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  1. Hello, Apologies for the delay in response. I have not been able to reproduce this behavior. I set up a SuperContainer 2.9516 standalone on Windows 10 and can upload to it without issue. One thing that may be causing this is SuperContainer using Documents and Settings. You should be able to set the default path by modifying the web.xml file. Your Standalone .jar file should exist in the folder that you downloaded from our website and should have a bunch of items in it (see attached). Inside that folder navigate to SuperContainer\WEB-INF\web.xml and then edit that file in a text editor. Lo
  2. Hi Martin, 1. For emails that only contain plaintext and no html counterpart, you will probably see the same behavior you were seeing with "body" and emails with only an HTML body, an empty result. To make the script dynamic, I would recommend that you have a field for plain text content and a field for HTML and then call EmailReadMessageValue with both "text"(or "body") and "html". 2. Yes 3. You should still be able to parse inline attachments the same way. This just gets the base64 representation of the inline attachment and puts it in HTML being requested, it doesn't conver
  3. Hello, EmailReadMessageValue("body") is the equivalent to the documented value "text" so passing in that value will only return the plaintext version of an email, if one is available. I suspect since you are getting a blank result then the email you are parsing does not have a plain text body version. I think you will get better results by using one of the following values: "html" (The HTML body part, if one is available. If attachments are set to download, inline attachment images will be converted to base64 data URLs automatically. If you don't want this behavior, use
  4. Hello, Can you tell me what version of SuperContainer Server you are running? Also, is this the standalone server .jar? It looks like it is but I just want to confirm.
  5. Hi Dave, If there is an error that occurred on the SMTP side of things the plugin will return that error. For instance if a server requires TLS but it wasn't specified in the connect function you may see the error : 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. I am assuming you are asking about the "530 5.7.0" part of that error message. There is no way in the Email plugin to just get that code. The Email plugin will just relay back the error message that the server throws which usually includes the code and some kind of explanation of it. I suppose you could try and parse that
  6. Hi Erin, There isn't a way to pass a value between the hub and spoke. Even if it was possible, only the MirrorSync app would know how many records are going to be sync'd and there isn't a way to access that data in FileMaker.
  7. Please reproduce the behavior and then either post the log here or send them into support@360works.com
  8. Hi Jerry, We don't have any current reports of issues running the Email plugin in Web Direct. What version of Email do you have installed?
  9. We would be happy to help you with this but it would be outside the scope of free support. If you are interested in that please let me know and I will have our project coordinator reach out to you to discuss further.
  10. have you modified the URL Scheme variable (line 115 or 116 in MirrorSync 6 script)? Are you using the iOS SDK? If you delete the BBC News app, does everything work or do you get an error?
  11. Hello, We are in the process of writing up all the documentation that needs to written for this change and once that is finished and we finish up testing, barring any unforeseen set backs, we should be ready for release. I will bump this thread as soon as we have it available. I believe it should be ahead of the deprecation.
  12. sure thing, can you also include your logs after you have added the call to SetShowProgress?
  13. Hi Rebecca, I took a look at your logs and it does indeed look like the issue is GUI related. The error isn't occurring on connect but rather during FTPeek_UploadFile. Specifically, it looks like the issue is happening when the plugin is trying to draw a progress bar window. Try adding the following function to your script: This should turn off progress bars. Make sure to call that prior to the upload function and see if it resolves the hanging issue you are seeing.
  14. Thanks for that info. Sounds like it could be GUI related but I'm only speculating. First make sure this user has the latest FTPeek 2 version installed, version 2.314 available here. Once updated or if they are already using that version, modify the FTPeek_connect function to have the optional parameter "loggingLevel=DEBUG". This will log all communication between the server and FTPeek to the plugin logs. After adding that parameter, reproduce the issue. Before any restarts of FileMaker(restarting will overwrite the logs), send an email to support@360Works.com with the plugin logs attach
  15. Hi Rebecca, Since it doesn't happen when debugging, are you sure the problem is happening during an FTPeek function call? Also what FTPeek function does "FTP step" refer to?
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