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  1. ryan360Works

    Scriptmaster 5.1 is not compatible with Filemaker Cloud 1.17

    Hi David, Thank you for reporting this, I will look into the issue and bump this thread once I have more information.
  2. ryan360Works

    106 error with functions

    John, Do you have a file I can use to reproduce this?
  3. ryan360Works

    Scribe DocAppend With Drop Down List

    Hi kims, I can't speak on the scripting logic but I wanted to make sure you are aware that ScribeDocAppend is currently only compatible with Word documents. So you will only be able to append a Word doc to a Word doc. You may already know this but I wasn't sure from your description
  4. ryan360Works

    Java error after upgrade to Win 10

    To second what John said, you need to make sure Java, FileMaker, and the plugin all have the same architecture, i.e. they all need to be 32-bit or 64-bit.
  5. ryan360Works

    Office 365 SMTP Connection Fails

    Some more information in addition to sending us your logs: This is a message back from the SMTP server. It is more than likely a configuration issue with Office365 or the parameters being supplied are not what the SMTP server requires. I have seen this happen when authenticating with one account and trying to send from another i.e. account specified in the connect function does not match the From address in EmailCreate. Microsoft gives this explanation of the error: This indicates that you are connecting to the SMTP client submission endpoint (smtp.office365.com), which can't be used for direct send. For direct send, use the MX endpoint for your Office 365 tenant, which ends with "mail.protection.outlook.com." You can find your MX endpoint by following the steps in Step-by-step instructions for direct send.
  6. ryan360Works

    Java Release Changes

    If you are using the most recent version of ScriptMaster (or any of our plugins) they will use the version of Java that they download on first initialization regardless of what is installed on the machine. This version is controlled by us so the plugins will never use a version that is not viable. Currently our Mac plugins use Java 9 so this will not impact them. Our Windows plugins do currently use Java 8 but as I said, they will use a version that we know works. Additionally it's probable that we will move Windows plugins to Java 9 or later.
  7. ryan360Works

    FM17 Server

    Hi Matt, Please follow the instructions here to submit you temp logs. I see you have a ticket in our support system so you can reply to that email so they are incorporated with the support case.
  8. ryan360Works

    Best practice printing mail?

    You may be able to have a "print preview" layout where the web viewer is the size of the layout and displays the rendered HTML of the email. Then use the Print script step to print the layout. Definitely not the most elegant solution but might be viable.
  9. ryan360Works

    supercontainer hashtag

    Hi DataClip, The "#" is a reserved character that is not recommended to be in URLs. Everything after the # will get ignored. So if you have http://SOMEIP:8020/SuperContainer/Files/someFiles/#test then what will get served is whatever file is at http://SOMEIP:8020/SuperContainer/Files/someFiles/ .
  10. ryan360Works

    AWS SES error code

    Hi Kurt, Can't really tell you what would cause that. What did the errors say?
  11. ryan360Works

    Secure Password Storage

    When the file is local, globals will persist and not reset when the database is closed. However it is a hosted file, closing the database will reset global variables back to the value they were set at when the file was uploaded to the server. I haven't seen a solution that uses a password manager and an API but as long as you can get the data into FileMaker and reference it in a script then it should work.
  12. ryan360Works

    Any way I can reset my license?

    360Deploy will only let you reset/change the file one time per month. I will remove the reset record for you this time but please be aware of this in the future. Can you please tell me what the registered to name is for your license?
  13. does this only happen with a specific image? What is the image file type?
  14. ryan360Works

    Scribe Fehlermeldung beim Excel öffnen

    Hi Jurgen, There is currently not a workaround other than using Excel files generated in an older version of Excel. We are currently working on the issue but I do not have an ETA as to when it will be available.
  15. Hi HannahT, Email server spam filters will direct emails to the junk/spam folder for many different reasons. Setting up DKIM does help in avoiding this but is not a guarantee. I have seen where attachments will cause this to happen especially if the attached file is a .zip, .exe, or any file type that could contain malicious software. If you send the same email without the attachments, does it arrive in the inbox?

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