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  1. Hi, I would like to limit the number of records on a list of say customers to 25-50 items and then create buttons for next or previous records, so Webdirect will be faster and does not have to download all records at once. Does anybody have experience with this? What would be a good technique to accompish this? Thanks for your advices.
  2. I'm sorry Wim, i can't answer these questions, as i am using a hosting service on a shared server. I do not have access to the server itself. I might have to consider hiring my own dedicated server.
  3. The FileMaker Web Publishing Engine seems to be not the most stable of technologies. I noticed though that the WebDirect service in FMS14 goes down a lot causing the operators to restart it more than once a day. Does anyone else have experiences with webdirect crashing?
  4. In Webdirect, when i press a button that initiates a script, i usually see a message for a flash of a second saying something like "Wait for the script to be executed". Occasionally FM decides not to display the message and just executes the script. Is there any way to tell Filemaker not to show these messages ? Thanks for the advice.
  5. Worlcloud is misleading users and wasting their time and money. I believe it is a one mans operation by a guy called Joe King. They or he don't pick up the phone, They don't call you back They never respond to service tickets They don't maintain their website and worse of all They shut down servers without notice. (I lost valuable data) This is a fraudulent and criminal company! To answer your question, i am very happy with FMPHost.com Their servers are at least 5 times faster than the junk service offered by Worldcloud. Hope that helps
  6. Hello, Think before you start. I am thinking of developing a hosted FM solution, where 1000 users share a database. Each user should control a few hundred records, so the total number of records could come close to a million. The user only has to see his own records, and all other records should be hidden for him. Offcourse I am planning to use FM go to add mobility and so I created the need for sync. My question is, what are recommended techniques to use to prevent the synchronisation of All records. If the user uses the same databas on his iPad as the hosted version, he would ha
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