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  1. Hi paullonghurst, To send to multiple recipients you separate them with a comma like so EmailCreate("thefromaddress@notadomain.com";"recipient1@notadomain.com, recipient2@notadomain.com, recipient3@notadomain.com"; "this is just a test")
  2. Huge log file

    Hi Arnaud, That logging property only controls java logging. What you are seeing is the C++ side of things. Please email support@360works.com with this issue so we can open an official ticket for you.
  3. Scribe 360 : Wingdings in PDF

    Hi Baran, I suspect the issue is because FileMaker evaluates a char(252) as the ü character so that is what Scribe is writing to the PDF. Since the "ü" character doesn't exist in the Windings font and the field in your PDF is set to the Windings, when you click into the field that character is then changed to the checkmark. I had better results by using option+V (Mac) or ALT+0252 (Windows) to type the √ in the FileMaker field and then use Scribe to write that value to the PDF.
  4. Scriptmaster 5-0201 won't load FMPA 16 (32bit)

    Our plugins are written in Java so while we have removed the requirement for Java to be installed, a Java runtime environment is still required in order for the code to execute. The download you are seeing is downloading a JRE and saving it at C:\ProgramData\360Works\Plug-ins\jre . The Java is run as an executable and is not installed on the machine. With that being said, I believe the issues you are seeing is because the JRE that is getting downloaded is 64-bit. To remedy this, please download this build of ScriptMaster and install it. Next, delete the "1.8.0_121" folder at C:\ProgramData\360Works\Plug-ins\jre\1.8.0_121. Next, download this file and extract it. Once extracted, place the “1.8.0_121” folder in place of the one you deleted so that the path is C:\ProgramData\360Works\Plug-ins\jre\1.8.0_121. Please see the attached screen shot to confirm that you have everything in the correct place. Once you have done that, launch FileMaker and check in Edit->Preferences->Plugins that it is checked as enabled. You may need to check it to enable it.
  5. Can't save sent email to Sent mailbox

    Hi Jerry, Unfortunately since EmailReadMessages has a variable number of parameters, it can not be properly set up to be called as a script step (although you could use it if you only have two flags to set). To set the current message to "read" , remove the "readonly=false" parameter and add the function EmailMessageSetFlag inside your loop and pass in the parameter "viewed"
  6. Java crash on exit

    Hi 3rdparty, This is an issue that we are currently looking into. I will update this thread as soon as we have a fix available.
  7. <Function Missing>

    No worries, it's a pretty common mistake. Please let us know if you run into anything else!
  8. Devin is exactly correct. You can filter the messages being read in by passing in key=value parameters (in the above example "viewed" and "readonly" are the keys). Please see the documentation on EmailReadMessages for an entire list of keys and more information on how to use them.
  9. <Function Missing>

    Hi Goldrush, I am sorry to see that you are having trouble getting the plugin up and running. Of note and for your's and other's information, Email 2 does require Java 6 but you do not have to uninstall any other versions of Java. You can have multiple versions of Java installed on a machine and the software will use the one it needs. Email 3 does not require Java 6 so no worries there. With that being said, installing the plugin on FileMaker Server does not enable it for use it in FileMaker Pro, regardless of the file being hosted, unless you are calling your scripts via Perform Script on Server. If you need to edit and/or write scripts in FileMaker Pro that use plugin functions then you will need to install the plugin locally. This is why you are seeing the <function missing> in your scripts. Additionally, upon first initialization the plugins need to download support files in order to operate. If this process can not complete for whatever reason then the plugin will fail to initialize. It looks like this is the case for you. Please follow the instructions here to manually complete the process. If you are still having issues, follow the instructions on how to submit your logs to our support system and we will investigate the issue further.
  10. Hi Kernel4, Does this happen every time you launch FileMaker? or was this during the first time launching FileMaker after installing the plugin?
  11. IMPORTANT.. Change in method in version 5+

    If anyone is running into this issue, you can download the fix here. This will be added into the next iteration of ScriptMaster so if you are reading this and the current version is after 5.05, then you can just download from our website.
  12. Office 365 SMTP Connection Fails

    Apologies, I believe it was a different Andrew with the same issue. Please download 3.05 of the email plugin and try again. Pass in "true" for the secure connection parameter.
  13. Office 365 SMTP Connection Fails

    3Feathers, We have resolved Andy's issue via our support system. Please download version 3.05 from our website (pushed yesterday) and retest. If you continue to have issues, please email support@360works.com .
  14. Hi Jerry, We just pushed updates of the plugins to our website that addresses this issue. Please download 3.05 and let us know if you continue to have issues!
  15. Hi guys, We apologize for the lack of response lately in these forums. As you can imagine, we are experiencing an extraordinarily high volume of support issues and have not had as much time to dedicate to the forums as we usually do. As was mentioned a few posts up, if you are not able to get a response here, please send an email to support@360works.com to open an official support case or call our office. We are open Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM EST. With that being said, we decided to keep SuperContainer within major version 2 because upping SuperContainer to version 3 would have caused all users to need to purchase a new license even though there are no significant changes to the web app portion of SuperContainer, solely the companion plugin. We most definitely have plans to add new features and improvements to SuperContainer as well as our other products so do not fret, SuperContainer is not going anywhere! Those that are having issues with the companion plugin, please download the latest version, 2.9504 and if you have any issues please report them to support@360works.com

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