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  1. Folks we all know how useful the "unread" badge icon on your telephone can be, I'd like to try and implement something like this into my FM SP database. I've a filter on the invoice list view that allows me to see any orders that need invoicing to the customer. The search criteria is: OMIT = invoice posted = "1" FIND = Quantity Remaining = "0" I've tried to make a button on a button bar in the preferences layout using the same process as the tab formatting, namely: Let ( [ number = Count ( T14m_preferences_INVOICES||id_constant::ID_Invoice ) ; label = If ( number = 1 ; "Inv" ; "Invs" ) ; findmode = "Invs" ; size = 22 ; color = RGB ( 154 ; 154 ; 154 ) ; // Grey sizedNumber = TextSize ( number ; size ) ; styledNumber = TextStyleAdd ( sizedNumber ; Plain ) ; coloredLabel = TextColor ( label ; color ) ] ; If ( Get ( WindowMode ) = 1 ; findmode ; styledNumber & " " & TextSize ( coloredLabel ; 13 ) ) ) I've associated the T14m table with the preferences using ID constants, so: ID_Constant_Zero ("0") = quantity_remaining_total ID_Constant ("1") NOT= Invoice_Posted So far, the button just shows "INV ?" Feel like that link between the two tables isn't right. Anyhow, is there a better way to do this, say with pretty numbers like iOS has on it's icons? Thanks in advance.
  2. Dude that's great thanks. All working now. Got my predictive order schedule working! Seems like that whole date thing could be sorted out in 10 minutes or so of an afternoon, but what do I know, I'm just a lowly user!
  3. Folks I'm having a bit of headache with a search script. I want to search a date range from today to 90 days in the future. Currently I've made a script with a step saying: Insert Calculated Result [Select; "date field"; ( Get (CurrentDate) & "..." (Get (CurrentDate) + 90)] Being in the UK, I'm working with a file that was created on a US computer - the month and day are the wrong way round. I've changed the text on the system to use system settings but that still doesn't solve it! Frankly, that's quite ridiculous! Surely a bug like this that has been around for a VERY long time must have been ironed out of the software code? From what I understand, to avoid this, I need to create a clone of the whole database copying everything across to stop this calculation showing up the MM DD round the wrong way. I don't really want to have this headache, so I tried creating Calculation Fields in my Products table (that actually show up the right way round) and using them in the above code, but the search field just show up as empty aside from the "..." in it. Are there any workarounds for this to save me the headache of cloning a rather complex database with a few dozen tables?
  4. jt196

    BOM problem

    So I got around this finally by a bit of a hacky method. Whatever it is, it works and that's enough for me! I made a field in the materials table called "Quantity Ordered" which is a global storage. The script that opens up the BOM from a line item portal sets the global storage field to match the "Quantity Ordered" on the line items with a set field calculation. That figure is then used in all the calculations for the different materials. Hope that makes some sense and is a sort of sensible workaround for this database connection thing. Couldn't figure out how to do it with regular connections - too many tables within tables Inception style.
  5. jt196

    BOM problem

    Any ideas folks?
  6. jt196

    BOM problem

    So, I've attached the screenshot of the relationships. The idea is that I go into an order/invoice and open up a work order from each one using a "related items" script. What's happening is that the tables seem to just using the figure 1800 as the calculation, which isn't even any of the historical orders so I've no idea where that came from! You can see that on the second picture. I'm hoping to be able to open up the BOM and have the correct figure for inserts/boxes etc appear in the "Qty Per" field. In order to make that "Qty Per" figure I've chucked in an IF calculation according to the material category - was wondering whether that calculation and what table/fields I'm pulling the figures from might be the cause? It's done in the context of the main "materials" table rather than the duplicate one I've got set up to join the line items table.
  7. jt196

    BOM problem

    Folks been scratching my head on this for an afternoon and was hoping I could pick your brains. I've tables invoices & line items (one to many relationship) and products and materials (also one to many). Each product can have multiple materials and each invoice multiple line items. I'd like to be able to open up a bill of materials for each line item and have various calculations based on the total number of items on the line items and the weight/quantity of the various materials. So far I can't seem to get this to behave properly - the line items total quantity doesn't seem to tie in with the materials section and thus calculations come out all over the place. I've tried changing how I get this line items quantity - to a calculation in the materials table. What am I doing wrong here?
  8. Folks with a bit more brainpower and a coffee I figured this one out. I've created a new table "Pallet Pickups" with 3 sets of fields for each customer, quantity pallets and a checkbox for yes or no to select a pickup or not. There's a calculation field for total pallets and a date field as well. I built a script with 3 conditions - an IF for the 2 pallets selected, an ELSE IF for the 3 pallets and an ELSE for the 1 pallet to write either an email with 1, 2 or 3 addresses and their respective information. Hope this helps anybody and by all means if anybody has a more elegant solution I'm all ears!
  9. Intermediate FM user here but I've not much experience with variable/temporary fields, so need a bit of help. I need to make a layout for my non-email literate staff to write a collection email for our transport company. The layout would be as follows: ---- email: <transport email address> subject: x pallets pickup [today/tomorrow/specific date] body: Dear Sir, x pallets to go to: <customer 1> <customer 1 address> optional: x pallets to go to: <customer 2> etc ---- up to 3 customers. Any ideas folks or at least pointers as to what kind of fields/calculations/new tables I should be using in my layout to perform this. I don't think this is a job for found set as the customers are normally fairly random, so really I'd need a field with a date, dropdowns for the 3 customer addresses and number of pallets and the ability to hide the second and third if there was only one delivery address (perhaps checkboxes and "If" functions on a script?). Hope this is all clear and somebody can help me! Thanks in advance.
  10. Er, not sure if this group is very active - shall I post it to the main Q&A group?
  11. Folks, hopefully not a big issue. I've just spent an afternoon moving contacts and accounts into the FMSP database via csv. They're separate but many of the contacts belong to companies which I've entered in as accounts. The issue is that the accounts don't show up as being connected to the contacts as I'd expect. I'm assuming it's something related to the 'relookup' command but I've tried that on both the account field in the contacts and the accounts table and it comes up with the error "There are no fields based on the field..." Any hints as to how I might get this working?
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