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  1. Yes- we are actually are on our way with the other script. Thanks for your help on that one. This is actually a different question. Thanks. I will keep working on it.
  2. Yes- it seems like I need a script. I don't need the running subtotals (of pools) to be shown on the layout. I need it for a more specific calculation, and yes, for a report. Ideas? Thanks!
  3. TWO questions from a newbie to Filemaker Pro. Question 1: How do I write a formula that performs a calculation on only one type of field content? For instance, in a field that I call, "unit_type," I have many text values (pool, riffle, glide, rapid, cascade). I only want to make calculations from the "pool" data. I already know how to use the "find" button to find all of the records with "pools" in that field, but I want to write it into a formula (preferred) or a script so I can create a more complex calculation for a summary page. Question 2: This is a question about u
  4. ok- after thinking about this, talking with a colleague, and hearing replies, this is what I want to figure out: Â I want to figure out how to find cumulative lengths between the values that say "pool" in a field called "unit-type." The unit lengths of the pools themselves are irrelevant. My colleague created a function that combined all the other values in that field (riffle, rapid, etc.) so that when they show up, they would be listed just as one value, called "fast water." Â Now that he's created that, we want to find the cumulative lengths of "fast water" units. The lengths are found in
  5. ah, thanks- you both are getting this.  The Average_Active_Channel_Width field is a summary field that has the same numerical answer for a set of records sorted by site name and data. So.... let's say the average Active Channel width for a certain set of records is 10. Then if I used the sample set below, my answer would be: 5.525  The way I got to this was I added up the lengths between the pools (step 1), and got 28 and 82.5. I then divided each length by 10 (step 2). Finally, I averaged both the answers, which got me to 5.525.  This is the script that I'd like to get to. Â
  6. Thanks for this. The field that the names are in (pool, riffle, etc.) is called "unit_type." Is that what I should paste into here: If [ pools::type = "pool" ] The name of the table/layout is "habitat_entry_form." I'm also not sure what pool.distance is. (Set Field [ pools::pool.distance; $tot.dist ]) Thanks again for helping me work on this! I also rewrote my request below since i originally messed a number up: "...The answer for the 2nd pool unit would be 28. The answer for the third pool unit would be the sum of 17.5+33+23+9 (82.5). The next calculation I need to
  7. and.....I read my own table wrong. The length for the first pool is 0 because it is the start of the survey. The length for the second pool is 28, not 9.5. Apologies for the discrepancy.
  8. To be more specific-- Â Here is the calculation:Â I need to add together the lengths of each unit between the "pool" units. The answer I need for each "pool" unit is this total length. For the screen shot below, I wouldn't have an answer for the first pool because it is the beginning of the survey. The answer for the 2nd pool unit would be 9.5. The answer for the third pool unit would be the sum of 17.5+33+23+9. The next calculation I need to make is to divide each of these lengths (the 9.5 and the second total) by another field called Average_Active_Channel_Width. The end result, which i
  9. I meant that my original post was clear as mud. Yes- thank you for your suggestion. However, I need to count running totals of lengths between each pool. I need to use those lengths to calculate the pool frequency by dividing the lengths by another field called "Active Channel Width". How do I write a script where I can do this? As you can see in my screenshot, there are other values in the "unit type" field that would need to added together. Those totals would equal the value I need for my pool frequency values. Thank you again for the help. I'm a novice with fm pro 13
  10. Yes, clear as mud indeed as I re-read..... I would like to find out the frequency of pools (in the "unit type" field). In order to do this, one of the calculations I need to make is to find the lengths (in "unit length") between each pool. I have multiple records with different unit types, and I figured out how to write a script to just find the pools in the "Unit type" field, but cannot figure out how to find the lengths between the pools... Â Thanks again for the help! I posted a pic below
  11. Hi all, I'm hoping you can help here. I am trying to make a calculation on a layout. I need to calculate measurements of a specific drop down value that I write in a specific field. The value is called "pool." There are other values called "rapids" and "riffles" etc., but I need to write a calculation that finds running totals of the lengths between the "pools." Is it easier to run a script? If so, how to do I do this? FYI- I have another field that gives unit lengths. Again, I want to calculate the unit lengths between the value "pool". I hope this is clear enough. Ideas? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Mike's idea is closest to what I had in mind, but the number system (+ key) sounds like it could work very well. My colleague and I are going to work on our database and see how your suggestions work.
  13. Thanks for doing that. I apologize for posting twice. A hiccup. I'm trying to create calculations based on data collected along different reaches of streams. The calculations are sort of complex. For instance, I need to calculate the percent of combined substrates for the entire area of each stream. Since the streams are separated into units, I need to calculate the area for each unit and then find the cumulative totals. My problem is that the cumulative totals are required in my calculation, but the calculations don't work. Do I need to use the Get Summary function? I don't know how to use it
  14. Hi, I cannot figure out how to calcuate a total_length field that can be stored so I can use it in another calculations. I need to find a percentage of something within a length of transect I walked. The transect is broken into multiple units. Each unit has its own number and date. There are multiple records in my database with different units/dates, but I need to calculate a stored data field for the entire unit length of my individual transects so I can determine the total percentage of substrates, etc, along only that transect- not others. The first thing I tried to do was when
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