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  1. Thank you guys!. Through your responses and comments I concluded that I had to create another database, that contained a very simple task: to make all others be logged off. The same database would re-open the main file with a guest password and once there, everyone needs to make a fresh re-log-in. Once all the the steps required to entered data into the main file, a script will make sure all related files are closed for the next user ensuring that is them not others that are in. I finally understood how it works. Webko: pretty much you suggested it in your last post that I just
  2. I have tried everything that I know. I have closed the file and that is the only way that the "continue" part will not work, but the whole idea about passwords being entered at re-login is that you would have not to close the file so that user B can get in with credentials and do entries under a B account. Can't really understand it. It may be an issue of being a single user license?.... i guess that could be it and why allow the other passwords then to exist in the first place? I can't figure it out.
  3. Thank you webco. Could not open your link. I m still 11. And Ron, thank you too for your response. The thing, my friends is that a script is necessary ( at least I see it that way) in order to re-login into the solution. I'm just stuck under those parameters. The whole solution works really well, but I want users to be responsible for the inputs.The only way I see it working is creating accounts to id the users while creating records and can't understand why is there such a simple way for filemaker to allow a previous credential to take over when the one intended to use the rig
  4. Hello all! I've been trying to implement a limit on how a user can access my solution but I believe I can't figure out on my own how to avoid somebody to override the password as it is been happening in my experience. When you open a file that contains accounts, a dialog box usually prompts you to enter account information. If you open the file with a correct account name and password, the privilege set assigned to that account determines what you can do in that file. Entering invalid credentials will result in the error, "The account and password you entered cannot be used to access
  5. Found out that my script was not giving me the desired result because in part (i am an idiot) and because another script was conflicting with it. thanks all for the support. cheers! ( I owed it to you to have this topic closed)
  6. ahahh that's great ! thanks for the humor! Happy Memorial day in the USA!
  7. Well, if you say so... I wish I knew much more about Descartes. Any similarity is pure coincidence!
  8. Thank you for your reply. This kind of script should be as easy as 1,2,3 but still I am not accomplishing the result I am looking for. I am self thought, so I may not be sufficiently worded in filemaker vocabulary. I will try to regroup myself and be clearer next time so that I can get more help from you guys. Meanwhile, thanks a lot for your effort!
  9. I am sorry I can't explain it better. Thanks anyway for the effort!
  10. Thank you guys for replying. Here's the script: Go to Layout [ “TICKET DE VENTA” (AMPY REGISTER) ] If [ AMPY REGISTER::Account TYPE ="comercial" ] Perform Script [ “with phone#” ] Else Perform Script [ “without phone#” ] End If The intention is that if the account type is filled with the word "Comercial", the script will not prompt the user to input a phone number which with else would be necessary to input a phone number. I hope this clarifies what apparently I didn't make clear before. Thanks again Nelson forgot to say that, if I replace "Comer
  11. Simple question: field name : Account type script logical criteria: if(account type="commercial"), perform script[" without phone numbers'] else perform script [" with phone numbers'] end if That is the construction that the script has. And it works! Now, when I change it to: if(account type="walk-in"), _ or any other between quotes perform script ["without phone numbers"] else
  12. Let me respond to myself. That way, you know the reason why I am still in 8.5. Table content was fed by data from another table with (believe or not ) repeating fields. I imported this data and did not choose the option to split the contents into different records, so when searching into the number field for a specifc number, it found that number plus all the other data in that record. Well I hope I didn't waste anybody's precious time in this issue.
  13. I am sorry I am still with 8.5 folks. I guess I am a little behind. This is my issue: I am really surprised that I do a search for a specific number in a number field. So, we all know that if found, that specific number will show up on the screen. Well, instead, it finds that number plus a few others..... I did the recovery of the file, but it continues doing that. Does anyone have a way to know the reason for this happening? I will be happy to hear from you guys! Thanks in advance ND
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