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  1. Hi jhoulihan, Your assumption is correct. PDF previews will only work when running the standalone version of SuperContainer on a Mac. That configuration has access to a Mac only image library called Core Image. That library gives SuperContainer the ability to generate thumbnails of many different kinds of image files. Unfortunately there is not a Windows equivalent to this. SuperContainer on Windows can generate thumbnail previews for jpg and png but will serve the default icon for the file type for anything else. You can alternatively use the RawData URL to serve the actual file instead of a thumbnail preview.
  2. Perfect, I'll update it! Thank you for bringing it to our attention!
  3. Weird, maybe we have an old file hosted somewhere. Do you remember where you downloaded it from?
  4. It looks like the AutoUpdate360Works file contains the latest version for Email, 3.2 . Is this for Mac or Windows?
  5. Ah that may be the issue. I believe the AutoUpdate file was updated but maybe I'm mistaken. I'll check and post up in a just a few.
  6. The plugins available on the website should all be signed. Is there one in particular that is causing the issue?
  7. This is an error back from the server. Microsoft gives this explanation of the error: It typically means that you authenticated with one account in the EmailConnectSMTP function but set the From address to another account in EmailCreate which is not allowed. You may be able to configure Office365 to allow this but I cannot tell you how to do so.
  8. what version are you trying to update from?
  9. Hi Egon, Can you elaborate on what you mean by "doesn't want to install"? Is the plugin showing up in the preferences window? If so, is it checked as enabled? Does it fail to initialize if you try to check it? Something else?
  10. Hi SigmaMkt, I'm a bit confused here. You mentioned that the thumbnail preview isn't working but that you can see the image in the web viewer? Where exactly are you seeing the issue? In a browser? Do your web viewers use the RawData URL? i.e. HOSTNAME/SuperContainer/RawData/Some/path/to/a/file. If they do not use RawData in the URL but rather use Files i.e. HOSTNAME/SuperContainer/Files/Some/path/to/a/file then SuperContainer will generate a thumbnail preview of the file. Did you change the operating system that SuperContainer runs on? Is the operating system Mac or Windows?
  11. Indeed, the plugins use a sandboxed Java and will use it exclusively regardless of what is installed on the machine. However, Null Pointer errors wouldn't typically occur because of outdated Java. We typically see them when a null value is passed in for a function parameter. ScottH, please reproduce the error and send in your logs and a description of the issue to support@360works.com. See this page for log locations. Please be sure to reproduce the error and then send the logs before any restarts of FileMaker as restarting will overwrite the logs. Once we have the logs we should know what function is throwing the Null Pointer and why.
  12. 360Works plug-ins ship with their own embedded Java Runtime which are licensed by 360Works. We recommend for non-plugin web apps (MirrorSync, SuperContainer, etc.) to use a version of Java released prior April 16, 2019, or OpenJDK, or enter into a commercial license agreement with Oracle
  13. Hi Darren, Do you know if your server uses a self signed certificate? If it does, then make sure that you use the parameter "ValidateServerCertificate=false" in the FTPeek_ConnectFTPS function call. If that does not resolve the issue, please add the parameter "LoggingLevel=DEBUG" in the connect function call, reproduce the issue and then send an email to support@360works.com with a description of the issue, the error you are getting, and attach the log files. Make sure to attach and send the logs before any restarts of FileMaker as restarting will overwrite the logs. See this page for log locations.
  14. Hi Aaron, Please go ahead and submit a bug report so we can take a look at your logs. If you have not reproduced the error today, please do so before sending the bug report. Bug reports can be sent by going to the MirrorSync page in a browser and clicking on the "Send problem report and log files" link.
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