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  1. Hi Jason, The issue hasn't been resolved but I do have some more info. It looks like the issue is not just with MirrorSync but with JNLP files in general in Mojave. We found some other reports of this issue on the web but no resolution. Unfortunately the issue looks to be out of our control. If a resolution is found, this thread will get bumped.
  2. Just from what I have seen from support, a lot of users just use the CloudMail.fmp12 file or they copy/paste the scripts into their own solution and then modify the field references. With that being said, we do have an EmailClient.fmp12 as an example file for the Email plugin that may be close to what you are looking for. You can probably modify that to work for CloudMail but at that point it might be easier to just start from scratch.
  3. Hi Joy, This is not due to a demo issue. If that happens you will see an error that says Demo mode expired. This error looks like the function does not like one of the parameters you are passing into the function. We will need to see your logs to further trouble shoot. You can either post your logs here or send us an email at support@360works.com with your logs attached and we will take a look at them. Please be sure to reproduce the error and then send the logs before any restarts of FileMaker as restarting will overwrite the logs. Please see this page for log locations.
  4. Sorry your issue was not taken care of on Friday. If you are still having an issue today, please call us and we will help you resolve it.
  5. We do answer forums post regularly but if your issue is pressing then you should contact us via phone or email. Our phone number is 770-234-9293. We are open Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM. You can also email us at support@360works.com and our support system will create an official support ticket for you. We typically answer emails the same day but sometimes can take up to 48 hours if we are experiencing a heavy flow of support. In the future, if your posts here go unanswered or you cannot wait, please use the avenues stated here.
  6. The parameter for this function is a boolean value meaning it is either True or False. You are passing in a string by using " " . Remove the quotes and the function should work.
  7. Are these FileMaker Pro clients or web direct? I have seen issues in web direct when web direct is accessed over HTTPS but the web viewer is using HTTP. Is your SuperContainer externally accessible? If so, can you PM me the URL?
  8. Hi CompuCon, In this context, Topics are essentially just a name for a group of subscriptions. Somewhat similar to an email campaign. Subscriptions are the recipients of the "campaign". The Email Plugin creates a Topic name from the list of numbers that you include as recipients. A quick test: Take note of the topic names in AWS account then in FileMaker call EmailSendSMS with a list of numbers you can easily identify. Once you have called the function, go back to AWS and check and see if a new Topic was created. I would also like to take a look at your plugin logs to see if any errors are being set that aren't being presented to you. Please try the above test and then send an email with what you see and attach your plugin logs tp support@360works.com. Please be sure to send the logs before any restarts of FileMaker as restarting will overwrite the logs. See this page for log locations.
  9. SCCopy does make an entirely new copy of the file at the specified location. I ran a test by uploading a file to <superContainerURL>/Files/test and uploaded a file at <superContainerURL>/Files/test2 . I then used SCCopy and copied the file at "test" to the "test2" location. I then dragged and dropped a completely different file onto the "test" location, went back and refreshed the "test2" location and the file at "test2" did not change and was the same file as it was after using SCCopy. I suspect you may have some kind of logic that runs when you "overwrite" the file that is also overwriting the other locations. SuperContainer is "dumb". It doesn't know anything about the relationships in your FileMaker file so to SuperContainer these images are independent. Assuming you are using the function SCDownload to download files, the function will download the file from the path this it is provided. If you are getting a "file not found" error then I suspect that there is a flaw in the process that provides the function with the file path to download. Either a null value is being provided or the path being provided is malformed. I recommend debugging whatever logic runs when you check the checkbox and making sure that what is being provided to the function is valid. Please let me know if you have any questions!
  10. Hello, Can you tell me what the actual error is? You can do so by calling ScribeLastError after the function returns ERROR like so:
  11. Hello, This error occurs due to incompatibility with the current store version of Scribe and documents created in Office 2016/365. We have resolved this issue in development. Please download this version of the plugin. If the issue persists, please send an email to support@360works.com so we can create an official support ticket for you
  12. Hi Kurt, A little bit of a follow up here, I found a few cases where someone is doing the same as you and getting the same issue. Namely this stack overflow post. They are using PHP but the principles remain the same. They allude to setting up SPF and DKIM records for your domain to help mitigate receiving mail servers marking emails as spam/phishing. This blog post outlines what those are. I am not sure if doing so will completely resolve this issue or if your domain already has them set up but it may be worth looking into.
  13. Hi Kurt, There is not really anything that can be done in the Email plugin that can make this not happen. Often times phishing emails will masquerade as coming from a legitimate source, like say from your bank, but the reply to address is on another domain so that the attacker can receive your information. Unfortunately, it seems Gmail has a blanket policy that any email that meets this criteria will see cause this warning. I'm curious, if you click "Looks Safe" do you still get the warning with subsequent emails with the same "email from" and reply to" addresses? Is it possible to change the reply-to email to be on the blackbirdconnect.com domain?
  14. Hi Traci, The Companion plugin has a function called SCCopy that will copy files from one location on SuperContainer to another. However, if the destination location does not exist then the function will throw an error so I do not know if that will work for your use case. Other than that, there is no explicit "SuperContainer code" to do this. OceanWest's recommendation is how I would approach this.
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