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  1. If the plugin is not enabling, please see the instructions in the 4th post on this thread to send initialization logs to our support channel. Thank you!
  2. Hi DataCruncher, The latest versions of our plugins do not use the Java that is installed on the machine but rather use a sandboxed instance that is downloaded the first time the plugin is initialized so updating system Java will not have an impact on the plugins. Did you update any thing else? operating system, FileMaker, etc? If not, I recommend a reinstall. Remove the plugin and re-download them from our website. Scribe is here and SuperContainer is here. Make sure to install the .fmplugin file in any of the Extensions folders. On Mac these are: Please note that the 3rd path listed only exists if you have multiple versions of FMPro installed. Next, follow the instructions here to remove any existing sandboxed JRE and manually re-install it. If you continue to have an issue, please send an email to support@360works.com and reference this thread.
  3. Excellent! If you see the issue where it does not stop listening on the ports again, please send us your plugin logs so we can help trouble shoot.
  4. Hi Donald, For problem 1 I suspect you are passing in "true" instead of True. The difference being when you put the parameter inside quotes it is treated as a word/String instead of the necessary boolean value. When passing in a String, the function will still execute but the value is ignored since it is not a boolean so the error capture remains the default which is false. The function will return 1 unless an error is set so that is why you are still seeing a 1. Make sure you are calling this function with a boolean value. For problem 2, I have not seen this reported before. Please reproduce the issue and send your logs to support@360works.com. See this page for log locations.
  5. I recommend deleting every instance of a 360works plugin and downloading the plugin fresh from our website and manually installing it. If you continue to have an issue, you can give us a call at the office at 770-234-9293 and one of support members can screen share to take a look
  6. You must still have an old plugin installed somewhere or are installing an older plugin as our current plugins do not even use system installed Java. Did you check all 3 installation locations for 360works plugins?
  7. Looks like there might have been an issue installing the plugin as I don't know what ".extract" is. Delete whatever was installed with the example file and manually install the .fmplugin file inside the extensions folder and try again
  8. This is indicative of our old framework as these plugins on Mac required Java 6 in order to operate. This Java 6 was provided by Apple for legacy software but I am unaware if it is compatible with Catalina. Make sure you check the 2 (or 3 if you have multiple FMPros installed) Extension folders for FileMaker Pro plugins and remove all 360Works plugins and replace them with the plugins that are currently on our website. On Mac these locations are: Please note that the 3rd file path will only exist if you have multiple versions of FileMaker installed. If you are not licensed for the versions on our website, you will either need to upgrade your license(s) or you can try to download the Java 6 I am referring to. As far as I can find this is the current Apple Java 6 available. It does not list Mojave nor Catalina as supported but you can try if you'd like. If those versions do not work after installing Java 6, you will either need to update the plugins or revert your OS in order to use our older plugins.
  9. We actually did some digging on this yesterday and it looks like GateKeeper in Catalina checks for a developer signature but also looks to see if the software has been notarized so that it can scan it for malicious software. If it hasn't gone through the notarizing process then Catalina will throw this error. We checked all our store builds in FileMaker 18 and they do not have this issue. I have not been able to reproduce the error you are seeing. Perhaps FileMaker lost the reference to the function somehow. Can you create new script steps with Scribe functions? What about if you call the functions as a calculation? Can you add the missing script step back? Are any other script steps/plugin function calls missing from your scripts?
  10. Hi Stickybeak, We are currently still testing our plugins in Catalina so we do not officially support that OS yet. However, this looks like the plugin is not enabled. Can you check ii preferences to see if it is? If it is not, what happens if you try to enable it?
  11. Yeah it looks liked SCGetContainer has SCSetContainer's description. Thanks for letting us know. I'll report it to the devs
  12. You can definitely do this with the SuperContainer Companion plugin but the script would be up to you. The way I would approach this would require that the web viewer is named. Essentially have a loop that iterates over the records and downloads the files to a container field. The loop should get the URL from the named web viewer using GetLayoutObjectAttribute, pass that into the "folderPath" parameter for SCGetDownload to download the file to a container field (you will need to strip out the baseURL from the URL in the previous step to get a valid folderPath), iterate to the next record, exit after last.
  13. Yes it should be able to do that. You can try the plugin out for free in demo mode but you will need to restart the FMSE after two hours of it running or you will get demo mode errors. The plugin process is still going to run under the FMS user so you will probably have to deal with the same permissions so I would still download the file to the FileMaker Server Documents folder. However, if you have an issue with the email plugin picking up the attachment path, I would be able to take a look at the plugin logs to see why.
  14. If you are using the native Send Mail script step then I am not sure how to assist. You may need to post in a more general section of the forums so that the question is more visible to users not specifically looking in the 360Works specific section. That being said, since this is server side, you may can check the Event.log file for any errors being set during the Send Mail call. The documentation for the function here might be of help as well as this page on creating file paths.
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