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  1. Thank you. I've tried that but it doesn't want to work. Substitute ( HoDObservations::Overall_Strengths ; "\"" & $DeleteText & "\"" ; "" ) this is the text in the box A positive learning atmosphere is evident Students’ pride in their work is evidenced through presentation and work rate in books Students are motivated and take ownership of their learning · The teacher follows KBA procedures and ensures that high standards of behaviour are maintained throughout · Students demonstrate understanding of course content
  2. Thanks school boy error. I fixed that. However, it still doesn't want to work. The text within the variable isn't encased in quotes and the substitute needs it to be (tested it with the actual text ). HOw do I get the text to encase in quotes whilst using it in the Substitute string?
  3. Hi, I've got a form that using check boxes to update a summary text box with information based on which check boxes have been checked. However, if one is checked in error and then unchecked I would like to remove the text from the summary text field. I've tried to use the Substitute the text with just a blank and all it seems to do is keep the text but put it in lower case. I had bullet points but then removed these to see if that would help but didn't I'm not sure where to go from here. Ideally I would like to keep the bullets but if they need to go that fine. Any hel
  4. thanks that's worked a treat.
  5. HI, Thank you for that. I've just looked at this and gone down the route of creating a file with a script. When I double click on the icon as it opens the file I get the attached error message. I've set the file sharing for the opening file to on. I'm not sure how I can get rid of this message? TIA
  6. HI, We're in the process of rolling out Filemaker Pro to our staff at the school. Is there an automated way (by running a script for example) whereby I can remotely log into all the desktops and connect the locally installed version of Pro to the server and the database, ready for staff members to login? I'd rather not have to log into over 100 PC individually to connect them to the server. Or is there a better way of doing this? TIA Ann
  7. Hi Wim, Thanks for your response. I'm afraid I'm not all that proficient in OS-level scripting but would like to give this a go as it would save a lot of time trying to maintain usernames in more than one place. Would you be able to give me some pointers in how to go about doing this? TIA Ann
  8. Hi, I'm using Active directory to differentiate between my user accounts and their privileges. I was just wondering if there was a way that filemaker can identify a person (User Table) based on their account name so I can pull their details (name, Department etc) into a layout when they log in without having to store the username in a field in the user table which then links to a global table storing the login accountname. TIA Ann
  9. Hi, I'm loading some data into filemaker and the date field is coming is as text (23 November 2015). During my import routine to move it from a temp table to the correct table I want to convert it to a proper date. I've used the following code but I'm getting a syntax error in my conversion. I know this is correct syntax for SQL so why doesn't Filemaker recognise it? Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA ExecuteSQL ( " SELECT LegalForname, LegalSurname, MiddleName , PreferredForename, PreferredSurname, UPN , ULN, convert(datetime,convert(varchar(30),Da
  10. Is there a way of creating your own color schemes on a chart rather than using one of the existing schemes?
  11. Hi, I've created a custom menu that shows only the Help Menu (streamlined) to users. The navigation is carried out within the layouts themselves. When I've tested it and logged in as a user, I am also getting the Tools menu appear. How can I get rid of this? In custom menus I've defaulted it to use my new menu. TIA Ann
  12. Thank you. I have used privilege to prevent them accessing layouts that they shouldn't see. this works very well. All teachers get to see the same layout when they log in it hasn't been an issue. When a student logs on, I want FM to know to go to the student homepage (they have access to a number of different layouts). How does FM know which one to go to just based on privileges. Apologies if this seems like a numpty question. TIA
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