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  1. Yes this issue dates back many versions and has been reported. I can restore directly from a backup when restoring using the same version of the runtime app, but when a upgraded version of the app is given to the users then a import script is performed grabbing data from over 100 tables in a backup file, importing into the upgraded version. importing from a backup file that uses external containers into a new version is also using all external containers Im not sure this option would work since i need to use variable or result from a global field in the database in pla
  2. I have this issue in FM12 - FM18 on the appearance tab in the inspector for the object state dropdown, but never anywhere else, solution for me was just click the dropdown to show the huge blue list (sometimes is a shrunken blue list) then click somewhere on the inspector outside of the dropdown, you should see the dropdown text is outlined meaning its still the active field, then just use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select the option you wish. Clicking into another inspector field will commit the change. This has been the only solution i found since FM12, Filemaker really needs to
  3. Hey Guys, So we have a runtime solution (windows only at this time) , data and interface in single file (no data separation) and we have just changed all container fields that are accessible to the end users to now use external (open storage). The issue is when saving a backup i use a script to save a copy of the file as self-contained, when i "reformat" the runtime app to have no records and restore from a backup file via script all data is imported except for the container data. So the container data is not being embedded back into the fields as it should, This bug has been
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