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  1. Hi John, I am not familiar with BackBlaze but I think if you are using it on your other Macs it will work fine for backing up SuperContainer files. You could also use TimeMachine if you are looking for a more native solution although it does require a physical drive to be connected instead of cloud storage. If you are looking for a backup strategy for your FileMaker Server files, we do offer a product called SafetyNet that will transfer your FMS backup files to AWS S3. You can read about that here.
  2. Hello, Since FMS Linux is still in preview, we are still currently developing our products to be compatible with this platform so you cannot currently install any of our plugins on it. We are aiming to have them available for the official launch of FMS Linux and will announce their compatibility through our newsletter as well as social media outlets.
  3. Hi Chris, Can you send us your logs after reproducing the issue as well as a copy of a PDF with the correct spelling so I can try and reproduce the issue? If your MirrorSync instance runs on a Mac logs are found at: If it is on Windows logs will be at MirrorSync logs follow the naming convention <nameofMirrorSyncInstance>.<Timestamp>.log . If your instance is called the default "MirrorSync" then the logs for today will be called MirrorSync.2020-7-1.log. Send the logs and the PDF to support@360works.com and reference this thread.
  4. Hello, Typically nullpointer errors happen because a null value is being provided to a plugin function. I'm happy to take a look at your plugin logs to see if I can discern from that what is happening. Please reproduce the issue and then send your logs to support@360works.com. See this page for log locations.
  5. Yes There are two Library folders in OS X, make sure you are looking in the one inside the root drive. This is called Macintosh HD by default. If you are looking in this location it may be that you have a pretty old version of SuperContainer as the 360Works folder gets put there by the installer but that did not happen in earlier versions. Regardless, if you are going to Catalina, make sure you download our latest version (here) as Catalina does require software to be notarized by Apple and previous installers of SuperContainer were not.
  6. Hi Ramon, Can you please reproduce the issue and send us your logs? You can send your logs by clicking on the "Send Problem Report and Log Files" link on the MirrorSync browser interface. Please link this thread in the problem description field.
  7. Hi John, The SuperContainer server does not need to run on the same drive as the files. It looks like your current file location is the default so you will need to point SuperContainer to the new location once you have moved the files over. Instructions to do so can be found here . I would recommend that you do a small scale test before moving to production but I think the Thunderbolt 3 connection will work fine and won't cause a bottleneck. If you have any issues re-pointing SuperContainer to the new file location or have any questions, please let us know!
  8. Hello, 1. Im not sure why you are getting those cells. I suspect it may have to with the fact that writing to non-existent table cells will create new rows/columns as needed. Perhaps the calculation that you have for the cell address is returning unexpected results. 2. Scribe cannot modify pre-existing text in a field. It will overwrite whatever is there so if you want a slash in between those two words you would need to pass that literal string in as the "value" parameter in ScribeDocWriteValue 3. Same deal as number 2, Scribe will overwrite whatever is in that cell with whate
  9. Hi Cable, The dollarAmount in CCProcessAuthorizedPayment needs to be less than or equal to the chargeAmount passed into CCProcessPayment. edit: A bit more clarification, this is imposed at the gateway level so it may be that your gateway will allow the dollarAmount to be higher than the chargeAmount however it is usually the case that it needs to be less than or equal to. I would check with your gateway to see what they allow.
  10. Hi DataCruncher, The only time the server side plugin would be involved would be if you run a script with the Perform Script on Server script step or run said script as a schedule. Otherwise plugin functions are run locally.
  11. Hello, The Cloud versions in the current downloads are not meant for FMS Linux. We are still in development for these plugins. I do not have a timeline for when this development will be complete but we are aiming to have them ready prior to the official release. We will announce compatibility in our newsletter as well as on our social media accounts so be sure to subscribe to those so you will know when they are compatible.
  12. Hello, All of our plugins are 19 compatible. Can elaborate on the issue? Are you getting any errors? If the plugin will not enable it is typically due to issues with the JRE the plugin needs to operate. Please follow the instructions here to manually install it. If the plugin will still not enable please see the instruction here to find the initialization logs. You can email those to support@360works.com and reference this thread in your email.
  13. Unless there is an error being recorded I am not sure if the logs files will be helpful. That being said, plugin log file locations can be found here. As a test, you can remove the plugin from the equation by sending the GET request through a browser like <URL to file>?md5=true Check and make sure you get response headers after sending the request. In Chrome, go to View->Developer ->Developer Tools, Select Network, send the request, select it in the list and then click headers and make sure you got the response. If the issue is with the plugin I woul
  14. Hi AndyN, In order to troubleshoot, we will need to see the plugin logs. Please be sure to reproduce the issue you are seeing and then send the logs to support@360works.com before any restarts of FileMaker as restarting will overwrite the logs . This will create a support case for you in our support system. You can reference this thread in the body of the email. Please see this page for log locations.
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