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    Actually using Yosemite but it wasn't an available option.
  1. Well I figured out, and created, a Digital Docs tab on the Staff page and copied and dropped in the first page of six image blocks from the Products section. While doing that, I saw how I can delete the Timesheets tab. Looks like I need to know (1) the steps to create the second and third "pages" under Digital Docs and (2) how to create "staff_container" and "staff_container text" so that they function correctly. Thanks.
  2. How can i add a digital docs tab to the staff section in fmstartingpoint? I'd also like to delete the Timesheets tab in that same section. Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm a newbie on barcodes, scripts and such so be gentle. Since I'm learning and missed the 25% incentive off on the inevitable purchase of Barcode Creator, I found and am wowfully using a cheaper alternative to learn from. I am now able to search by scanning a barcode for an item in my database (1,100+ items), generate a barcode by entering one of like 15 symbologies then copy it to the clipboard and paste it in the FMSP container field (SKU or serial), print said barcode, enter the barcode as data and scan an item and drop it in an invoice or estimate and much more. I understand dropping the scripts in Scripts/Manage Scripts but saw a Geist video where he refers to having to do additional scripts? Did I hear that right? I didn't want to pay $200 for something and not get the full benefit of it because I didn't know how to do my own scripts. That being said, I assume BC will scan and paste the barcode in the container field (SKU or serial) as a picture automatically? Does that mean I can eventually write a script to take it from the clipboard (where the program I'm using now puts it) and paste it in the FMSP SKU container field? I've having to paste it there now which is no big deal but it is another step that could be eliminated. I have added a third barcode and container field successfully which I think I picked up off one of the 20hr+ training videos. Really liking this so far. Oh, I'm also assuming BC has alot of label sizes configured in it for printing? That would be a time saver too.
  4. For my purposes, just this one video more than paid for the cost of the training course. Great info. Now, if only earlier changes I made to my FMSP products layout didn't have to be recreated after updating to 4.2. Ugh.
  5. its hot here today, taking a break from mowing the 40 acres and kicking the mule but this reads like the accounts/contacts version of the 'ol chicken/egg thing. in my case, accounts are our bread and butter. all 1000+ products i have in fmsp are tied to accounts for regulatory purposes only so i don't deal with accounts much directly otherwise but do have over 100 contacts that are vendors and individuals for whom I keep track of projects and to-do's with. that segregation works good for me in fmsp. just began using the follow-up scheduling with some of them and liking what i see so far. good stuff.
  6. wow those were some crazy steps going from 4.1 database back to old_FM Starting Point 3 for importing but remembering to import into the 4.2 file then renaming it to what I wanted to name it but hey, it worked. beer and head shakes later, it worked. the scanning is awesome so far. thanks! now if only geist, who i never heard of till this release, would only rerun that 25% off special again, for us 99%'ers, lol.
  7. Very enlightening little tool. Showed me barcodes that included info from other areas of the label surprisingly assembled as one long number. For example, from above,123456 A1 B1, and separate area Pallet 007 (printed only no barcode) was recognized as 123456A1B1P007. A Big help with learning this so thanks. Now if only I can import this database into 4.2, lol.
  8. Richard, Thanks for this. I didn't see it till this evening so can't give it a try till morning. One label yesterday had 3 stacked barcodes. The middle was turned out to be the SKU but the top and bottom didn't scan. Can't wait to see what this tool says about the other two. There have been some other labels that won't scan so curious to see what this shows. BTW, I'm finding the Ipad Retina Mini to be a FAST scanner. I don't even have time to position it. It's read the code, most times, before I even get the thing in position. Incredibly fast. I'll let you know it goes. S
  9. Thanks Richard. I am using a Retina Ipad Mini as my scanner. The labels come on product shipped to us by the customer. I got a couple products manually entered that were 12 and 13 digits and they scanned fine afterwards. I could go to Estimates and then scan with the Ipad and the item would populate the estimate. The labels in this format: 123456 A1 B1, did not work neither with nor without spaces. Lot numbers and package numbers were not entered nor did they have their own barcodes. So right now, at least it's working. Maybe as your videos are released, they will help with these other formats. Regards.
  10. So using your sample file in 4.2, I manually enter a product name, SKU and serial number but when i go to invoices and try to test scan that product's bar code, it tells me the product isn't entered. It shows serial number, sku number and id product, all blank, and says the product is not currently in the database. ? Thanks for the heads up on the upcoming barcode videos. I just updated my FMPRO 13 Video Training file.
  11. Maybe I'm blind but where are the steps telling how to import a database from an earlier version of FMSP, 4.0, to this new 4.2 version? I see an import option under Preferences but it pertains to upgrading from version 3. As for scanning, I'm in a loop where if I scan in Invoices, it tells me I need to add the product first. If I just name the product and then attempt to scan the barcode it tells me "oops the invoice is not available". It seems scanning the product first would be more logical than scanning to a line in an invoice. Does the third party $199 software give the ability to scan a barcode and have a new product created or at least the product details screen popup so info can be added? Thanks in advance.
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