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  1. ryan360Works

    Any way I can reset my license?

    360Deploy will only let you reset/change the file one time per month. I will remove the reset record for you this time but please be aware of this in the future. Can you please tell me what the registered to name is for your license?
  2. does this only happen with a specific image? What is the image file type?
  3. ryan360Works

    Scribe Fehlermeldung beim Excel öffnen

    Hi Jurgen, There is currently not a workaround other than using Excel files generated in an older version of Excel. We are currently working on the issue but I do not have an ETA as to when it will be available.
  4. Hi HannahT, Email server spam filters will direct emails to the junk/spam folder for many different reasons. Setting up DKIM does help in avoiding this but is not a guarantee. I have seen where attachments will cause this to happen especially if the attached file is a .zip, .exe, or any file type that could contain malicious software. If you send the same email without the attachments, does it arrive in the inbox?
  5. No, FTPeek is most definitely not a deprecated plugin. We are not currently developing new features for it at this moment but we will definitely be developing new features in the future.
  6. After reviewing the code, it looks like setAuthentication actually has several implementations in the SCPClient class in the enterprisedt library, one of which does not require a user password and uses a key file password. The plugin does not leverage this implementation but rather 3 others that do require a password. FTPeek does not currently have the functionality to establish an SSH connection without a user password so this would still be a customization. I will definitely create a ticket in our feature requests to see if this can be implemented in a future version but as FTPeek is not currently in active development, it could be some time before it is considered for implementation.
  7. Hi David, I am not sure of the inner workings of FileZilla but I do know that a public key is required in order to establish an SSH connection. My best guess is FileZilla takes care of the key exchange process "behind the scenes" to simplify the user experience. You can get the public key for the server using the FTPeek_GetPublicKey function The password is also a required parameter.
  8. ryan360Works

    Email From doesn't like Commas

    That is true, I can't think of any situation where there would need to be more than one sending address (probably against some kind of standard as well). There may be something simple that can be changed. I suspect that the same email address validation code that checks the "to" parameter also runs for the "from" parameter and in that logic, it checks for a "," the presence of a comma tells the plugin that there is a list of email addresses, it then takes the text preceding the comma and checks for the presence of an @ symbol. I will create an issue in our issue tracking system to review this but for now you will need leave the comma out or enter the name as firstName LastName <emailaddress>.
  9. ryan360Works

    File in use by java.exe - error

    That is a pretty large image file. This only happens with one image? What image type is it? Do images of the same type result in the same issue? what about a different image type but similar size?
  10. ryan360Works

    Cannot restart zulu calendar

    Hi Joel, In a browser on the server machine running Zulu, go to http://localhost:42424/manager/html . There you should see zulu listed. Under commands, click start and wait for the ok message. Once you see the ok message, you should be able to get to the zulu page over localhost:42424/zulu . Once you can access that page, try running the installer again.
  11. ryan360Works

    Email From doesn't like Commas

    For anyone else running into this issue, the reason using 'Salem, Jerry <jerrysalem@mac.com>' causes an error is because EmailCreate is designed so that a "," is used to separate email addresses in a list so to the plugin it looks like "Salem" is being passed in as an email address which will obviously fail the check for the @ symbol.
  12. ryan360Works

    Running Version 3 in test mode

    Hi Chris, we can continue to troubleshoot in your support ticket but I wanted to add this information here in case anyone else has this question. The Email plugin does not have a test mode, where calling EmailSend would not send an email to the recipient. The best approach would be to see what is causing a failure when certain data is being used. First, make sure to include error checking in the script and record any errors that may be getting set and exit your script if an error occurs preventing the email from being sent. If no errors are being set, the next step would be to step through the script with the script debugger and data viewer to make sure that the expected data is being passed to the plugin, if you are using field references. If you are still not able to determine the issue, the next step would be to take a look at the plugin logs. If you get to this point, I recommend contacting our support system by emailing support@360works.com and include a description of the issue, what you have already tried, and include your plugin logs. Make sure that you have reproduced the issue and then send the logs before any restarts of FileMaker as restarting will overwrite the logs. You can find log locations here.
  13. ryan360Works

    Previous versions

    Hi Noél, Once the the support files have been downloaded successfully and the plugin initializes, there is no specific reason to have to have an internet connection unless the module you are writing/using has this dependency OR you are using ScriptMaster to generate plugins in which case the plugin would need to reach out to our license server to confirm the license.
  14. Hi amallison, Unfortunately, ScribeDocSubstitute does not currently have the functionality to pass in height and width parameters. I will add this to our feature request list.
  15. ryan360Works

    Scribe - Formatting in Word Tables

    Hi Todd, Can you post your template or a test solution (or email it directly to me at ryan@360works.com) so I can try and reproduce what you are seeing?

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