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  1. thanks yes spotted that, however the script is still not performing the find. it stops to say criteria not matched.
  2. I seem to go to find and then the script pauses (not ideal) when i press continue it fills in the correct info in the fields but says no records match this criteria? Odd when clearly they do? This is the latest effot.. (i've tried $$ and $ for the variables) during script and after you have press cancelled!
  3. Trying to work with the attached. I am getting all sorts of errors though. The find is even getting names from other records I have tried the script on a since deleted all and trying with new records. Attached first image here is before entering a new date. Second is putting in "May" from another aritst name that doesn't even exist in this database anymore?! I've worked out the system though, just need to script - 1. Trigger enter field "date" - get existing date with a variable - if there is a date in it. 2. If no change is made to date, exit script 3. If change is made - find all records w
  4. thank you! Can't seem to open with FM13 (Even after converting?) scrap that, it was minimized! will take a look...
  5. Thank you, I'm trying to work out my original method. Which is this thread if you have any ideas..
  6. HI all, I have an inventory system calculation as follows - Left(SURNAME;5) & DATE & "_" & Right ("00" & Inventory Number ;3) The Inventory Number is a number field with an auto enter calculation - If ( IsEmpty (ARTWORK 2::s_Max_Inventory_Nr) ; 1 ; ARTWORK 2::s_Max_Inventory_Nr +1 ) "S_Max_inventory_nr" is a summary field - maximum of Inventory Number. I'll attach my relationship that makes the system work. Everything runs in order fine.. until a user wants to change the date of an existing record. What happens then is that record becomes the maxium number of the new date (
  7. HI all, I'm working on a script to take the user back to the original record after a find and replace.. What I have so far is attached. Currently it is going to the first record in the foundset not the one I started the script step from. I'll also attached the relationship I have set up. Any ideas? thank you
  8. HI all, I have a script (below) which puts in an invoice number. This is then formatted YYMM## into a calculation field. I want the numbers to rest each month. I have done what I think is the hard bit in setting this up. In terms of the numbers reset, they get added in the right order etc. However, as I want to user to have control over the invoice date, I have set the script trigger for my invoice number to run when the date is entered. Thus bringing everything together. The problem is... When a user clicks the date the script runs fine, if the user has entered the wrong date, or wants to c
  9. Hi all, I'm working on a script to add a foundset of records to a portal in another table. It's more difficult than normal as this portal uses a line items system to allow the same record (in my case artworks) to be on multiple lists. I'll include images of what I have so far for this script. At the moment when you run the script it just adds one record to the portal (in PRICE LIST). To summarise... can any one suggest how I can be in my "ARTWORK" layout and take a foundset directly to a portal (which itself is in "PRICE LIST") that portals information from "PRICE LIST LINE ITEMS". Graph a
  10. Thank you this is all great! I'll have a go with this template and see if I can transfer the ideas and methodology to my database. .The one thing I will need is a search option when you have the popover, otherwise a user would have to scroll through the entire database of artworks to find the one to invoice.
  11. thanks, and when you say "additional Invoice TO's", is the "TO" - table occurance?
  12. Also, it's the scripts I have trouble with. Do I not need scripts?
  13. Hi olger. Thanks yea the artworks would always be unique. Even if they are editions they would have their own record entry. Could you go into a bit more detail step by step? My artworks have a field called artwork preview, which pulls together the title, date etc. this is the field I want to be able to add as a list in a portal. I also want the image containers to portal so you have the artwork description and the image for each piece. Thanks!
  14. HI there, Â I'm trying to finish my invoice layout page. What I would like to be able to do is click a popover button to add an artwork (or artworks) to an invoice. I need to be able to list as many as necessary. Â I have managed to get the invoice addressee working fine, which is a similar idea but not a list - just a single field, so a bit more straightforward. Â I either need help with the relationships, or a script.. or somewhere it is going wrong.. I'll attach a series of screenshots rather than trying to explain more. Â At the moment my button goes to my invoice data layout b
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