooted the box nearly daily. We kept telling them to move it to a proper server OS. They haven't as yet. You can always buy a Mac mini and run it on that for those few users. Here in Australia they sell for $800 and it's supported by FileMaker. Just make sure you don't skimp on backups as the mini only has a single drive.
  5. A ton of blog posts on FileMaker 16...

    One thing that we haven't heard anywhere and only discovered today, is that FM16 now also displays the sliding panel animation as on Mac and iOS. Especially Windows users are being treated bigtime with the application window gone. Finally.
  6. Insert text requires the field to be on the layout (xxx::district_address_label). Check that it is. Why use insert text though? Why not use set field?
  7. You can check the number of records found with Get( FoundCount). To get rid of the subsummary, simply don't sort. So effectively, you'd use: if[ get( FoundCount ) > 1 ] sort records else unsort records endif
  8. Workaround for attaching a PDF or screenshot to email

    Export as html table and include the html in the email? Alternatively, you can create all the html in a script and format it just the way you like. Then use something like BaseElements to send an html email.
  9. One header for all layouts

    Except that the custom menu doesn't give the visual 'Wow' that we're often looking for. More and more apps (non FileMaker apps) have only a hamburger menu and don't show the old style menu at all. Which allows a much more pleasing UI. Unfortunately, FM doesn't allow any styling of the menu nor can it be captured into a hamburger style menu. Not sure how Accounts and Privileges fits into this?
  10. Creating an Image with Field Data & A Picture

    Screencapture can be unpredictable. What if a user zooms in or out? Or they move the window? An alternative approach is to use imagemagick (open source) in a script. Export the image, then use imagemagick to overlay it with information and keep tight control. Imagemagick works on both OSX and Windows.
  11. One header for all layouts

    Hi Mike, Yep, there's no way to do that currently, nor will there be in v16 afaik. Why do you want to have one header across all layouts? For a menu?
  12. Switching from list to form causing 'ghosting'

    Nope, custom theme born from enlightened in the app we first noticed it in, a new one being developed from scratch. Other apps we tested briefly were modified enlightened.
  13. We've noticed recently an odd behaviour that we don't recall seeing prior to v15.0.3. Tested on Mac Sierra with FMA v15.0.3. On Win10 with v15.0.2 this doesn't happen, When switching from a list layout to a form layout, the form layout that s being loaded is very briefly loaded in the body part of the list layout before the layout is refreshed and loaded normally. We've been able to reproduce this in various older apps (no change to the app). We've found a temporary solution to prevent the 'flicker' from showing by entering find mode, then switching layout and then going back to browse mode. Has anyone else encountered this?
  14. Especially if you look at the cost of buying and hosting your own server, ie, in Australia you'll easily pay up to $3K for a half decent server, a license for Windows server will also set you back some $1k, and then there's the cost of managing/patching the server, ensuring backups happen, AV protection, networking kit etc that will all cost money. In the end, you'll end up paying more for a self hosted system than a cloud hosted. $120 for 5 users per month isn't such a bad deal. Sure you can run without backups, keep using the server beyond 3 years, and there's a good chance you'll get away with it. But if it's an important server, one that the business depends on to make a profit, would you really want to endanger your company like that? That's the message you need to relay. As of today, the Australian Taxation Office knows only too well what it feels like to no longer have access to an enormous amount of data. 1PB gone. s**t happens. I've been in a similar situation where two 55TB NAS's crashed at the same time. https://www.pedestrian.tv/news/arts-and-culture/an-ato-server-crash-just-erased-1000tb-of-data-so-/c9b261ce-2250-4f4f-b20f-c00c12f9d5cb.htm You can't make money if you're not willing to spend it. Most organizations that engage (FileMaker) devs do so because they see an opportunity to improve efficiency, reduce cost. And yes, they can demand a lower fee, but it's up to the dev to accept such. There's no point in developing an app for someone if it's going to cost you money.
  15. Interacting With a Public Website

    This article: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Guide/HTML/Forms/Sending_and_retrieving_form_data does a decent job of explaining the differences between a GET and POST. When a form is POSTed, the parameters are never included in the url. You would only ever specify the script to call. If properly written (at the server side) they should also only retrieve data from a POST, not from a GET. But there might be other functionality that uses this in a similar way on this particular website. This is also why client side data checks/validation is only really useful to minimize data traffic (ie, forms don't get submitted back and forth until the user types the data in the right formats). It's too easy to bypass local validation, so you have to validate every bit of data coming from a client on the server as well.

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