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  1. Hi mvoogt, Are you getting any errors when you call the function? What are you seeing exactly when the function "chokes"? 1.2 million files is a lot of text, I would not be surprised if the plugin is either running out of memory or it is just taking a significant amount of time to build the list of files and just appears to be a hang . In the case of out of memory, you can increase the memory allocation for the plugin by following the instructions here.
  2. ryan360Works

    How to add multiple reply-to addresses

    Indeed, having the quotes in the text field with the addresses and then using a field reference in the function call will treat the quotes as part of the text. The quotes are only necessary if you are hard coding the text into the function. Glad you got it working!
  3. ryan360Works

    How to add multiple reply-to addresses

    You can do this by passing in a comma separated list of email addresses as the value of the reply-to header like so
  4. Hi Izan, Saving a compacted copy shouldn't have any impact on MirrorSync as none of the schema is changing. If you do change any of the schema that has already been set up with a sync, you will need to go back through your configuration, re-copy the script steps, and redistribute offline files. As an aside, we do have our own product support forum as a part of FMForums. Those can found here. In that section there is an MirrorSync sub-forum where you can post your MirrorSync questions. In the future, I recommend posting there so it will be more visible to both 360Works and other MirrorSync users. You can also reach out to us directly by emailing support@360works.com which will create an official support case for you. Please let us know if you have any questions!
  5. ryan360Works

    Download problems on Windows clients

    Hi Eswanborg, the logs you attached are for ScriptMaster 4.32 but I believe this issue was in regards to the SuperContainer Companion plugin. If you are using 2.9510 then the file will have the same name but Plugins will be hyphenated like "Plug-ins" . We will need to see those logs after you have reproduced the errors. Please go ahead and submit these logs and a description of your issue to our support system at support@360works.com
  6. I do not have an ETA on official releases as we are continuing to add improvements to the framework and rather having several small releases we like to have one large one. We will announce their release on all of our social media and our newsletter so be sure to subscribe to stay informed on their release. I do have a beta build available here but as with any beta, it is not entirely tested so you may run into issues. If you do, contact support@360works.com.
  7. ryan360Works

    Scribe Plugin Crash on FMSV 17 (Windows Server)

    Hi Christian, Can you please download and install this beta build of the plugin? If it does not resolve the issue, please send the temp logs again.
  8. ryan360Works

    Scribe DocAppend With Text or Pictures

    You can append text or pictures to the end of a document or a new page. To do so, you call ScribeDocAppend on a loaded document exactly how you did above. ScribeDocAppend("new text") will write "new text" to the end of your document. In the case of a picture, just pass in the field reference to the container that stores the picture. You can also add the "newPage=true" parameter if you want the text to start on a new page. I have attached a simple test file to show this functionality. AppendStuff.fmp12
  9. ryan360Works

    Scribe Plugin Crash on FMSV 17 (Windows Server)

    Hi Christian, Thank you for sending those logs. There is an error in them so I will talk to our framework developer about it and update this thread as soon as I have more information.
  10. ryan360Works

    Scribe Plugin Crash on FMSV 17 (Windows Server)

    Hi Christian, Scribe 3 will not utilize the Java that is installed on the system. Rather upon first initialization it will download a sandboxed JRE that only runs when the plugin is enabled. I suspect that the issue is that that JRE is not downloading completely. Please follow the instructions here to manually install the JRE and then restart the FMSE by opening CMD and typing the command fmsadmin restart fmse -y . If the plugin will still not initialize it may be that the latest version of Scribe is conflicting with the Scribbler that you have installed. Scribbler is all GUI based operations which are not server safe so there is really no reason to have it installed in FMS. I recommend removing it and seeing if that resolves the issue with Scribe. If you still having an issue after that, we will need to see the temp logs. Please follow the instruction in the section labeled Temp Logs in the link above.
  11. ryan360Works

    Mail to the wrong mail address

    Without debugging the script, I can only speculate as to what is happening. First, definitely add error capturing to your script that captures and records errors and then exits the script if an error occurs. If adding error capturing does not prevent this from happening, I recommend debugging through the script and making sure that EmailCreate is getting the expected input. The plugin can only check validity of an email address by making sure that it follows the format "name@domain.com" ( or whatever the top level domain is .com,.gov,.edu, etc). If there is no "@" or the domain is malformed then the plugin will throw an error but if it meets the format requirements, it will treat it as valid even if that email address doesn't actually exist. Additionally, if you are looping through records and then setting local variables with field references, if possible, I'd suggest removing that part and using the filed references directly in your function call instead setting local variables, this just simplifies the script and makes it easier to debug. If you continue to have the issue after doing these things, go ahead and reproduce the issue and send your logs to support@360works.com and reference this thread. If you have a testing solution that reproduces the issue, that will help in expediting the support process. Log locations can be found here.
  12. ryan360Works

    360 Works Email - PSOS One Way Sending

    Hi Frankb3, Not sure if you have found a way to resolve this. Moving scripts to server side require adding exactly what you stated, context. This means that you will need to modify the script to have said context with instructions like go to layout, go to record, or using find mode to get to a specific record. Without knowing the workflow for sending out emails or how familiar you are with FileMaker, I can only provide a typical example: Employee needs to send out order advisory to customer. Employee opens FileMaker database and navigates to Customer's respective record. Employee clicks Send button which runs the Send Advisory script via PSOS with a script parameter of Customer::customerID. Send Advisory script first calls EmailRegister (important for server side scripts), goes to Customer layout and performs a find on the customerID field with the script parameter. It then creates and sends the email based on the specific customer's information. Hopefully that helps!
  13. ryan360Works

    Email Plugin OSX Mail server

    Hi blueworld4, We are happy to help you get this working but will need to see your plugin logs to tell exactly what is causing the issue. Please reproduce the issue and send your logs to support@360works.com and reference this thread. Make sure to reproduce and send the logs before any restarts of FileMaker as restarting will overwrite the logs. Please see this page for log locations.
  14. John, can you put an SMReset at the beginning of the script and see if you get a different result?
  15. Bailey and John, Just to cover any possibility, have you made sure the file chooser window isn't going behind other windows?

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