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  1. Sending Emails is Slow

    You'lll have to call the function as a calculation instead of a script step in order to pass in that parameter. You're on the right path but with a few tweaks. EmailLastError is only going to work when calling the functions as calculations. Since you are calling the functions as script steps, if there is an error, our plugins will return an error code of 1552 when Get(LastError) is called. You can get the description of the error by calling Get(LastExternalErrorDetail). You should have this check for every function call.
  2. Sending Emails is Slow

    Everything looks to be correct in your scripts so I still think the delay is in one of the connect functions or caused by the progress bar in the EmailSend function. Have you tried turning off the progress bar? If that doesn't change anything, debug through the script and see if any of the script steps take a significant amount of time to execute. As OlgerDiekstra pointed out, if it happens on the connect functions there is a network issue that is causing the delay. Please update this thread with what you find.
  3. Sending Emails is Slow

    I suspect the delay you are experiencing is coming from EmailConnectSMTP and EmailConnectIMAP because these functions are dependent on a network. Make sure you are not calling EmailConnectSMTP and EmailConnectIMAP in the loop for your batch script because it will definitely slow the script down and could also potentially cause the mail server to deny your connection requests due to too many connection requests in a short period of time. I recommend using the function EmailOutboundIsConnected (and EmailInboundIsConnected to check and see if there is a current connection and if not then call the connect functions. EmailOutboundIsConnected (and EmailInboundIsConnected will return 1 if there is and 0 if there is not. If making those changes don't improve the speed, the progress bar on send may be causing an issue. You can turn it off by passing in the parameter "progress=false" into the EmailSend function.
  4. Semi-colon breaking email send

    Hi MileFaker3000, I suspect that an error is being set when passing in the semi colon and that is why the email is never sent. Make sure you are error checking your function calls so you know when an error is being set and the function doesn't fail silently. When I pass in "email@address.com; email2@address.com" into the to parameter I get the error: "Create Error:Illegal semicolon, not in group" . What you are experiencing is expected behavior as the plugin allows you to send to multiple recipients using a "," to separate the email addresses. Since removing the ";" from the fields is causing issues elsewhere, I recommend adding a check in your script for the presence of a ";" in the text and either removing it or replacing it with a "," before passing that information into the EmailCreate function.
  5. jdbc drivers and 5.07

    Hi Thorsten, The download of the JRE should automatically happen if the necessary JRE does not exist on your machine. I suppose you could delete the 360Works folder that the JRE is stored in to get the download to occur again at the next start of FileMaker as sort of a way to force the download. With that being said, the JRE is essentially sandboxed and will only run when FileMaker is running and the plugin is enabled so any old JREs previous iterations of the plugin might have downloaded won't run unless the particular version of the plugin that downloaded it is running somewhere.
  6. jdbc drivers and 5.07

    Hi Vince, The most recent version of ScriptMaster, 5.09, will use Java 9 on a Mac and Java 8u152 on Windows regardless of what version of Java is installed on the machine or if it is installed at all. Our new framework does not require the machine to have Java installed but rather will download and store a specific JRE and only run it while the plugin is enabled.
  7. CloudMail and AWS Multiple IPs

    I'm not sure why Amazon would recommend that you have two static IPs. Was that a recommendation in relation to using CloudMail? CloudMail will automatically create an EC2 instance with an elastic IP address the first time you put in your keys in the CloudMail file or call CMSetCredentials. The IP for this instance will not change unless you delete the instance and the plugin creates a new one. This is so you can create a DNS record to point your domain name at the IP address to help prevent your emails from being flagged as spam/abuse. Make sure that the keys you input into CloudMail belong to a user that has administrative privileges. The user only needs to have admin privileges until the EC2 instance is created and then they can be removed if necessary.
  8. Starting with 360Works Email Pugin

    Hi samarthmkt, Please look in the example files that are included with the plugin to see example scripts for sending email. The general workflow for sending email is Connect to SMTP server (EmailConnectSMTP), create the email (EmailCreate), Set the body of the email (EmailSetBody), optionally attach any attachments (EmailAttachFile), send the email (EmailSend). I also recommend becoming familiar with the documentation here.
  9. Dialog window causing problems

    This is an issue we addressed in the latest release, 3.08 . If you are not using this version, please update your plugin and let us know if the issue persists. EDIT: forgot to add, you can turn off progress bars by passing in the parameter "progress=false" into the EmailSend function. I am not sure if that will keep FileMaker from taking focus though.
  10. Hi Chadski021, Scribe does not have that functionality either. I suppose you could put the header, body, and footer inside their own content-control fields and then you would be able specify what part of the document you want to pull into FileMaker.
  11. Unfortunately no. Scribe can only pull in the text. It can not carry over any formatting for the originating document. This is something that we will look into incorporating for the next major version of Scribe but it will be a while before that development occurs.
  12. Zip folder with ScriptMaster

    Hi David, I don't have a module written for this but here is a stackoverflow case that has a few viable examples for accomplishing this in Java that could be modified to work as a ScriptMaster module. I think the one using the ZeroTurnaround library might be the easiest one to implement. Hope that helps!
  13. Hi Chadski021, Scribe does not have the capability to bring the formatting of the text in the Word document over to FileMaker. The text will inherit the formatting of the FileMaker field. So if you wanted all the text to be bold, you would need to set the formatting for that field in the Inspector.
  14. Scriptmaster's ExecuteSQL and WebDirect

    Hi David, The modules that are included in the ScriptMaster are really just for example purposes and may not work in every use case/environment. With that being said, I am curious as to what the error actually is. Whenever you receive an "ERROR" from one of our plugins, you can use the LastError function to get a more detailed description of the error, in this case SMLastError. Set up an if conditional in your script that checks for ERROR as the result of the ExecuteSQL function and then sets a field to SMLastError if ERROR is returned. Once you have the actual error, post it here.
  15. Issue with SMGetRegisteredModules on the Server

    Hi John, Instead of trying to see if a module has been registered already, best practice would be to reset with SMReset and then register any modules and jars that you need for that script. There is not really an increase in overhead with the approach and it ensures that the modules you need are registered with the server regardless if they have been previously.

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