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  1. Hi, I'm still in the middle of deploying a new solution for the company I work for. We are a manufacturing sub-contractor and we use filemaker for most of our systems such as orders, products and stock etc but I am rebuilding the system in a new database whilst adding new features. The bit I'm stuck on is the our Bill Of Materials (BOM) for a product contains a list of the stock codes of components that are used to build it. The stock codes are ideally created and all of the information entered and then locked so they cannot be changed since they will be on many products, but if there is a typo or a mistake then it will need to be updated. Ideally I want the BOM's to look and show the current information on the stock code when we generate a pick list to build the item but show a message when you come to print the list that a stock code has been updated and somehow have the option to view the last values ie when the BOM was created. My tables have not real data in so schema changes aren't a problem. Anybody have any suggestions? My current design in the image allows me to have the BOM show the stock code value as when it was originally created. Product - shows portal of BOM's with revisions BOM - shows portal of lines
  2. Hi, I have been given the task of upgrading and improving our solution at work which consists of 9 files. I've started by identifying the problems such as data loss or unexpected things happening and have focussed on one file to start with. In an offline file I have made my changes and the file is much more robust and easier to use but the problem is I've made changes on the relationship graph so the data is broken. This is not a major problem as because the data was incorrect it would have taken too much effort to fix but what we would like to do is archive the data, kind of like take a snapshot at which the data can then no longer be changed but can be viewed for traceability. The file is used as a stock database and has all of the transactions for each item. With my changes the transactions are lost, they are in a separate table. I was thinking if I renamed the table and then create a portal on a new table called archived I could then copy the table and delete the data from the new table and make my changes. Would this work? I have attached an image of part of the relationship graph, the table is called Stock entry and it only has one occurrence as shown
  3. It was solved in the end as our virus protection (bitdefender) thought filemaker was a threat so we had to add it to the exceptions list, as shown below
  4. Hi, I work for a small company as the IT guy and have just taken on the role as the in house Filemaker developer. We have FMS14 running with 9 hosted databases which from what i can tell have been around since the dawn of time. The company started with FM7 I think and the databases have been modified since then. The clients are running Win 10 Enterprise 64 bit or Win 7 Pro 32/64 bit with FMP 14 update 3.313 and 3 pc's running FMPA 14 with update 4.406. We have recently (This week) started receiving the error 'Cannot load main spelling dictionary'. It happens either when you load a database or it can be at some point when your using the database, I cannot get it happen on command. We use WSUS for central update management but the error was occurring before I approved this weeks updates. Edit I have disabled the dictionaries in file options but the error is still occurring. I've tried the databases locally and it still brings up the error. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks George
  5. Thank you for replying, So if due to licenses I installed FMS14 on windows 8.1 would the 20 connection limit in windows still be enforced if i have say 25 FMP clients? or is the limit separate from the OS on the server? George
  6. Hi all, many months ago I tried to install FMS13 on Server 2012 R2 which went well apart from a few hiccups. I am now setting up a new server to host FMS14 again on Server 2012 R2 but I've hit a snag. Unlike last time where FMS13 was the first thing I installed, this time I've installed all of the domain services and setup the domain. Now when I run the installer it says that the ports are in use. I've tried disabling the processes buts made no difference. There is nothing in IIS that's now using ports 443, 50003 or 50004 but it keeps telling me that they are in use. Has anybody got any advice? Thanks George Brewer
  7. on the both new and old clients the server is listed when you select open remote but there are no databases listed. on the older clients you can select the old server databases from favorites as its using the same ip address. the server is on that same subnet as the clients.
  8. I setup the firewall with the above ports and in FMP i cannot see teh databases but i can click the link in favorites from the old server as we have used the same ip address as the old server. but with the new clients i cannot see any databases at all. any ideas?
  9. Well I can access the databases via a web browser but my machines cannot view the databases in filemaker pro. Am I missing something? If I reinstall FMS do I have to delete the databases as well and then copy them over again?
  10. The NIC team wasnt setup when i installed FMS. I have since created the team several times but it didnt make any difference. I have now configured the team and switch manually and the IP address FMS is showing at the top in the admin console is the same as the machine IP but the one for the webserver is different still. I couldnt access the databases at all but now I can through the web browser and im currently installing a copy of FM pro to try a local connection.
  11. Hi, i was running FMS13 on windows 8.1 pro but I am upgrading the network so I have built a new server thats running server 2012 R2. Ive installed FMS13 with all of the updates but the IP address that is displayed in the admin console is different to the systems IP address. The machine is setup to be the domain controller and hosts all of the profiles and is the file server for the network. The machine thats running 8.1 at the moment is then going to be upgrade to Server 2012 R2 and run the website and exchange server. Can anybody offer any advice? if you need to know anymore information just ask. Thanks Edit. Forgot to say the machine has 3 network cards setup as a NIC Team but ive only got one plugged in currently but it made no difference when i disabled the team.
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