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  1. Thanks doughemi... Thanks Bruce for the package...I really appreciate it.!
  2. Yes, their vacation is base from their date of hire. Thank you.
  3. Hello guys & gals, I want to get help to calculate the vacation allowed base on the condition below Years of Service Vacation Allowed 1 - 4 10 days (2 weeks) 4-5 12.5 days 5 - 9 15 days (3 weeks) 9-10 18 days
  4. Hi Bruce, Thank you. Yes its the current date. I tried to put your formula and it works perfect. Hope Im not asking too much favor, but pardon the newbie. I have again another issue. I want also to change the Word "Paid" into "All Items Received" or "Forwarded to Accounting" in the field "Info". Thank you for the Help and most specially your patient. Best Regards, KJ
  5. Hi Bruce, Sorry for that, I thought I don't need those fields that's why I deleted some fields and tables to make it easier to somebody to help me. Please see the original Invoice starter solution file that I'm working. Thank you. Invoices.fmp12
  6. Thanks for the reply Rwoods, Sorry for the broken table. Please see attached file. Invoices.fmp12
  7. Hello All, We are using the Invoice starter solution as our database for entering our PO's in the Payment info Popover, I want to modified to suit our needs. I want to put the "All items received" and "Forwarded to Accounting" in the radio Button selection. What I want is, If I select "Forwarded to Accounting" I don't want to see the word "Paid", I want to see only "Forwarded to Accounting" and the date or "All items received" and the date. Please see the attached file that I'm working for easy reference. Thank you in advance to any help that you can extend. Inv
  8. Hello Gurus, I'm trying to make a data base for our lab personnel in order to track their working time in each project we have. Im trying to set up the account and privileges, when Im trying to log in with the account and privilege that I setup its not working. I spent 2 hours of playing with the file still didn't work for me. I have also attached the file that Im working. the Users are Admin, thong and pogi all accounts has no password. Hope you can help me. thank you so much in advance. Joy Lab Hours.zip
  9. Hi All, Here I am again, Im trying to copy the script in the starter solution into my work but I cant make it into work. The script that Im trying to copy is the trigger script (Create Product in List) if Im on the list view I tried to make a new record but its not working for me to go to the main data entry of each device, how can I make this script work into my solution.? Thanks to any guide you can give it to me. please find attached file. karenjoy trial.zip
  10. karenjoy

    PDF Report

    Thanks Laretta, I really appreciate it.
  11. karenjoy

    PDF Report

    Hello Everyone, Here I am again, my second post: Here is the scenario I have drop down field Report with the following Values (Bottles, Cans and Plastics), If the value of my Report = Bottles or Cans or plastics and my records. Kindly help me building my scripts because its not working of what I need and expecting I want that in my script that if the user click the PDF button it will show the report layout on top of my original layout. and if the user decides not to continue making the PDF it will close the report layout. Please find my attached file for your reference.
  12. Hi Lee and to all members of the forum, I'm sorry for that and thank you for giving me the direct link steps on how to upload a file to the forum without using any external link. Karen Joy
  13. Hi eos, First of all I would like to thank you for your patient rebuilding my work, thank you for the tip. I will highly appreciate if you can also change the calculation of reagent expiring this month because if I put a date for the next month the expiring this month alert is changing too. Again thank you so much. Karen Joy
  14. Hello All, I'm very new to the forum and this is my first post, I'm a Lab Pharmaceutical technician and we purchased Lab reagent for our Projects. we purchased a filemaker to monitor the expiration date of our reagent. Almost everyday I'm reading the forum and browsing the net, I found some that is suited to our needs, but there is one thing that I cant make it work, to display all the total numbers of our reagent that is expiring for the present month and also to display their names using portal via relationship. (see tab for expiring next month on the Dashboard) please help me to accomplis
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