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  1. Hi JerrySalem, 3.06 is a development version and that is why it is not on our website. You can download it here.
  2. IOException when reading container data

    Hi jbante, Try our latest development build and let us know if you continue to have issues. You can download it here.
  3. Deploying a solution with 500+ base tables

    Hi dickiechung, There isn't a hard limit for the size of the database. It may be that FileMaker didn't actually hang but rather was still processing that step due to the amount of tables that you have. How long did you let it sit before force quitting FMPro?
  4. Plastic 2 to 3

    Hi Ocean West, The functions are the same between 2 and 3 so you should not have to change any of your scripts when upgrading
  5. Issue Configuring 360Deploy

    Hi Phil, I reported your support issue to Jesse and he is currently looking into it and will be in contact soon. I'll update this thread for anyone else that is running into this issue.
  6. Two questions

    John, 360Deploy does not create any records but rather creates an empty clone of the development file and then imports records from the production file into the clone which then becomes the production file. The import has auto enter turned off so fields like modification timestamps, creation timestamps, etc will not be changed and will reflect the same values as in file the records were imported from. As for uninstalling, there is an uninstaller packaged in the download. You can alternatively remove 360Deploy using the 360Works Admin.jar file that can be located in Applications on Mac or C:\Program Files\360Works on Windows Torch_55, Yes it can be done with servers in different locations. You should open the 360Deploy file and start the import on the production server because the import will go much faster. You will need to run the installer on both the production server and development server machines.
  7. Questions on how 360Deploy handles certain things

    How does the solution deal with ESS shadow tables? ESS shadow tables will be skipped What happens with custom value lists? Do they programmatically update as well if the production copy gets new entries? If you make changes to a custom value list on the production side and then do an import, the changes will not carry over. This is because Deploy creates an empty clone of the development file and then imports records from the current production file into the clone but does not import value lists so changes to value lists that only exist in the production will not be carried over into the new production file. How does 360Deploy handle field name changes? Changing field and table names will require you to recopy the script steps I noted the documentation seems to imply field deletions are a bit of a problem - you need to remember to delete the fields in both the production and dev copy. Are there any future updates in which this might be handled more gracefully? Or is this just a limitation of what can and can't be handled via this method? We can speak on how future versions will handle this right now but the reason that you need to delete the field on both sides is because the import is an ordered list. For example if you have fields A,B,C,D in both dev and prod files and then you delete field C in one file then A will go to A, B will go to B but then C will go to D. We have a pretty massive production file, 15+GB. The size is mostly due to container data, 14+GB. I assume this would take a while to import, but will there be any difference in import speed for this database if the containers are stored internally versus externally? The import will take significantly less time with externally stored container fields.
  8. 360works CloudMail attachments

    Anatole and I corresponded through our support system but I wanted to post here in case anyone else has this question. Currently CloudMail does not support attachments in a traditional sense. The only way to "attach" something to an email sent from CloudMail is to use the function CMUploadResource to upload the file to AWS S3 and then paste that URL into your solution. You can of course use HTML to create a hyperlink in your email to your file. If want to have attachments attached in a traditional sense then the Email plugin will be the better option.
  9. Can't open 360Deploy.fmp12

    Thanks for the heads up phcranston! I made the change to reflect the correct password.
  10. Stumped with Scribe and Word file prep

    Hi Fred, Scribe can write to "content control fields" in a word document. They are a special data type that can be created within a .docx file that can be named. Pass the tag name of the Content Control Field as the first parameter in ScribeDocWriteValue. More information about how to make content control fields can be found here (this pertains to Word 2007 but I suspect the process is the same or at least similar). You can use the function ScribeDocListFields in order to get a list of all fields Scribe can write to. Alternatively, you can use placeholders which are just arbitrary "words" that can be then replaced using ScribeDocSubstitute.
  11. Hi Martie, You are using a pretty old version of CloudMail. We are currently on version 3.05. I looked and believe I found your CloudMail license and you should be able to use 3.05 with your license. I recommend updating to that version and seeing if the issue persists. You can download the 3.05 here.
  12. Error Handling Help

    Disabling the plugin will not result in "ERROR" but rather a "?". A better test would be to put non-sense/incorrect credentials in the EmailConnect function call or just bad data into any of your parameters for any function call that would result in an error.
  13. Error Handling Help

    Hi jzhess88, I would first recommend that you do not chain all of your function calls with "and" inside the one set variable script step. It is better practice to have them called in separate set variable calls. The way you have it now if one function in the chain fails, the entire script step will fail. Once you break them out into their own set variable calls, you will be able to trap for errors for each function call and be able to tell where the error is coming from. The first option is the correct way to trap for errors in this instance. The second option would be for if you were calling the functions as script steps (only available in FM16). I would write the script as follows: Set Variable [$result; Value: EmailRegister( "LicenseString"; "Registered To" )] if[$result="ERROR"] //however you want to handle error. End If Set Variable [$connect; Value: EmailConnectSMTP( "Hostname" ; "Emailaddress" ; "password" )] if[$connect="ERROR"] //however you want to handle error. End If Set Variable [$create; Value: EmailCreate( $EventEmail; $ToEmail; $EmailSubject )] if[$create="ERROR"] //however you want to handle error. End If Set Variable [$body; Value:EmailSetBody( $EmailBody; "html" )] if[$body="ERROR"] //however you want to handle error. End If Set Variable [$cc; Value: EmailCCRecipients( $CCEmail )] if[$cc="ERROR"] //however you want to handle error. End If Set Variable [$bcc; Value: EmailBCCRecipients( $BCCEmail )] if[$bcc="ERROR"] //however you want to handle error. End If Set Variable [$send; Value: EmailSend] if[$send="ERROR"] //however you want to handle error. End If Set Variable [$disconnect; Value: EmailDisconnect] Also, looks like your email password has been redacted while I was writing this response but it is probably a good idea to change your password.
  14. AutoUpdate database not updated

    Hi David, We have made several improvements to the plugins since our last push. We are waiting until we push a new iteration of the plugins to the website before we update the autoupdate file. We are hoping to push the next iteration early next week.
  15. By hard-coded I mean the parameter is not dynamic. IE ScribeDocSubstitute("CUSTOMERNAME";"John Smith") will always substitute John Smith in the place of CUSTOMERNAME regardless of what record you are on. However, ScribeDocSubstitute("CUSTOMERNAME"; Customer::CustomerName) will write whatever value is in CustomerName field for the current record. Have you tried using our example file? Do you see the same results that you saw in your own files?

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