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  1. Hi All, I am having issues with a report that I am trying to create. I have a report up and running and showing almost what I want, but a date constraint I have put on is just not working!! Here is my ERD: The basic crack is that I want to show a report of USERS, with a portal containing their JOURNEYS. I have built my report with the USER table as the basis, with a portal based on the CLAIM table, showing Journey::fromId , Journey::toId and "date" from CLAIM. The report is nearly complete, but the date script doesn't work: Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [Claim::date; G
  2. Hi All, I am reaching a crossroads where I need WebDirect and need to move from my shared host. Ideally I would like a VPS solution. I am an MSDN subscriber and was wondering if I can use a Azure VM to host my FM server and WebDirect environment? Has anyone done this with any success? If not what are the best options for me? Many thanks
  3. Hi All, I am after a bit of advice on how I might be able to format my report a bit better. I have built a report based on a table and have a portal that then displays all related records. The report works fine in 50% of cases. The scenarios where it doesn't work is where the amount of related records exceeds the amount of rows shown by the portal. A scroll bar is displayed to the end user and the records can be seen by scrolling but this report is designed for printing. Some records will have 1 related record, some may have 50. I need to find a way of catering for both of tho
  4. Hi All, Am I going crazy or is there no way to sort data displayed on a popup menu? I have a popup menu that takes its data from a value list. The value list looks at a table in my FM solution and uses the ID field, also displays from the name field and has "show only values from second field" checked. This gives me a great list. However, my client has asked for custom ordering - we have a new field in the table called "display order", my clients will go in and give each record in the table a numeric value and then want the popup list ordered by that rather than the default or
  5. Thanks guys - privilege sets get the unanimous vote of confidence! I will read up and implement.
  6. Hi All, My account on the web console only has "status", "activity" and "schedules". No one here knows of a master password that has any privileges above this account. I cannot seem to do anything other than view. What I am trying to do is setup a new schedule. Is there a standard master password that is set by default with FM server that I can try? Many thanks
  7. Hi All, I have a FM database that has a generic login. The system is used by ipad users mostly, and accessed from FilemakerGO without a prompt for user login. There is one layout on there that everyone should be able to access and one that should be security limited. Is it possible to limit access to layouts by logged in user? If so can I flash up the login box from a button click and check that the credentials entered have the relevant permissions to view that layout? Many thanks
  8. Hi All, I am storing files in container fields (held in the DB) and was wondering if it was possible to set a row level click event to open the file held within the container. To Explain: I have a layout that is set to show continuous rows. Each of those rows has a container, most with a PDF held in it. My Ipad users should be able to click anywhere in that row to open the file held in the container. I have seen script examples where a path is set to a temp location and the file written out to that like a cached item. I was wondering if that approach is viable on the ipad??
  9. Hi All, I have a container field that I want to expand to allow powerpoint files. Is it possible to display the content on my layout in the same way that a PDF shows? currently all I see is a thumb of the file type rather than the content of the file itself. Many thanks
  10. Hi All, I have written a date search script to perform a search on a field called submittedDate. (this is a date field in a table called claim). I have a layout based on a table called person. Person is linked to Claim, claim.id = person.claimId. I have also created an unrelated table with globalstartdate and globalenddate fields. I have created a layout based on this unrelated table and put two date pickers on that view and a button. The button runs a script that does the following: Go to Layout ["MyClaimLayout"] Enter Find Mode[] Set Field [claim::submittedDate; GlobalDateFind:
  11. HI all, I have a table called "locations". That table has an (int) ID (string) Location Name and (int) valid. I am using that table as the basis for a couple of popup menu "values from" lists. I can't see anywhere in FM the option to create a custom value list. What I need to do is for one of the popup menus, only include values where the valid field = 1. in SQL terms it would be select * from locations where valid = 1. Other popup lists on there will need all of the rows, regardless of their valid setting. As far as I can see, there is only the ability to include ALL rows
  12. thanks for the help so far - Ok I guess what what I was angling at was asking if it is possible to have two controls on my form that are unbound that can form the basis of my search. I cant see why I would need to create a global fields for two controls that are effectively orphan. (i.e. they don't need to bind to anything because they are just allowing a value to be selected and then for that value to be parsed as a query parameter). Based on doughemi's answer I am guessing this is against the relationship based and tightly bound principles of FM. Which is fair enough lol. I will giv
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