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  1. We have [rightly or wrongly] been sharing a Filemaker Pro 13 solution from a dedicated physical server, by serving locally it through Filemaker Pro 13 installed on that machine. The solution was accessed by three FMP users on Windows PC's on our local network within a small office. However, we have just purchased the annual package that consists of... 3 X FMS 17 5 X FMA 17 With a really slow internet service, we currently want to continue to serve our solution locally on the local network within the office, at least until January 2019 when we 'should' gain access to fibre-opic speeds, then we may well serve it out to iPads out in the field. Anyway, can anyone point me to a video or tutorial on how to install and configure FMS 17 on our physical Windows server, thereafter to serve our solution on the local network within a small office environment? Additionally, when we install FMS 17 on our physical Windows server, and our new FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 programs on our five Windows 7 PCs... what will happen to the current installs that have their own licenses, which range from FMP 13 to 16? Should we uninstall them first, or will they overwrite or even upgrade the current versions? Again, we never paid to upgrade our current versions to 17 but purchased brand new licenses. Appreciate any help offered, thanks.
  2. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I have a folder on my desktop called “quotes” and have a working script that saves quotes in a PDF format to that folder. 1). This works just fine… Get ( DesktopPath ) & "/" & "quotes" & "/" & Quotes::Quote_Pk & "-Quote.pdf" 2). But can anyone tell me why this doesn’t… Get ( FilePath ) & "/" & "quotes" & "/" & Quotes::Quote_Pk & "-Quote.pdf” …using the second I get the following error message… I need the second script to work because we have had to move the database as well as the "quotes” folder, to another location. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Karlos.
  3. My database has only three tables... ITEMS - Which is an inventory of tools for the company. • BOOKED - Which records an audit of each time each item is booked in or out of the stores • TESTED - Which records an audit of each time an electrical tool is PAT tested [safe to use] The individual Items are displayed in a list layout called 'Item List' which is basically the 'Home Page'. The BOOKED events are displayed in a portal in a 'form layout' called 'Item Booking'. I've set the sort order in the portal to show the last 'booking' at the top. The easiest way to this portal is to click the small blue "go" icon in record on the "Item Bookings" layout. What I have tried to do is display the last "booking location" from the portal [at the top] in the 'Item List] so that at we can see the item's current location without having to view the portal each and every time. I managed to display the latest Booking Primary Key - [Max ( Booked::Book_Pk )] - but couldn't get it to reveal where it was last booked too. I shall spare you the list of things I have tried but before giving up completely thought to seek help here where I received helped before. Personally, I thought an auto entry by calculation would have been best but I just couldn't figure it out. Please find the file attached. Any help would greatly be appreciated. I have FileMaker 13 on my Mac at home but V15 elsewhere, if you alter the file please export in V13 to spare me having to leave the house to open it up on the other computer [V15]. Test-23.fmp12
  4. Hi. I built a database about a year ago but it wasn't required at the time, a year later and it is needed so I'm pretty rusty at present ref FMP but need to is user friendly. All I want to do is add a slight tint to the background colour of certain fields in list view when the row is not active but try as I might I just can't seem to do so. In the active state yes, but not when the row isn't active. I have made a little video that might help the reader understand my predicament, any help would be appreciated. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B687aT8LAHKmRHEyZjh5OFdlSnM/view Karl.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to reply Steve. Are you saying that all workstations must upgrade from Filemaker Pro 13 to Filemaker Server? Or is Filemaker Server something that needs to be installed on the server itself while the workstations themselves run FMP 13? Otherwise, can we upgrade one account to "Filemaker Pro Advanced" and make a standalone database to run on the in-house server with or without "Filemaker Server"? I think I need to become familiar with the attributes of... Filmaker Pro Advanced.Filemaker Server.Thanks, Karlos. Thanks Kris. Where is the best place to 'familiarise' myself with the attributes of Filemaker Server, Thanks. Karlos. Ah, missed the top reply, that is very helpful "comment" I'll read the link. Regards, Karlos.
  6. Hi. Having created two Filemaker Pro 13 databases, and used them for sometime on one computer, we have now built a new office with... Three new PC WorkstationsAn in-house server [not a NAS]All linked via ethernet...are wondering if we can put the two databases on the new 'in-house-server' and access them from each workstation via the ethernet network? Having contacted Filemaker, they told me in no uncertain terms that if I placed the database on a NAS [Network Attached Storage] it would corrupt the file, but then I wasn't aware that we were having a inhouse-server fitted so didn't asked regarding that option at the time. [A] The lady at Filemaker said that if we wanted to access a Filemaker Pro 13 database on up to... I think she said 'five?' computers, it must be located on one of the computers hard drives with Filemaker open, and then map the other workstations to that file with each running their own Filemaker Pro 13 program. • The reason we are trying to avoid that option, and get it on the 'in-house server' is because a tech company is monitoring, backing-up, restoring and managing that server externally saving us the worry. In other words we want to dump all that responsibility on them. • The reason we are trying to avoid using Filemaker Server is not only because our internet is very slow, but currently intermittent. At the end of the day I'm guessing we will will have to go for option [A], but don't like it because one computer has to be running all of the time even when not in use, as well as the issue that if it won't boot, crashes or whatever everyone is unable to access the database. The in-house sever will back-up that workstation but still... if we can we would prefer to run the databases from the in-house server itself. One guy from the tech-company said that if we want to run it on the in-house server, we need to upgrade to "Filemaker Server"... if that is the case would we then have to upgrade all of our current Filemaker 13 programs to version 14... to access the databases? Personally I'm not sure he is right. SO, to clarify.... Can we run our databases on our in-house server with Filemaker Pro 13.Or are we required to upgrade to Filemaker-server on one or more workstations? Or is our only option [A]Again, we can not run it from Filemaker's server because of an unreliable internet connect which could isolate the office from the database at any given time. Any advice would be appreciated, Karlos.
  7. ​ I get that, there might well have to be a long line of Marks, Karls and Scots using this solution! in the future! Once again thanks for the nudge, it is appreciated.
  8. ​Spot-on 'Comment'... I was using 'userName' when I should have been using 'AccountName' and now it works, goes straight to the tab of the person logged-in to the solution. Thanks, appreciated.
  9. I have a layout with a tab control within it, the "Default Front Tab" is "To do List". Within the "To Do List" tab I have another 'Tab Control' with the following tabs... • Markus • Karl • Scot • Secretary These tabs are also so named as objects. Additionally these names are also the user names. • Markus [User Name, Tab Name and Object Name] • Karl [User Name, Tab Name and Object Name] • Scot [User Name, Tab Name and Object Name] • Secretary [User Name, Tab Name and Object Name] I set an 'On Object Enter' script trigger on the "To Do List" Tab as follows... Go to Object [Object Name: Get ( UserName )] - I also tried... Go to Object [Object Name: "Get ( UserName )"] I was hoping that when a user clicked onto the "To Do List Tab" it would then navigate to the tab named after a user in the tab control within the tab named "To Do List", but is doesn't work... any ideas, thanks. I tried to embed an images but all I get is a swirling icon, maybe it is something to do with Google drive I don't know... so I attached it instead... OK... I see, embedding is attaching!
  10. Finally I got it to work, unfortunately the video above does not play... I've had allot of trouble with Google Drive lately. But anyway, I've recorded another of my issue resolved... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B687aT8LAHKmMEpLaUI3dTYyUzQ/view?pli=1 I found that I could only watch the video if I changed it to 360p rather than the 480p it was trying to use.
  11. ​Hi. Acknowledging my failings in explanation I decided to do a short screencast, that done I uploaded it to my Google Drive, grabbed the link to view it only to find some three hours later Google still hasn't processed it. I'll now leave the link in the hope that it will be processed soon... either way it will be viewable eventually... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B687aT8LAHKmOWlfUXBSUVVXUHc/view?usp=sharing I hope it goes some way in expounding my issue, better than my literary skills have. Thanks, Karl.
  12. ​ The portal is within a 'Tab Control', Now when I click on another tab and then return... the variable loads the right value. I added "commit record" to the script but then I couldn't edit the text field as it instantly committed, moving me to the next field. I got it to work by using... GetValue So its working, now I've just got to force it to work without having to leave the tab for another, then return. I tried adding a link to an image on my google drive again, but it is hopeless... just get a spinning icon. But I here is a link to it on my drive... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B687aT8LAHKmbzRIaVNReVRENnM/view?usp=sharing Where the "4" is, is where I added the merged variable <<$$todo>>
  13. ​Thanks Wim, but its not working. I guess you mean... Set Variable [$$todo; Value:ToDo::ToDo_Pk I've added a merged variable to my layout to see if it is pulling the value as I haven't got 'Filemaker Pro Advanced"... and it is just showing a question mark. Additionally other items that are looking to that variable to act aren't working. The trigger works off... "OnObjectEnter" which I should have thought would have fired when I click into the text field? Just a thought... It says that the value of the variable must be text, but I'll pulling from the primary key which is a number, is that a problem? Any ideas?
  14. Newbie. OK, here goes... • When I make a new entry into a portal, the cursor automatically enters a text field. • This text field triggers a script. (or whenever I enter it) • I had hoped that script would set a variable called "$$todo", with the value being the record's Primary Key, which i had thought it would have grabbed with the following script... Set Variable [$$todo; Value:GetField ( ToDo_Pk )] • But I just get a "?" So in other words, I'm trying to set a variable called "$$todo"... of the record that holds within it a text field I had entered. Obviously there is something wrong with my script, but I haven't got a clue what I'm doing wrong... is there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction? I tried to embed some images, but it just isn't happening for some reason, all I'm seeing is an endless spinning icon. Thanks.
  15. Hey LaRetta, thats really helpful, appreciated. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but I wasn't notified that I had received a reply, I'd better check my notification settings!
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