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  1. Hi, previusly I had a win XP machine working as "server" running FMs5.5...it had the win firewall disabled ...and it working in remote. Now we change this PC with a new Win server 2008r2 to allow installation of FMS15 I will check adding a rule to firewall for the fm ports...
  2. Hi Agnes, the firewall is turned off and the port are forwarded as TCP
  3. Hi, thank you for fast response. The ports a re forwarded but it strage that if I make a ping to wanIP it work but if i test the ports here http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ It say that are closed
  4. Hi, the firewall is ok and the port forwarding it targeted to the IP aasigned to server and to filemaker server...any suggestion?
  5. Hello, I have a filemaker server 15 advanced running on windows server 2008r2 in a local LAN network. I want to connect to server with client (filemaker 15 pro). Everything work well in the local LAN but I am unable to access to the database outside the office using internet connection and IP. I just have made the port forwarding setup (5003 and 16000) but no results. Maybe the Windows server need to be opened in some service or funcionality? Before of the server I had a simepl windows XP pc running filemaker server 5.5 and it work well also outside the lan. Thank you
  6. Thank you Wim. In effect was the "extenal datasource" . There was a lot of orphan link of old PCs, IP direction etc ...all stored during 10 years. Simply I edit all the field leaving " file:nameoffileFP15"
  7. Hello, I am using l am filemaker 15 pro advanced in windows 10 computer (64 bit, 8gb ram). I buy it few week ago and i converted my database from the old version fm5. The database work properly but it is very slow to open, about 60 second or more. I am working as standalone (no remote connection). I noted thta if the PC is offline (no network or internet connection) the database open in less that 6 second. It is very strange because I have not any ip configuration and any sharing option... what can be the problem? Thank you in advance Vincenzo
  8. I found a used copy on ebay of FM server 8 upgrade. So I am interested to buy it (is cheaper that a new version of the same) but i am not secure if filemaker pro 6 will work then
  9. Hello, yes I am still working with FMserver 5.5. The problem is I have also FMpro 6...if i install fmserver 8 it will work?
  10. Hello, sorry I know it is a very old post...but please can I have the scripts to change the defoult directiory? I try the shortcut but they don't work Thank you Vincenzo
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