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  1. To add to what Nick said, you can also decrease the overhead of pulling this many messages in at once by not downloading attachments (if they aren't required). If you are just doing this for archival purposes, you can download all the messages sans attachments and then if there comes a time where you need the attachment(s) for a particular message, you can do a read for that message's attachments using the messageID.
  2. Only reason to not set it to warning would be in the case of needing support. Otherwise it should be fine.
  3. INFO should be the default level. You should get a lot less logging going to warning and even less with severe. However, if you ever need to send logs for support, you will need to turn it back up to info, restart Zulu, reproduce, and then send the logs.
  4. You can restart Zulu by using the 360Works Admin utility. Default locations are /Applications on Mac or C:\Program Files\360Works on Windows. Launch the utility, select Zulu in the list, and click stop and then start.
  5. Hi Ed, I was able to reproduce this error. It seems there is a bug when trying to supply a password for a password protected Excel file. I will report this to our developers. I am not sure when this issue will be addressed but I will bump this thread once I have a fix or more information.
  6. Calling a Set Variable script step with a plugin function as the value executes the plugin function. In this case, ScribeDocLoad is executed and will set the value of the $load variable to 1 if the document was successfully loaded or ERROR if there was an error loading the document.
  7. Hi ScribeDocLoad has an optional key=value parameter to pass in a password. You can pass in a password like so: Set Variable[$load; Value: ScribeDocLoad(someTable::someContainer;"password=MySuperSecretPassword")
  8. Hi JF Fortier, First, make sure that you have the latest version of ScriptMaster installed, version 5.305 available here. If you are calling a ScriptMaster function as a calculation, you can suppress error dialogs by using the function SMSetErrorCapture and passing in True. Make sure you pass in the boolean value True and not a String like "True" as passing in a String will cause the function to be ineffective. If you are calling ScriptMaster functions as a script step then you will need to use the native Filemaker script step Set Error Capture .
  9. Hello, We were able to reproduce this issue and have reported it to the developer. I do not have an ETA on when this issue will be addressed but we will bump this thread when we have more information.
  10. Hi Stephen, It looks like the update process to put latest plugins into the file isn't currently working. I'll bring that up with the devs. I updated it manually to all the latest versions available.
  11. There's not really such a thing as a "supercontainer". If you download something from the SuperContainer server into a container field, it would still just be a FileMaker container field and subject to whatever storage you have set. You could set that container field to external storage but that may make SuperContainer redundant. That said, you could use a web viewer that is pointed to the file that is hosted on SuperContainer. That way the images stay out of the database and don't have to be stored on the local drive where the database resides. If you are going to download the files from SuperContainer, I would recommend using the companion plugin function SCGetContainer.
  12. A ? generally means that FileMaker doesn't understand something so it can't evaluate the expression. If the graphic in that field is static meaning it doesn't need to be constantly updated then I'd recommend using WAGetURL in a script and call it on demand to set the container field.
  13. Hello, An unstored calc is going to run any time something triggers it, in this case it is probably accessing the portal. The delay you are seeing is probably because it takes some time for WAGetURL to download whatever is at the URL specified. If you do not want that calculation to fire every time the portal is accessed and/or it is not necessary to update that field constantly, you may can change this to a stored calc or switch the process to a script that can be executed on demand or triggered by a script/layout trigger.
  14. Hi Fitzy, ScribeDocListFields returns a list of all named fields in the PDF. There is not currently a way to apply filters to that function so that the return is a subset of the named fields. I think your approach with ScribeDocPatternMatchAll or perhaps FileMaker native functions can help in refining the list.
  15. Is 360Works service running after a reboot? You can check by opening the 360Works Admin utility in /Applications. If the service is running you should see "360Works application server is running" at the top of the window.
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