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  1. I rarely got answers on this forum, Its completely useless and a waste of time
  2. Hi all Does anyone tried running any version of filemaker pro 32bit on the new surface pro X with ARM based processor Microsoft sq1?
  3. Could filemaker 17 or 16 run on the new Qualcomm powered windows pcs? Am planning to buy one and this would be a deal breaker for me
  4. Hi all, I have a problem connecting to my server, The FMS 16 is installed on windows server 12 on one machine and all required ports are opened, when trying to conncet from other devices with FM pro 16 installed on windows 10, whether it sees the server name by itself or I enter the IP. it keeps saying "waiting for response" as in the below image then "connection failed".. I failed to locate the problem..NB windows fireall is turned off on both the server and end user device Any help?!
  5. Hi I have a problem with my filemaker solution, I have an EMR based on filemaker 15 pro advanced, I recently purchased Surface pro 4, as u know it has a very high resolution, the problem is the dropdown list items are extremely small to the point that I couldn't read despite the actual in field font is normal, I googled the problem and the only solution I got is to update the version to 15.0.2, which I did but the problem still there, the attached photo is a snap shot of the problem, so If u have a solution for this other than messing with windows recommended zoom (200%) and filemaket zoom, pl
  6. I found that with the above calc the button appear only when "infertility" is present in the 1st repeat field but not when in the 2nd or 3rd..Is there a modification that could be done?
  7. It worked! It seems that coffee is not as crucial as we thought
  8. thanks for ur great help in the previous issue. I have a more simple one I have a repeat field with a value list that includes 2 values "1ry infertility and 2ry infertility" and other values, i need to hide a popover button depending on the absence of the world "infertility" from this repeat field, I used the calculation IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( patients::Complaint ; "infertility" ) ) to hide the button using hide object function in the inspector, but it didn't work
  9. I appreciate your effort but it seems there is something in the structure of the database that prevents the three scripts from working..if u please I could send you a clone copy of my solution to help me solve this out
  10. Am really grateful for ur help and patience..I went with ur valuable advice and renamed the fields with unique names and created the global field and the unique id field for the visits table and I think I did everything as it should be but still not working, am getting nuts so plz don't get bored
  11. Hi thanks a lot for your help but it still not working and I think am doing something wrong..I need to clarify to you that all the tables in my database are related through a unique field "pat no", my main table "androdatabase" (which is table c in ur example) is related to visits table (in ur example tableA) and to semen table (tableB in ur example). I made a globale field in Androdatabae table (= tableC) and related it to visists table (=tableB) through the same field and named visits table in the new relation (visits_selected) and still not working?!
  12. I revised the validation and no unique values or something is there, regarding the importing of everything, I was only updating the atching records with the data I've just entered in the first record, so when using the same file to import from tableA to tableB depending on that, it was supposed to just add the new data which was exactly going well. Would u plz give me an example of the script that can copy the fields in the portal row (on which the button triggring the script is pushed) to another portal going to a next record automatically
  13. the script supposed to import some fields from this portal on the right side to this portal in the same layout "semen analysis" the single step is I import from the same file without dialog, using matching records depending on the field occuring in the relationship and adding the rest of records as new records..It was working just fine till yesterday..I did nothing in the database except a couple of new scripts.
  14. Hi all, In my solution for managing my clinic I made a single step script (that is triggered by a button in the portal) to import records from a portal row to another table portal row using import records step, all of a suddenit stopped working, I tried the script debugger, sometimes no error occurs but records are not imported, other times error 729 occur..any suggestions?
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