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  1. Scriptmaster 5-0201 won't load FMPA 16 (32bit)

    FMS 16 (Mac) Still no go. Now to get that working. Tobie
  2. Scriptmaster 5-0201 won't load FMPA 16 (32bit)

    Thank you for the response, I will try that. Regards Tobie Feedback : I am in the process of replacing the 64 bit JRE with 32 bit JRE. Does this imply that one can only run the one and not the other ? i.e Script master Only in FMPA 15 and FMPA 16 in 32bit if C:\ProgramData\360Works\Plug-ins\jre\1.8.0_121 contains the 32 JRE then it won't work in FMPA 15 and FMPA 16 in 64 bit untill C:\ProgramData\360Works\Plug-ins\jre\1.8.0_121 contains the 64 JRE Will normal Java 32 AND 64 installation be recognised ? and the C:\ProgramData\360Works\Plug-ins\jre\1.8.0_121 be ignored ? (or can be deleted ?) Now testing....... I found that renaming old (64) C:\ProgramData\360Works\Plug-ins\jre\1.8.0_121_64 and adding the 32 at C:\ProgramData\360Works\Plug-ins\jre\1.8.0_121 actually worked FMPA 15 /32 opens, FMPA 16/32 opens AND FMPA 16/64 opens. For a variety of reasons , among which, under certain circumstance Pervasive 10 ODBC masquerades as 64 bit while it is actually 32 bit and the DSN's can only be seen as 64 bit, I need both 32 and 64 bit versions. It's working, I shall not dig any further, I have an update to get on with. Thank you, I hope this post helps some-one else too ! Tobie FMPA 16 32 stopped working again. Back to drawing board. Final finding : (SWOPPING THEM OUT, 32bit = C:\ProgramData\360Works\Plug-ins\jre\1.8.0_121 contains the 32 JRE 64bit = C:\ProgramData\360Works\Plug-ins\jre\1.8.0_121 contains the 64 JRE and then ... Running ScriptMaster 16+.fmp12 from FMS16 (Mac) FileMaker 16 (32 or 64) will fail at first, but one has to to enable the plug-in in preferences every time, then re-run Startup Script then it works for either 32 or 64)
  3. Scriptmaster 5-0201 won't load FMPA 16 (32bit)

    Nope ! Still nothing - Cannot get it to work on a 32 bit windows platform with FMPA 16 (32). I got it working in FMPA 16 64 on Win 7 64 but it then can't see my ODBC 32's I have to be on Win 32 platform to be able to talk to Pervasive SQL 10 (Sage Pastel) So old it only has 32 bit ODBC. I will try to upload some more screen shots. Is there something I am missing ? FYI on the very first try on any old or new fresh machine, there is a download that takes place, but even after that, FMPA 16 (32) just says plugin is not installed. What is it downloading and where is it going ? It is istalled off-course. I noticed however that on Win 7 (64) The FMPA 15 (32) installs the plugin into the wrong folder, i.e. Program Files .... not Program Files (X86) On any platform, the .fmx icon does not seem right, compared to the .fmx64. Are there any logs I can pull ?
  4. I have tried every platform, every os, I just can get it to work with Filemaker 16. I have a post on this topic where I will upload new screenshots.
  5. Still the same on 5_05 as well. I am dead in the water here. Will update my own post in this regard with screenshots
  6. Scriptmaster 5-0201 won't load FMPA 16 (32bit)

    Noted, thank you, will try .....
  7. Scriptmaster 5-0201 won't load FMPA 16 (32bit)

    I am somewhat worried that no-one seems to know the answer. So does Scriptmaster work or not with FMP (A) ? I see many other posts along the same problem.
  8. What is windows 9 ? There is 8 and 10 ? For Java one has to very specifically ensure that you install the 64 bit version.
  9. I seem unable to load Script master in FMPA 16 (32 bit) on Windows 7 32 and on Windows 10 64. My solution must be 32 bit. Plugin was placed in the extensions folder. There are unknown script steps in it startup script. Any advice please ?

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