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  1. Hey rsjiv, The due date does not have any trigger, or alarm, associated with it. The due date will only display on the end users Reminder. This is just an extra field you can use, or not use, as part of your solution. Funny thing is, there is no way to set a due date from the Reminder side. In my experience, I have to set the reminder from the FileMaker side, then it will show up in Apple Reminders. From there I can edit it in Apple Reminder, but I'm not able to create it in the first place, which is strange. Thanks, Joe Martin
  2. Hello Noël, I believe this issue is resolved in the latest version of ScriptMaster, available here: http://s3.dualstack.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/com.prosc.store.downloads/360Works+ScriptMaster-5.3.zip Please try out that version and let us know if you are still having issues. Thanks, Joe Martin
  3. Hello, Currently, Scribe only operates on local Word and Excel documents. The file must be loaded into Scribe from either a container field or a local file path. Thanks, Joe Martin
  4. Hey DataCruncher, This error happens when you pass in an empty value for the "folderPath" parameter for the function: SCGetInfo ( folderPath ) Since you say this happens when you create records, my guess is that you have this function as an auto enter calc, and sometimes the field that is being passed into this function is empty when the calc fires, producing this error message. If my assumption is correct, then there are two ways to resolve this. My recommended approach would be to avoid calling the function at all, if the parameter would be empty. So chang
  5. Hello again, After some more testing, I was able to reproduce this issue in our own environment, and implement a fix for this. I have a dev build available that I would like you to try, but I'm hesitant to post this on a public forum. Please reach out to our support, and ask for Joe Martin in regards to this forum post, and I can deliver a build to you that should resolve this issue. Thanks, Joe Martin
  6. Hello, We have not been able to reproduce this issue, and I was hoping we could set up a screen share so I can take a closer look at the problem in your environment. Please open a ticket with us by sending us a message at: support at 360works dot com We can coordinate details on how to set up a screen share from there. Thanks, Joe Martin
  7. Hey sfpx, If you submit your logs, I can see the full query, and potentially the cause of the issue. This error seems difficult to reproduce, so it would be best if you could send in logs for the last day this error occurred. You can do this by going to your MirrorSync launch page: http://<your server ip>/MirrorSync Then click the button labeled: Send problem report and log files On the following screen, target the date of when this issue last occurred, so we can examine what happened that day. This will also open a ticket with us so we can respond to you
  8. Hey MMHinSEA, I appreciate your concern. As part of the improved reporting feature, I will add that we should include a "Total time to complete" portion in the report. Thanks, Joe Martin
  9. Yes that should work. Before you run a deployment, be sure to duplicate your prod file on the prod server first, and according to this example, you would name it "RemoteDevFileA". If 360Deploy does not find a prod file matching the expected prod file name, it will deploy an empty clone, which I don't think would be desired in your case. Thanks, Joe Martin
  10. Hey MMHinSEA, To accomplish this currently, I would duplicate my prod file on my prod server, and setup a deploy configuration that points to the duplicated file. With a 360Deploy Express License, you can deploy a single dev solution to a single server, but as long as the dev file name does not change, the prod file name can change. So you could set up two different configurations that use the same license key, the same dev file, and the same prod server, but different production files. Thanks, Joe Martin
  11. Hey MMHinSEA, I will update the documentation to make this clearer, but if you want to schedule deployments, we recommend you host the 360Deploy database on your Dev server, and schedule the migration using the FileMaker script scheduler, which will allow you to pinpoint an exact date and time you want the migration to run. In my own setup, 360Deploy is hosted on my dev server, and I open the file remotely to manage and trigger deployments. With the file open remotely, I don't need to remote into a workstation to open the file. As to the pros and cons, I prefer having my file hos
  12. Hey MMHinSEA, To describe your screenshot, this shows that 0 databases have a completed migration, and there is 1 database where the migration is not complete. As the files are migrated, the databases will move into the "Migration Complete For Databases" section. We are working on better reporting of the migration process, and I expect this to be included in a future release. It will be very hard to anticipate the length of the migration, mainly due to the fact that the migration tool makes the call whether to migrate the databases in "block" mode (really fast) or "record" mode
  13. Hey MMHinSEA, You are not required to have a FileMaker Developer Subscription. We are embedding the migration tool inside of our application and it is used behind the scenes, but you do not have to purchase it. Thanks, Joe Martin
  14. Hello MMHinSEA, Are your dev files hosted on a server? If so, the scripts are not necessary. The scripts are only used to create clones of the dev files when the dev files are local. If the dev files are hosted, we can ask the dev server to provide the clones, and no scripted cloning process is required. If your dev files are local, the 360Deploy Dev Server configuration detects if you are using a file path instead of a host name for your dev location, and provides you the option of copy/pasting the scripts, because that is the only case where they are required. Thanks
  15. Hey Duane, We were seeing similar errors with 360Deploy when only one of the migration zip files was stored in the 360Deploy FileMaker file. We have fixed that issue in the latest development build, available here: 360Deploy 2.006.zip If that link doesn't work, try this one: http://s3-external-1.amazonaws.com/com.prosc.support.uploads/Outbound/360Deploy%202.006.zip?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIDQUCQL7APZLJCDA&Expires=1534002521&Signature=WVHeTjyCUMRpAYPtTupkvHk183o%3D If you are still having problems, feel free to reach out to our support team at: support at 360wo
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