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  1. That’s a good point. When I do AppleScripting, I first code it separately, since debugging AS in FM is a pain. I then copy and paste into FM, and do the necessary editing to suck in the FM data.
  2. I would install FMP 19 on the machine (it can coexist with 18), and see if everything works ok on 19. If that’s the case, you’re really left with no other option other than to upgrade. If the problem exists in 19, too, it could be some strange issue with Applescript.
  3. We’ve used ODI Technologies (oditech.com) for more than five years, the first three of which were shared hosting. Since then we’ve done dedicated hosting due to the requirements of FMS. Absolutely rock solid, and the support is bar none. I was and am a newbie for on boarding the database to the cloud, and they walked me through everything. And when we had a database corruption issue (our fault — people force quitting FMP while it was updating records), they walked me through the recovery process (thankfully, nothing was lost).
  4. Oh, that's great! We're not planning on using any of the new functionality in 19. Rather, just want to upgrade certain clients to 19, with the database remaining on FMS18 (and otherwise unchanged).
  5. We’re not ready to upgrade our server to 19, but would like to upgrade some clients to 19. I understand that we won’t be able to leverage any of the new functionality of 19, but will there be any issues with accessing a database hosted on FMS18 with FMP19?
  6. At my small legal practice, both my paralegal and I access an FM database (v13, but .fm12) hosted by a hosting company (ODI). Currently each of us access the database with an FMP 13 client. I will be migrating to FM 14 (kicking myself for not buying the buy one get one free back in Dec). I typically do testing on my Mac, before upgrading hers. Therefore, is there any issue with me accessing the database with FMP (or FMA) 14, and her with FMP 13? I'm thinking not, since the database is still the same. I'm not upgrading the database to use any FM14-only (UI) functionality until we're b
  7. Well, to be fair, the solution of using a home internet connection with a static IP will more than likely be impermissible with the ISP's contract. Indeed, most work from home people are breaking the contract, because they really should have business Internet connections. But definitely running any kind of server, particularly for business purposes, breaks the contract. Cox Internet doesn't provide static IP's for home accounts, probably for at least this reason.
  8. I'm not 100% certain where to place this post . . . Please feel free to move into the appropriate forum. I was reading this: http://www.filemaker.com/company/legal/docs/hosting_faq.pdf And it very much is disconcerting to me. I'm a small business with two concurrent users. From what I can tell, after FMP14, no more shared server hosting will be permitted. Looking at the prices offered by my hosting company, the difference between a shared server hosting plan ($20/month) and a dedicated server plan ($130/month) is quite substantial. Curious what people think about this.
  9. Great! Yes, this fixed the issue. Thanks so much for the quick turnaround. I want to kick the folks at the US Patent Office who created the Acrobat forms. A field name should be sentences in length and have multiple misspellings! Thanks again also for developing a great plugin. It has permitted us to do document construction through our FMP database, which has been a lifesaver.
  10. I've seen the following issue with two forms. If the field in the PDF document that you want to replace has a parenthesis in it, ScribeDocWriteValue returns an error. For example, in the attached PDF, there's a form entitled, "A petition for an extension of time under 37CFR 1.136 (a)". I believe that the problem is that acrofields are delimited by using parentheses. The way to include a parenthesis in text is to using back slash ("\") before the parenthesis, but this doesn't work. Has anyone else experienced this issue and found a way around it? I'm about 99% certain th
  11. I'm flummoxed by this. Could it be some sort of permissions issue? Can the client's machine run this properly outside of FMP?
  12. Send me a PM with your email address, and I can email you the latest version I have -- 1.0.4. It clocks in at 3.1 MB.
  13. For those looking for a way to do caller ID integration with FileMaker . . . . Here's what I have going. The US patent office's examiners each have a unique phone number, which we have stored in a database. When a phone call comes in on our VoIP phone (our provider is Phone.com, but Call Centric looks better and better), an AppleScript is trigger, which triggers a FileMaker script to show all the relevant patent applications we're working on with that examiner. Even before the phone is answered, we know who the person is, and what application(s) he's going to be discussing. The glue
  14. There is a FileMaker help topic on this that I'm using. I have a similar thing going on. Basically, for "individuals" I have two "types," attorneys and paralegals. A given patent has one attorney and one paralegal. What I did was in the patents table is set up an attorney type field that always is "attorney," and a paralegal type field that always is "paralegal." Then, in the database relationships, I set up two instances of individuals. One is linked to patents via individual type equalling attorney, and the other equalling paralegal. Again, this was all straight from the FM help topic
  15. Sorry, I should've been more descriptive. What I do now is have a button that has a popover to create a new related record. I was more curious about your preferred technique than anything else.
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