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  1. Hello, Are you hard coding your credentials into the function call or using a field reference? Often when I have users report this issue, it is when they are using a field reference and the script is in the wrong context so the fields being referenced aren't the ones with the correct authentication info. I would recommend that you trying hard coding your authentication information into the EmailConnectSMTP function and seeing if the error persists. If it does, we will need to see your plugin logs to troubleshoot further. Make sure to reproduce the issue and then send the logs. You can sen
  2. As far as I know there are no programmatic limits to the amount of directories that can be inside of parent directory. The only hard limits I know of would be the capacity of the volume the files are being stored on. You are also correct that the paradigm for how SuperContainer needs to be stored is that only one file can be inside a directory else SuperContainer will serve the first file it finds in the directory. That being said I would absolutely recommend that you have some kind of backup procedure for files that are important to your business.
  3. Just wanted to bump this thread incase someone comes here looking for it: CloudMail 19.1 compatibility release can be downloaded here
  4. Hello, Zulu does indeed use XML so currently it is not supported for FMS Linux. We are planning on modifying Zulu so that it will use the FileMaker Data API instead of XML so that it can be used in FMS Linux. I do not have an ETA as to when that will be. When that is available we will announce it through our newsletter and social media accounts so be sure to subscribe to those so that you know when it is available.
  5. Hi kevin, we recently released a fix for this issue. I alerted our developer this morning that the fix for ScriptMaster was not pushed to our website. He is working on that today. In the mean time you can download this build which should resolve your issue
  6. These plugins are not Linux compatible. We are still working on getting them to work with FMS Linux. I will bump this thread once those are available.
  7. Hi Pascal, I spoke with the Deploy developer today and he said he does have plans to make Deploy compatible with FMS Linux but does not have an ETA as to when that will be. If/When it is, we will send out the announcement through our newsletter as well as our social media accounts so be sure to subscribe to those so you will be aware of the compatibility release.
  8. For a split machine deployment and users accessing files in a web viewer in web direct, we recommend that you install SuperContainer on the worker machine. The reason for this is because the web direct URL and supercontainer will have the same hostname/IP address and should prevent any issues where the browser will block a web viewer from loading due to cross domain restrictions. You will register SuperContainer through the web page interface (hostnameOrIPaddress/SuperContainer/Registration)
  9. Bumping this thread, FMS 19.1 compatible builds for all plugins now available on our website Edit: CloudMail and ScriptMaster compatibility builds not pushed yet. Downloads to these are available in this thread though.
  10. Hi, I realize this thread is really old (and I believe I may have responded to your support ticket) but I wanted to bump it with some new information since the deprecation is coming up in a few months and I suspect we will have users looking for info on this. We are currently working on implementing OAuth authentication for Gmail into the Email plugin. Barring any major setbacks we will have this ready before the deprecation. This will not be just a "plug n play" (no pun intended) update, it will require some new workflows/scripting to work. It will also more than likely be a part of a new maj
  11. I don't currently have a build of Plastic but I spoke with the dev this morning and we should be pushing official builds to the website today. I will bump this thread once those have been pushed.
  12. Email dev build with the fix, enabled in our test environment. Waiting on builds for the rest of plugins mentioned here and then I will post some download links shortly. EDIT: Here are some dev builds that should resolve the issue, please let us know if the issue persists! Email Scribe ScriptMaster FTPeek SuperContainer Companion
  13. Hi All, I have reproduced the issue and have alerted the developer. I will bump this thread as soon as I have more information or a fix.
  14. Hi James, Is this a Linux installation? If not, do you have the latest versions of the plugins installed? EDIT: Just to confirm I have Email and Scribe on FMS on my Mac running without issue. Make sure that you have all signed versions as this is a requirement for FMS 18+ . Versions you need or later: Email 3.2, Scribe 3.1, ScriptMaster 5.2, SuperContainer Companion 2.9513 . If you have OS X Catalina then you will need to install these versions or later to meet notarization requirements: Companion plugin 2.9514, Scriptmaster 5.3, Scribe 3.2, Email 3.3 . If the versi
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