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  1. sorry, only speak in spanish... my question is: how to use the function getAsCSS?
  2. Ok, is now well: <textarea id='editor{$x}' cols='90' rows='18'>".htmlspecialchars_decode(nl2br($record->getField('TEXTO BIOPSIAS 2::TEXTO')))."</textarea> and should look like: <textarea id='editor{$x}' cols='90' rows='18'>".htmlspecialchars_decode(nl2br($record->getField->getAsCSS('TEXTO BIOPSIAS 2::TEXTO')))."</textarea> so or am in error?
  3. filemaker have a field that has special formatting, such as bold, line breaks, etc. and I would keep that format with PHP API, because the display in a browser only shows the linear text
  4. hi, i have a INPUT that has special format FILEMAKER 13 as might make PHP take the same format? and that save register from PHP also in FileMaker the same format display? Thanks...
  5. the solution was to put a setRange() in the compound query
  6. Did not receive an XML document from the server the error change without changing the code im`not understand...
  7. in google chrome show this: <fmresultset xmlns="http://www.filemaker.com/xml/fmresultset" version="1.0"> <error code="954"/> <product build="04/08/2014" name="FileMaker Web Publishing Engine" version=""/> <datasource database="" date-format="" layout="" table="" time-format="" timestamp-format="" total-count="0"/> <metadata/> <resultset count="0" fetch-size="0"/> </fmresultset> in firefox show this: write error XML: element not found ubication:
  8. This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. this is what returns And the URL is:
  9. sorry, but I do not understand how to do what you tell me, I'm a newbie
  10. Hello, my problem is with Filemaker 13 and PHP API i have this code: $request = $fm->newFindCommand($layout); $request->addFindCriterion($name, $request_name); $result = $request->execute(); and error throwing me is: [error_message_prefix] => [mode] => 1 [level] => 1024 => [message] => XML error: Not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1 who can guide me or help with this please...pleaseeee
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