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  1. Attachment file names: Mail Attachment [2]

    I always recommend that users do not call all the functions in one script step because it is hard to trap for errors, amongst other things. The error will be prevalent in the plugin log file but it will be easier to troubleshoot in the future if you change it over to separate function calls and then check for "ERROR" as the value of the variable and then if it equals "ERROR" call EmailLastError and display it in a dialog or set it to a field
  2. Attachment file names: Mail Attachment [2]

    Is the error they are seeing a plugin error or FileMaker error? If it is a plugin error, what is the error that they are getting?
  3. Attachment file names: Mail Attachment [2]

    Hi SoundEssential, Does this happen consistently? If you change the names of the pdfs in the container fields so that they are unique (ex. change one to untitled1.pdf) do you see the same results?
  4. Awesome! Glad it is working now! Just a quick follow up question, did you install Email 3 or Email 2?
  5. I may be mistake but I believe this location will only exist if you have multiple versions of FMP installed as putting a plugin in this location will install it for all versions of FMP that are installed. Just for reference the location that Preferences opens is /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/FileMaker/FileMaker Pro Advanced/<versionnumber>/Extensions . You can place the plugin in any of these locations. The only difference between them is what I stated above and the location that you can get to from Preferences is where the plugin will be installed if you call the Install Plug-in File script step (like in the case if auto-update)
  6. Hi Oliver Reid, Have you tried using Email 3 to see if the issue persists? If not, please download it here and install it and try to connect. Make sure to confirm that Email 3.05 is indeed installed before testing by checking in Preferences->Plugins. If the issue persists, please send in your logs to support@360works.com . See this page for log locations. Please be sure to replicate the error and send the logs before any restarts of FileMaker as restarting will overwrite the logs.
  7. Reset Log file

    Hi Jerry, Unfortunately Windows locks any files that are in use from being modified or moved. You wont be able to move those logs unless the FMSE is stopped. The logging in the newest versions of the plugins is very verbose for troubleshooting reasons. This tends to cause the logs to grow quickly if you are calling plugin functions frequently server side. We are testing the next iteration of our plugins now and the logging will be turned down so it will become a non issue. Of note, restarting the FMSE should overwrite the logs.
  8. I am not able to reproduce this issue. In High Sierra using Email 3.05 I am able to connect to smtp.gmail.com without issue. fmjv808 I believe you have already submitted a ticket to support. Mbust, please send an email to support@360works.com with a description of the issue as well as your logs. Please replicate the issue and then send the logs. Be sure to send before any restarts of FileMaker as restarting will overwrite the logs. See this page for log locations.
  9. High Sierra wierdness

    Hi John, We are currently making changes to our plugins in regards to operation in High Sierra. We have seen the Java icons appear in High Sierra as well and have fixed the problem in development. We are hoping to wrap up testing for these changes soon and they will be included in our next release of the plugins.
  10. issues with iText 7

    Hi John, It doesn't look like the class is actually missing but rather it can't be initialized. If you look at the plugin logs there might be something in the stack that might elude to why. It might also be worth calling SMGetLoadedJars to see if the IO jar shows up.
  11. ScripMaster Plugin "?" Failed to initialize.

    This is an issue we have had reported that occurs on some user's machines. It is a framework issue that we have since fixed in development. We are hoping to push the next iteration of our plugins soon that contains this fix amongst other things. Ill make a note to bump this thread once we do.
  12. FileMaker Server 16 fails to load plugin

    It is probably a typo as there is no Extensions folder at that location but I wanted to make sure you are putting the plugin at "C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Database Server\Extensions" and not "C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Data\Extensions\" . Also make sure you are using the latest website version, 3.05. If you are, I suspect the issue you are running into is the plugin can't download the support files necessary for operation. Follow the instructions here to manually install the support files. This is an issue that we are aware of and have fixed in development. I do not currently have a stable development build available but we are planning to release our next iteration of the plugins soon. I will bump this thread when they are released.
  13. issues with iText 7

    Hi John, Can you elaborate on what you are running into? Are you having an issue getting the jar to load? something else?
  14. ScripMaster Plugin "?" Failed to initialize.

    Anthony, Apologies for the confusion, it seems the instance of the plugin that is at that link is not actually ScriptMaster 4.43 but rather a build based on our new framework and the version was never upped. Please download ScriptMaster 4.43 here.
  15. ScripMaster Plugin "?" Failed to initialize.

    Odd, I'd like to take a look to see if I can determine what is happening. Please send an email to me, ryan@360works.com, so we can set up a time to do a quick screen share.

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