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  1. Installing the plugin on FMS does not give you access to it in the FileMaker Pro script workspace regardless if the file you are accessing is hosted or not. This is the case for any FileMaker plugin. Installing on the server only makes the plugin available for scheduled scripts or scripts executed with the Perform Script on Server (PSOS) script step. This means that either your scripts will need to be executed as a schedule or with the PSOS script step unless you want to install the plugin on all user machines. As Josh said, in order to write the scripts, you will need to install the plugin in FileMaker Pro to have access to the functions. See this page for installation locations.
  2. No, not currently. I can see that this could be confusing. For clarification, a Java Runtime Environment is still required to run our plugins because they are written in Java. Our latest framework no longer requires that you install Java on your system. Rather, the plugin will download a sandboxed JRE that will only run when the plugin is enabled and does not require you to install it.
  3. HI MMHinSEA, Thank you for the feedback! I will forward these to the developers for consideration.
  4. ScriptMaster 4.42 and Scribe 1.451 are pretty old versions. The Java Updater Scheduler has nothing to do with the plugin but I suspect that since those versions will use whatever Java is installed on the system, whenever the plugin starts the system's Java then Java may in turn start the Java Update Scheduler. ScriptMaster 5.1 and Scribe 3.08 are both on a new framework that manages Java separate than what is installed on the OS. If you see a Java process that is staying around after FileMaker is shut down, then I can send you a dev build that resolves the issue.
  5. Hello, 360Deploy doesn't do anything with external container data, and ultimately just swaps out the prod file with another file. If the prod file name doesn't change, the containers should resolve correctly, even if they are in a custom location.
  6. Hi WTM, From the error message it looks like the IAM user that you created the access key and secret key for does not have permissions to Create a Topic in the Simple Notification Service section of your AWS account. I would recommend either altering the permissions for this user or generating keys for a user that has Admin privileges.
  7. The plugin file is the same regardless of what level your license is. Being on shared server will not impact registration because every script that is run in a web direct or server side script that has plugin function calls will spawn a new instance of the plugin that needs to be registered. Can you provide a URL where you are seeing this? Also, looking at your previous post where FMPHost said The plugin that shows in the FMS Admin Console is not the plugin that will be used for Web Direct. The plugin listed in the Admin Console is for use with Server scheduled scripts and with the Perform Script on Server script step. As Nick posted, FMPHost needs to confirm that the plugin is installed at FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/cwpc/Plugins and the web publishing engine has been restarted once it has been installed there. Once they have confirmed that, you can run a script that calls Get(InstalledFMPlugins) from a Web Direct environment to confirm the plugin is installed and enabled for Web Direct. The script step should return 360Works Scribe;3.08;Enabled if everything is working.
  8. Hi KoenK, Updating from ScriptMaster 4 to ScriptMaster 5 is major framework update. If you are using ScriptMaster in a Mac environment it will now use Java 9 exclusively. There were some deprecated classes between 8 and 9 so if you are using any of those classes in your modules then you will need to rework them so that they will compile. On Windows the plugin will use Java 8 so I don't suspect that there will be any issues with having to rework modules. If you are not generating plugins with ScriptMaster then I recommend downloading and installing it and seeing if any issues arise. If so, then revert back to 4 until those issues can be resolved. If you run into anything, please send an email to support@360works.com
  9. Hi Jason, I was able to reproduce this and have reported it to Jesse and he is going to take a look at it. I will bump this thread when the issue has been resolved. Do you have any issues using the config client otherwise?
  10. If you have a work group license you will not be able to use the plugin server side nor in web direct. This requires an Enterprise license.
  11. In general, mail clients set the priority of an email by setting the X-Priority header. The value of the header depends on the priority, high is 1 and low is 5. To set a header with the Email plugin use the function EmailSetHeader and pass in the name of the header for the first parameter and the value for the second parameter. In my experience some mail clients ignore this header, regardless of what mailer sent it, so your results may vary.
  12. Ok that makes sense. You will need to install Zulu on a machine that is running FileMaker Server in order to use it.
  13. Hello, Are you running FileMaker Server on a Windows 10 machine? If so, then this is a configuration that FileMaker does not support. Unfortunately, since FileMaker does not support running FMS in this environment and FMS is a requirement for Zulu, we cannot support running Zulu in this environment.
  14. I have seen the InvocationTargetException happen at different points. Please send an email to support@360works.com with your plugin logs. This will create an official support ticket for you. See this page for log locations. Make sure to reproduce the error and then send the logs before any restarts of FileMaker as restarting will overwrite the logs.
  15. Hello, Are you using the latest version of ScriptMaster, 5.1?
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