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  1. Is there supposed to be an image attached to this post?
  2. Hello, The ProxyPass timeout can be set in the file located at I recommend that you stop the HTTP server, make then change to the file, and then start the HTTPserver.
  3. MS 6 does use the data API but the amount used is negligible. Actual data transfer is done via the native script step Insert from URL on the FMS side and the SQL database JDBC driver on the SQL side so using MS 6 will not really have any impact to your yearly data allocation.
  4. Hi Kyle, Please reproduce the error you are seeing and send your logs and a detailed description of the issue to support@360Works.com. See this page for log locations.
  5. Hi Carsten, Please use this build and let us know if you have any issues getting it installed.
  6. Hi Carsten, We have had a few others report this issue this morning. I am trying to reproduce it as we speak. I will bump this thread as soon as I have more information or a fix
  7. hello, Plugin initialization errors are usually caused by an issue with the support files that get downloaded the very first time the plugin is initialized. Please follow the instructions here to manually download and install them. If the issue persists, please follow the instructions at the bottom of that page under the heading Temp Logs to send us the initialization logs. You can send those logs to support@360works.com and that will open an official support case for your issue. Reference this thread in your email.
  8. Hello, We just recently had this reported by another user with a SQL sync. I am going to try and reproduce this issue. I will bump this thread when I have more information.
  9. Hi ccbc, Version 5.3 contains all of our latest changes so if you are still seeing this behavior then whatever is causing the problem has not been addressed. This is because we are not able to reproduce. 5.3 installs and enables without issue in our Catalina test environment. Do you see this behavior with any other 360Works plugins? Try with Email, it can be downloaded here. If you can consistently reproduce this issue, please post the exact steps you are taking to reproduce.
  10. Have you tried changing the path that you are exporting the file to? If so, do you get the same error?
  11. It looks like you were able to figure this out but for anyone else that may have this same question, the MirrorSync 6configuration client does not have copy buttons for the elements that OP posted. Instead, included in the download is a MirrorSync Support.fmp12 file that contains these elements and you copy from this file into your own solution.
  12. The process to do this will vary depending on your DNS provider. You can get the IP address of the CloudMail instance by looking at the running instances section in the EC2 module of your AWS account. Once you have assigned your domain to the CloudMail instance, follow the Easy DKIM instructions here.
  13. For terminal services/shared desktops the JRE can be put in C:\Program Data so that the entire path is C:\ProgramData\360Works\Plug-ins\jre\1.8.0_152 . This way it will not be wiped out between shared session and the download will not happen every time. Conceptually this may seem like a simple option to add to the code but in practice doing so would entail hours upon hours of development. I will put this in a feature request list for consideration but cannot guarantee that it will be implemented.
  14. Hello, The download of the JRE only needs to happen once. If the plugin cannot download the JRE automatically, you can install it manually by following the instructions here This is how our plugins used to work. We explicitly changed this is the new framework so that Java was not required to be installed on the machine. Adding this option would be a huge re-write, if even possible, so unfortunately it is not something that we will do. If you would like you can use older versions of our plugins but if you run into any issues, the first step will be to update to the latest version to see if the issue persists. Please let us know if you have any questions!
  15. Yes, right now the CloudMail plugin will spawn an EC2 instance in the U.S. East(N.Virgina) region so all set up needs to be done there. We do have plans for a future version to make this a selectable option but for now you have to use the US East region
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