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  1. Hi Ibrahim, I am not able to reproduce the issue in my Windows 10 environment. Like your other 50 machines the plugin shows up and enables without an issue. Have you tried all 3 locations that you can install plugin in to see if you get different results? On Windows 10 they are Are any other plugins installed on this machine? Are you sure that you are using the correct architecture of the plugin? I.E. 64-bit FileMaker needs to have .fmx64, 32-bit FileMaker needs to have .fmx . Do any other 360Works plugins show up?
  2. We apologize for the long wait and appreciate your patience. We are a small company of less than 20 people so sometimes issues that are more complicated than others take some time to fix. Also, we like to release fixes in one single iteration so our users are not having to update every time. This also makes it easier to support because we won't have a pool of users who have several different minor versions of the plugin. This being so, this issue has been rolled into a framework update that our developer is currently working on. I have just received notice this morning that these changes are ready for testing so barring any setbacks we should have a new iteration of our plugins available as soon as testing is finished. I will bump this thread when they have been released.
  3. ryan360Works

    License is for an older product version

    Hi simonstock, Typically when we see this, it is because there is a register function call in a script that has not been updated with the current license. Your plugin logs will be more enlightening as to what is causing the issue. Please reproduce the issue and send your plugin logs to support@360works.com and reference this thread. See this page for log locations. Please be sure to reproduce and send the logs before any restarts of FileMaker as restarting will overwrite the logs.
  4. Excellent. I am assuming this is what Office 365 refers to as a shared mailbox? If so, are you able to read in the expected messages now?
  5. Can you successfully connect if you remove the "/sharedaccountname" ? I am not quite sure why this would work with the POP protocol vs the IMAP protocol. Might be a server side configuration issue. As an aside, you don't need to set both TLS and SSL equal to one. The server should require one or the other.
  6. ryan360Works

    Email plugin and Amazon SES problem

    Hi Kurt, Check the permissions for the user for which the access key and secret key you are using belongs to. Make sure it has the permissions to use Simple Email Service. For testing, it may be easier to either use keys from an admin/full access account or give it to this account and see if the error clears.
  7. Are you getting any errors when you try to connect to an IMAP server this way? If so, what is the error?
  8. Happy to help! Just for your own information, the file that is downloading on the first ever initialization is a "sandboxed" JRE that the plugin will use exclusively. It only runs when the plugin is initialized and shuts down when the plugin is shutdown. This means that uninstalling/installing other Javas to the system will have no effect on the plugin. So if the download of that JRE fails or can't unpack (it's a zipped download) then I would suspect to see the plugin fail to initialize. You may have discovered this already, but to kick off that download again, you need to delete the 360Works folder referenced in those instructions. If you are still having issues with that one computer, please follow the instructions for getting the temporary logs and send them to support@360works.com
  9. Hi Ibrahim, In the cases where the plugin is failing to initialize, do you see the "Preparing plugin..." message? If so, the failure may be due to the required support files not downloading completely/correctly. You may be able remedy the situation by deleting those files and manually re-installing them. Please see the instruction on this page (section 7 or 8 depending on the operating system). If manually installing does not resolve the issue, please see section 9 of that same page for getting the temp logs and send them in an email to support@360works.com and reference this thread.
  10. ryan360Works

    Intuit GoPayment

    Hi Steve, Plastic does not currently support this gateway. You can find a list of currently supported gateways here. We do offer customization so if this is something that you would like to have us incorporate into Plastic for you, please let me know and I will get you in touch with our project manager to discuss the project further.
  11. ryan360Works

    SafetyNet for Wasabi

    Currently not any plans for this as it is pretty ingrained into Amazon but I can certainly add it to our feature request list.
  12. ryan360Works

    SafetyNet S3 Question

    Hi Luc, I spoke to the SafetyNet developer to get a little more information. A correction to what I said earlier, you cannot use an AWS account to link SafetyNet to Amazon. It needs to be a regular Amazon account. SafetyNet will do a network check and choose the region with the fastest ping time. So while this effectively means the bucket chosen should be in the region the EC2 instance is running in, there is still a very unlikely chance that the region picked could be outside the EU. If this will keep you from using SafetyNet, please let me know and I can talk to the developer about making a change to where the region picked will be presented to the user.
  13. ryan360Works

    SafetyNet S3 Question

    Hi Luc, I realize the documentation is unclear in that you have to use an AWS account to link SafetyNet to Amazon to use Amazon Pay. It does not have to be an AWS account but can also be just an Amazon account. I have altered the documentation to be more concise. With that being said, SafetyNet does not backup to your account. It backs up to a 360Works account which has a bucket based on the account used to link SafetyNet to Amazon. Having the same Amazon account for multiple SafetyNet installations is not a supported configuration. Do you currently do this? If so, when you go to manage the files, are all of your clients backups shown ? If you have not set this up yet, I would recommend setting up an Amazon account for each of your clients and either using the same credit card for all accounts and then billing your customers or use one of the specific client's credit cards and they can be billed directly. Please let us know if you have any questions!
  14. Hi guys, I was reviewing this code and was hoping you guys could try something for me. Pass in the parameter PublicKeyAuth=1 and then for the password parameter pass in the private key pass phrase. If there is no private key pass phrase just pass in an empty string (""). So your function call would be something like Try that and let me know if you are able to authenticate that way.
  15. ryan360Works

    Scribe suddenly not working

    If the issue persists, was the template created in the latest version of Excel? If so, that version is not compatible with the latest Scribe. We do have a beta build available here that I recommend trying if you are using the latest Excel.

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