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  1. ryan360Works

    SMS ERROR sending multiple recipients

    Hi Martie, Sorry for the delay in response. Have you tried with 300 users at a time? Did you get similar results as the attempt with 500?
  2. ryan360Works

    SafetyNet & FMCloud

    Hi Donwolfkonecny, Currently SafetyNet cannot be used with FileMaker Cloud. This is because of multiple factors, the main being because FileMaker Cloud is headless so you can't run the installer like you would with FileMaker Server running on Mac or Windows. SafetyNet also uses the fmsadmin utility which seems to at the very least operate in a different capacity than it does with FileMaker Server. FileMaker Cloud instances are also pretty closed off security wise and would require opening multiple different ports in AWS.
  3. Hi H, The Email plugin cannot translate text formatting/styling from a text field into HTML. If you want formatted/stylized text you will need to supply the proper HTML as the body of the email to the Email plugin. There is a native FileMaker function, GetAsCSS, that will translate text styling/formatting into HTML/CSS but from what I have seen with other customers, it is not very reliable. You will also need to make sure that you pass in "html" as the value for the contentType parameter.
  4. ryan360Works

    Problems with Excel export of images

    Excellent! That is a beta build so if you run into any issues please let me know
  5. The Email plugin does not have the ability to read from multiple mailboxes at a time. You will need to call EmailReadMessages for a mailbox, parse those emails and then call EmailReadMessages for a different mailbox and so on. I'd also recommend that you call EmailListMailboxes to get the names of the mailboxes from the mail server.
  6. Hi Dorthe, 1. The code is written to query your System for the temp directory location. This is not user configurable. 2. There is no native functionality in the Email plugin that would do this. I suppose you could store the return of EmailReadMessageValue(attachments) in a variable and then loop through the value list and put each iteration into a repetition of the field but that seems overly complex. If it were me I would create an Attachments table that related an attachment to its corresponding email record rather than having an a bunch of repeating fields.
  7. ryan360Works

    Problems with Excel export of images

    Apologies, someone must have deleted the file from the link. I have re-uploaded it to the same location.
  8. This is still an issue we are working on. I will bump this thread with a fix once we have it resolved.
  9. ryan360Works

    Problems with Excel export of images

    Hi Franzika, We had an issue reported recently that was similar to yours. Can you try this beta build of Scribe and let me know if the issue persists?
  10. ryan360Works

    trying to connecting to imap inbound host

    Glad you were able to connect. The only difference between the two files is that the 16+ file calls the plugin functions as script steps instead of as calculations. If you were having an issue with the 16+ file and not the other then I suspect there may be an issue with script in the 16+. I will take a look and see what I can find.
  11. ryan360Works

    Problems with Excel export of images

    Hi Franziska, I am not able to read the error message in your screen shot but I assume it says something like "The file is damaged or corrupt, would you like Excel to repair it?". What file types are the images that you are writing?
  12. ryan360Works

    Scribe and reading PDF Metadata

    Hi Dean, I suspect the issue is because the PDF is scanned. Scribe cannot do OCR (optical character recognition). Rather, it reads from the underlying XML file of standard PDF documents to get information about it as well as the contents of the PDF. Since this document was scanned with a scanner and saved as a .pdf there will be no underlying XML for Scribe to read from and thus it cannot get this metadata information.
  13. ryan360Works

    trying to connecting to imap inbound host

    Hi Dorthe, You can specify using SSL or TLS with the email plugin. To do so, pass in the parameter ssl=1 or tls=1 into the EmailConnectIMAP function call.
  14. ryan360Works

    attach file code

    What version of CloudMail are you using? I am able to upload resources with the latest version, 3.09
  15. ryan360Works

    attach file code

    Hi KurtBleicken, You can't attach a file to an email sent from CloudMail like you traditionally would. In order to include "attachments", CloudMail uses the function CMUploadResource to upload a file to AWS S3 and returns a download link that can be included in the email.

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