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  1. Is there someone out there that i could pay to get this up and working for me? I was introduced to Filemaker and i think its a good program and all, but i'm completely new at scripts and so on, and have been going through some of the training files to get help. Honestly i don't have time for how long this is taking, i think if i would have known this i would never have spent the money on Filemaker. If there is someone that would, i would more than gladly pay to help me finish setting it up, however it works. I really like the inventory part, i just don't understand at all the scriptin
  2. Lee, i will forward you the zip file again. i made a change in the Insert from device part. would you be able to test that script on my file and see if it works or what more we need? Connector Product Inventory.zip
  3. i must be missing something even in what i have above, because the script does nothing yet.
  4. perform script [Go to Stock Transactions | iOS"] Insert from Device [Type: Bar Code; Camera; Camera: Back; Resolution: Full] Insert Text [select; Inventory::Item; "GetasText"] Go To Related Record [From table: "Inventory"; Using layout:<Current Layout>] is this what you were meaning Wim?
  5. would there be anyone interested in remotely accessing my computer and you could see how my inventory is, and we could walk through making this script together?
  6. perform script [Go to Stock Transactions | iOS"] Insert from Device [Type: Bar Code; Camera; Camera: Back; Resolution: Full] Go to Related Record [From table: "Inventory"; Using layout:<Current Layout>] where and what kind of text field do i need. i think i kind of know what you mean, but not sure how to insert it. Thanks for all your help so far Wim. i think maybe theres hope that i can get this and it will work:)
  7. this is what i have so far: perform script [Go to Stock Transactions | iOS"] Insert from Device [Type: Camera; Camera: Back; Resolution: Full] New Record/Request Go to Field [stock Transactions::Lot Number] Go to Field [stock Transactions::Date[5]] Go to Field [stock Transactions::Units In[5]] Go to Field [stock Transactions::Units Out[5]] after i go to stock transactions, the script does nothing. what am i missing? or do i have something formatted wrong?
  8. This is what i would like to do and what i would like my script to do for me (my main database is on a Windows 7 computer, my Filemaker Go program is on a Ipad) : when i click on a record and it brings up the info on it, than i click on the Transactions tab, after i do this last step is when i would like my script to take action. I want the script to immediately bring up the camera so i can scan my barcode, it should immediately create a new record in the Transactions Table and fill in the date the Lot Number (which will be the definition of the barcode i scanned), and give me the option
  9. okay so probably i have the inventory table where i've entered my inventory and how many units i have on hand and what the minimum is to reorder, etc. to create a inventory transactions table is that like creating a new layout? what do i do to get that?
  10. I do have an inventory transactions table in all of my inventory items, where I manually entered the qtys that I currently do have. I only want to be able to scan a code to where I can update those qtys automatically.
  11. ok..so in a nutshell heres what I've got..hopefully this helps. in Filemaker advanced 13 I've created my inventory database. that's really as far as I've got. I did get enough info from one source to the point that in Filemaker Go on my ipad if I touch the barcode text box, it instantly brings up the camera to scan a bar code/qr code. so I do that and it puts into the barcode text box what the code actually is. This is as far as I've got, I want it to be where I can go scan a barcode and it brings up my product that matches that code and than lets me add or delete qty from inventory.
  12. We have a truss plant, and I set up Filemaker Advanced 13 with our connector products, and want to input our connector plates as well. I have Filemaker Advanced 13 on our main computer running Windows 7, but I am using a iPad mini for my Filemaker Go and using it as a scanner. How in the world do I create a script or what do I do so that I can scan with my iPad using Filemaker Go my inventory in or out? I would like to use the QR code system. Just so that I could scan a QR code for a certain product and I would have the ability to put it in or out of my inventory. Any help would
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