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  1. I can confirm that deleting the permittedlist.txt file fixes the problem - at least for me it did. I am on a Mac using FileMaker 16-18 (none worked prior to the fix) and was attempting to upload a file to a Windows 2016 server running FileMaker Server 16. Thanks ltwimberly!
  2. Hi ggt667, Thanks for the link. I'll take a look at it.
  3. To follow up, thanks for the info about how the RunShellScript works. As it happens, I have to run the script from FileMaker Server and the send event script step doesn't work for fmserver (should have noticed that earlier ;-) Fortunately, ScriptMaster does. I plugged in my batch file contents and it works great! Thanks Jesse, Harold
  4. Thanks. That's interesting. From what you're saying, the batch file content itself could be inside the RunShellScript function. No need to actually write the batch file to disk first?
  5. The full path is: G:\ENTRÉE\2015\Octobre\SNC79085\batch.bat This is running on a French system (hence, the accents). We have used this same path variable in several other ScriptMaster actions without any issues. For example, the folders "2015\Octobre\SNC79085" are created using the ScriptMaster CreateFolder command. The batch file itself is also created and placed in this folder by ScriptMaster. Yet the RunShellScript won't trigger the batch file. As I said in my previous post, I've solved this by using the Send Event script step.
  6. Yes, I tried both true and false and also increased the timeout to 60. Nothing worked. In the end, I used FileMaker's built-in send event command to trigger the batch file. I don't know why ScriptMaster threw the error but I've given up on it. Thanks for the responses.
  7. Yes. I have other parts of the script using the same path without any issues. I first move some files there, including the batch file. Then I need to run the batch file. It tells another application to process the files I moved.
  8. I an trying to run a batch file using RunShellScript on Windows Server 2008 R2, FM13 - ScriptMaster 4.4.2. The code is as follows: RunShellScript( $Folder_Dossier_Path & "batch.bat"; "true" ; "30" ) The variable is simply the path to the batch file. If I double-click the batch file it works but within the script I get the following error message: java.lang.RuntimeException:Process was terminated. Other ScriptMaster functions are all working well and they use the same variable so I know it's OK. I'm a Mac guy so perhaps I'm missing something?
  9. No response or comment from 360Works since March and the product is still on their site with no indication that it doesn't work in FM13. Causes me to wonder what other products may not be compatible. I guess this is a dead product. Too bad.
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