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  1. Hi LaugingW, OceanWest's answer is correct. Currently Plastic is not compatible with chip readers nor NFC readers. This is because each different reader have their own API and specific gateway that needs to be implemented into the code so we can't conceivably cover all readers out there. We do have plans to support chip readers but I don't have an ETA as to when that will be.
  2. just saw your support ticket, we will continue there.
  3. The Plastic plugin logs may be more enlightening. Please have your client reproduce the issue and then send them to us at support@360works.com and reference this thread. We can look and see if there is more information as to what is causing the exception. See this page for log locations.
  4. Hello, FileMaker Server 17+ is a requirement for MirrorSync 6 so you will not be able set up a sync between FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go.
  5. Another thing I just noticed is you are not passing in "readonly=false" in the EmailReadMessages call which should throw an error when you try to call EmailMessageSetFlag so I am surprised that the deletion even works the first iteration. Try adding that flag to the EmailReadMessages function calls and see if you get different results.
  6. Hello, Plugin initialization issues are typically caused by issues with the download of the support files that are needed for the plugins to operate. Please follow the instructions here to manually download and install them. If doing so does not resolve the issue, please follow the instructions here to get the initialization logs and send them in an email to support@360works.com. This will create an official support ticket for you and we will be able to look into the issue further.
  7. Is this a typo? If not that might be the issue as "Viewed:True" isn't valid and would be ignored by the plugin which may be throwing off your exit condition for the outside loop
  8. Hello, You shouldn't need to disconnect and reconnect. I was able to set up a nested loop and delete messages in batches without an issue. Are you getting any errors? Perhaps your outer loop isn't getting to the second iteration? On a side note, is there an interface for this mail server? Either something like Apple Mail or web based client like Gmail? I ask because it may be faster and easier to use the interface to delete over a script.
  9. Is there supposed to be an image attached to this post?
  10. Hello, The ProxyPass timeout can be set in the file located at I recommend that you stop the HTTP server, make then change to the file, and then start the HTTPserver.
  11. MS 6 does use the data API but the amount used is negligible. Actual data transfer is done via the native script step Insert from URL on the FMS side and the SQL database JDBC driver on the SQL side so using MS 6 will not really have any impact to your yearly data allocation.
  12. Hi Kyle, Please reproduce the error you are seeing and send your logs and a detailed description of the issue to support@360Works.com. See this page for log locations.
  13. Hi Carsten, Please use this build and let us know if you have any issues getting it installed.
  14. Hi Carsten, We have had a few others report this issue this morning. I am trying to reproduce it as we speak. I will bump this thread as soon as I have more information or a fix
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