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  1. 360Works plug-ins ship with their own embedded Java Runtime which are licensed by 360Works. We recommend for non-plugin web apps (MirrorSync, SuperContainer, etc.) to use a version of Java released prior April 16, 2019, or OpenJDK, or enter into a commercial license agreement with Oracle
  2. Hi Darren, Do you know if your server uses a self signed certificate? If it does, then make sure that you use the parameter "ValidateServerCertificate=false" in the FTPeek_ConnectFTPS function call. If that does not resolve the issue, please add the parameter "LoggingLevel=DEBUG" in the connect function call, reproduce the issue and then send an email to support@360works.com with a description of the issue, the error you are getting, and attach the log files. Make sure to attach and send the logs before any restarts of FileMaker as restarting will overwrite the logs. See this page for log locations.
  3. Hi Aaron, Please go ahead and submit a bug report so we can take a look at your logs. If you have not reproduced the error today, please do so before sending the bug report. Bug reports can be sent by going to the MirrorSync page in a browser and clicking on the "Send problem report and log files" link.
  4. Hi Jon, I don't think that would impact registration but just to cover all bases, it looks like you have an Email 1 license. The last version of Email 1, 1.99, can be downloaded here . Do you have any network restrictions that could be keeping the plugin from reaching the license server? Firewall etc?
  5. Hi Jon, Our plugins require an internet connection so that they can "phone home" to our license server. Are you seeing this on the "down" Mac? If the machine you are seeing this issue on is not connected to the internet then you will need to connect it in order to register it I checked our license server and do not see any current sessions with your license. License seats are only taken when FileMaker Pro is open and the plugin is enabled. If you were out of seats you would see a different error message.
  6. Hi Dave, Thanks for posting the logs. What is happening is our plugins have a process to delete any possible orphaned Java processes and that is failing when trying to convert the file name to a number so that any possible orphaned processes can be killed. To resolve this issue, please delete the PID folder located at /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/360Works/Plug-ins/pid . However, we would like to see what could be causing the issue so we can fix it so before deleting the folder, can you please zip the "PID" folder and send it to support@360works.com and reference this thread.
  7. Hi Scott, This is a new thing in FM 18 where plugins need to be signed. In FileMaker Pro you will see this warning and can proceed with using the plugin but any non-signed plugins server side will not enable as FMS does not have any settings to allow non-signed plugins. The current store version of ScriptMaster as well as all of our other plugins on our website are signed and will not get this alert. However, ScriptMaster is not currently capable of signing custom generated plugins. We are looking into options for this but for now, if you need ScriptMaster to generate plugins, you will need to use the unsigned version available here. If you use ScriptMaster with the other options other than generating plugins then you can used the signed version here.
  8. Thats odd that it is not setting the header to the value you are passing it. Can you email me the txt file with the HTML in it? I would like to do some testing with it. Let's go ahead and get you an official support case. Send the txt file to support@360works.com and just leave a link to this thread and attn Ryan in the body of the email.
  9. Hi Dave, If you read the headers of the sent email, is the content-transfer-encoding header listed there?
  10. Hi Dave, If you need to set a header for an email you can use the function EmailSetHeader . It takes the name of the header and the value of that header as parameters. So in your case the function call would like this: Try that and see if it resolves the issue. I would also make sure setting this header doesn't change the appearance of the email for non-gmail recipients.
  11. Hi Stickybeak, We will need to see your logs to troubleshoot the issue. Please reproduce the error and send the logs to support@360works.com before any restarts of FileMaker as restarting will overwrite the logs. This will create an official support ticket for you. See this page for log locations.
  12. PSOS is an acronym for the script step Perform Script On Server. Executing scripts with this script step moves the execution of the script from the local FileMaker Pro machine to the FileMaker Server (Cloud) machine. The file must be hosted in order to use this functionality. When calling Install Plugin File in a script that is performed on the server, the plugin is installed for use with server side scripts. If Install Plugin file is not called server side, then the plugin will be installed in the local environment. You will only need to install the plugin server side if you intend to call your scripts with the Perform Script On Server script step. Otherwise scripts will be executed on the FileMaker Pro machine and the plugin will need to be installed for FileMaker Pro.
  13. Hi Max, This doesn't look like any of our error messages. I suspect that whomever wrote the script catches errors and throws their own custom message. Regardless, it seems to indicate that one of your recipient's addresses is malformed. I recommend checking the list of recipients and making sure there aren't any malformed addresses. Typically this means that they follow the "name@domain.com" paradigm and do not contain any special characters but what is considered proper might vary depending on the mail server. Just to confirm, are you using ScriptMaster to send mail? If so, did you write the module or are you using the example module?
  14. Hi Max Morley, Can you please provide some more detail? What is the error that you are getting?
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