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  1. I am using a custom filemaker solution for medical office billing written with fp5 running on a mac with snow leopard. In addition, I have a patient management db (which I wrote) that is linked through pt. ID number to the billing program allowing transfer of some demographic information (name, DOB, etc). Other than being limited by hardware restrictions, the billing program serves our needs for now and upgrading to fp12 will take some time (and money). In the meantime, I am upgrading my pt. management program to fp13 and would like to move new patient demographic information from the billing program ( fp5 running on snow leopard through Parallels) and the new pt management program ( fp13 running on OS X 10.9) on the same mac. Ideally, demographic information would be entered once into fp5 and then a scipt would make the data available for fp13. Any ideas on how to make this work?
  2. Perfect! Finally got it to work! Thank you all so much for the great help and insight. Brian
  3. I have a DB for entering medical test results. Each patient has about 100 tests in five categories. To make data entry easier, I have a self-relating portal displaying the tests fields filtered by the five categories . A drop down menu with the list of test categories and script trigger sets the portal to display only tests in a category. If all results for a test category are the same , I want to to auto-enter the value chosen from a drop-down menu using a script trigger. The script loops through the visible portal setting the test-value in the result field if the test category matches the corresponding variable. This all works well enough but I cannot figure out how to stop the loop! There should be a simple solution but nothing I have tried keeps the loop from running endlessly. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks so much for the great ideas! I will give them a try and let you know how it works out.
  5. My limited experience and knowledge is the problem and I it is likely that I don't see the obvious. The allergen table is a rather large pick list (100+ items) and each allergen id is "imported" (maybe not the best term) from the list as a new record into the results table. Not all patients have the same number of tests run. The entire list of allergens can be imported into the results table from the allergen list table, measurements entered on tests that were run, and empty records deleted. I guess this would be the simplest method but creating 100 new records in the results table and then deleting the majority each time a few tests needed to be recorded seemed clumsy. Another way would be to "pick" each allergen that was tested and move only these to the results table before entering the measurements, but that is a potentially time consuming step. I imagined that there might be a way to do the "picking" and entering at the same time by filling in the measurements in the allergen table, like you would if you were using pen and paper. When the measurements for a test were entered, tabbing into the next record would trigger the movement of the recorded measurements to the results table while clearing the fields for the next entry. A portal on the screen would show the test results for the patient as data is being entered. A third way would be to enter the data into the allergen table and run a script to move only the recorded records to the results. Seems like a common data entry scenario and thought I would ask if there is a "best" way to do this sort of thing before getting too bogged down recreating the wheel. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I failed to mention that an additional two measurements using a stronger dose of allergen are sometimes made if the first result is negative, giving a total of four possible measurements for each pt. I have the tables and fields set up as you suggested. I would like to find a way to enter the test results quickly using the keyboard without having to to stop and activate a button to import measurements for each allergen id into the results table. I tried using a field as a script trigger to activate import scrip and move to next portal row when you tab into it (see files,) but this is a bit clunky. fmp13.pdf fmp13-2.pdf
  7. Looking for best solution for a medical record application. In an allergy office, patients have skin testing with a panel of allergens (bermuda grass, chocolate, etc). The reaction on the skin to each allergen is measured and recorded as two variables, wheal size and erythema (redness). Each patient may have a full panel (up to 66 tests) or just a few, and each patient may be retested at a later date. I have a table with the allergen list (about 100 records), a table of patients, and a results table with four measurement fields and test date, linked to the patient table. Results are first recorded on a paper chart and then entered into the DB. I have looked at two ways to record the data: 1. Import the full allergen list into the results table, enter the data, and then delete items from the list that were not tested 2. Record data into the allergen table temporarily, import each test into the results table as it is recorded (? how to do this seamlessly as data is entered), then clear the fields. To simplify data entry, I have a tab control portal filtering the allergen list by category (grass, weed, tree, food, etc), sorted to match the written data. Any advise on which is the most efficient solution or any other ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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