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  1. The new server is VM GUest: Windows 2012 R2(64bit), 4 vCPU, 8GB RAM, Old one was Physical Windows 2008 Enterprise, 6GB RAM, IBM System x3650. And the Nightly script used to Run from a Mac Mini pc by mounting two share/volume of this servers on the Mac. The script has the path to import from the mounted volumes, scans specific folder and updates all the file referenced in the database record based on the file name pattern. One of the Import scripts While it runs(now it running): Path:
  2. Hi My scenario is, when I used to RUN a Import (Folder with Import only the reference) script from a iMac mini to remote Windows File server, it used to take 4-8 hours. But when started using the same script from Same server(Windows), it started to take more than 24 hours. Only things I have changed: Import from Windows FS ( Files of type Windows from OS X) Modified the Folder location to local server. Any suggestions or known issues.. Pls note: Previously we used Filemaker 10-11 now using 13-14 in both client server. The old Mac was OS X (10.5.8) with FM Adv
  3. Thanks Olger Actually I struggling to populate To, CC & BCC using record set. My script finds for String "To", "CC", "BCC" then returns record set of emails. What I put in the screenshot is it right?
  4. Thanks Olger but canot related your Send Mail function with the attached one. Seems there are version differences. MessageID: Our email server status shows following while send mail from FM Pro 02/09/2015 12:08:22 SMTP Server: PCName????.company.com.au ( connected 02/09/2015 12:08:22 SMTP Server: Message 000BC0D4 (MessageID: <FileMaker.55e65a15.4.11a8@domainnamenotspecified.net>) received 02/09/2015 12:08:22 SMTP Server: PCName????.company.com.au ( disconnected. 1 message[s] received How I can get the above MessageID from FM Pro and record it in table? Da
  5. Hi Can anyone send me some examples of Send Mail(SMTP Server) function using Found Set records to populate To, CC, BCC? Also is there any ways to capture status(Sent, failed,, MessageID) of Send Mail function? Thanks in advance. H I
  6. Hi I am upgrading our Filemaker 10 Server to Filemaker 14. Which was smooth but been told not to use mail.it plugins instead use Send Mail function. So have to redesign all the codes. So is there any thing that I should be aware of. Lots of thins like MessageID in mail.it functions that cannot be implemented in Send Mail(did not find any articles).
  7. The tech told me to uninstall Antivirus and turn off firewall then reinstall n configure FM Server, which I am going to do now.... Will update you, how I go...
  8. Hi We have a Filemaker 10 server and around 40 Filemaker Pro 11 clients. As we are planning to upgrade to latest version, what things we need to be aware of? I heard the databases fp7 files needs to converted using new version. Now before doing so how I can set up a test environment without putting license key, as we have only one server license. Thanks in advance.
  9. I wrote following script and solved my issue. Make sure while running the script the new path is accessible. SCRIPT Update FilePath: Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] Loop Set Variable [ $old; Value:GetAsText ( Table::container_field ) ] Set Variable [ $new; Value:Substitute ( $old ; "/old folder/" ;"/new folder/" ) ] Insert File [ Table::container_field; “$new” ] [ Reference ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next; Exit after last ] End Loop
  10. Following script resolved my issue: Update FilePath Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] Loop Set Variable [ $old; Value:GetAsText ( Table::Document container ) ] Set Variable [ $new; Value:Substitute ( $old ; "/old folder/" ;"/new folder/" ) ] Insert File [ Table::Document container; “$new” ][ Reference ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next; Exit after last ] End Loop
  11. You may have done with a calculation field which resturn filename using GetAsText ( container_field) then parsing "/" Source
  12. Thanks Wim So is it possible to do search a text pattern of the path and replace with another text/path for the container field? As the path is almost constant only file names are different.
  13. Hi My question is about moving files that are linked in a container field. Our company has recently restaructued shared network drives. I have moved all of the linked.pdf or linkd.doc files to new folder structure, the link in the container field still points to the old location. I have created a Calculted Text field to retrieve the patch using GetAsText ( Document container) formula i.e. filewin:/G:/XXXX Syd/ARCHIVE/XXXX SHARED/XXXX ONLINE/XXXXXXscreen/XXX Clearances/Correspondence with rightsholders/XXXXXXX16102012.pdf Is there a way to update the container link to the new fo
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