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  1. Hi, I'm unclear exactly how the plugin is connecting to the mail server if installed on the client machine. My solution is hosted on a cloud based FMServer (FMPHosts). My client has an email server on their local network, and their IT guy has supplied me the local address and port (25) to use for the 350Works email plugin. This fails to connect via SMTP. No problems getting it to connect to an externally hosted mail server though. Is the message actually being routed through the cloud FMServer even though the plugin is local, hence why it doesn't cope with the internal IP address?
  2. I have a weird problem in printing from a container file, that I haven't seen any mention of in the forums. I want to present a stored PDF, which is the help file for my solution. I can navigate to a layout with the container presented as optimised for interactove content. The container is large enough to shows a readable interactive PDF with the adobe interface buttons appearing allowing, save, print, zoom in or out and 'show adobe toolbar'. All these functions work as expected EXCEPT print. The print dialogue box opens, but is non-responsive, as if a script step is stuck (this in not scr
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