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  1. Hi, I set up a child table for "Notes" with Time stamps and used four different portals to bring them into the layout of my main table. For reasons that I cannot figure out the timestamp is not working correctly. I have tweaked the settings to no avail. After the first attempt, I decided that it must be related to the duplication of the time stamp for each notes field. So I set up independent time stamps for each field. I am starting to think that the problem may be that I can only have one time stamp per table. here is a screen shot of the layout. http://prntscr.com/5y5kcj and screen shot of table view. http://prntscr.com/5y5njr Thanks for advice
  2. Thanks! Yes, I have scroll bars turned on. I have so much data that I am using a tabbed structure which was making my portals a tad jumpy. But I have them laid out now. Could you further explain: "set the "Initial row" value for the 2nd (and 3rd, and...) portal to the next row after what's displayed in the 1st." I will do a list view layout as you recommend both for my manuscripts and the maps. I am almost done. Hope to start entering data tomorrow. The more I work with FM the more I realize there is to learn. Sadly I don't have the extra time to put into fully mastering it right now. Must make do with what I have managed to set up. Down the road I am going to have to set up more child tables and at that point I will have to master join tables. I am under a great deal of pressure to start writing my next book so sadly I cannot devote the time now. Is there some way I can share my structure with you to take a look at? I could do screenshots but that won't provide the full picture. My timestamps are still messing up from time to time
  3. Hi, I am using an MssIDfk on the child tables. I have one for notes and one for maps. I am having some update issues though. For the notes table I am using a timestamp and these timestamps do not always come through into the main layout properly. I am using portals to place these in the main layout but these portals have issues. For instance, with the maps there are too many to display in one stretch. Do I repeat the portal to get another display box? I hope that my queries make sense. What I am wondering is if there is an alternative to using portals. Or are they my only option?
  4. Thanks jbante. Can I pick your brain for a little while longer? Each map needs a separate entry. World, Mediterranean, etc., with different pictures. Sometimes the details are different and sometimes they overlap. So, for instance, the number of places on each map will be different. But I can address that by plugging in extra place fields—unless the list of places has to be a child table of the maps table. Other details may overlap. Such as info on pigments used, decorations, etc. If I create a single map table and need to link back 21 different map entries to the main manuscript table is that possible? Or is the relation 1-1?
  5. Thanks for your response, Wim. No server end yet. Maybe down the road but not before FM14. I am the only person working on this right now. Setting up the database and entering the data. Right now I have a paid for version of FM12 and a trial version of FM13. Sounds like I should just stick to designing on FM12. I was just wondering if I may have compatibility problems when FM14 comes out and if it would be worth designing on FM13 to forestall what may be coming down the pipeline. But perhaps I am trying to think to far ahead and I should just stick with FM12 for now.
  6. Hello, I am trying to think through a relational database involving medieval maps as linked to manuscripts. I have set up the manuscript end of the database. What I am trying to figure out is whether or not I should make the maps in each manuscript relational or not. Each manuscripts comes with on average 21 maps but these can sometimes be missing, so the numbers can fall. Some contain only 1-2 maps and others no maps at all. On the other end there are a few manuscripts that contain 100+ maps and images. There is in other words, no steady amount. If I had to pick a fixed number I would opt for 21 since those are the map manuscripts that I work with the most. I could set this up as a flat database with container options for 25 maps and info for each one repeated and then fill in those as needed according to each manuscript. But my better sense tells me that I need to make this relational and set up the maps in a separate database and link them. Then the question is do I need one separate database for all the maps or one for each type of map. So, for instance, there are world maps, maps showing the Mediterranean, maps showing North Africa and Spain, etc. It would be useful to be able to search for all maps of the Mediterranean or the world across all manuscripts but this is not essential because I am also a Lightroom user and I can tag my images to create collections of maps. My own experience with FM databases varies with the decades. (My skill level should read Beginner not Intermediate) Back in the early days of FM (FM4) when it was owned by Claris (yes, I go back that far) I designed a super complicated manuscript-map database. Then I stumbled over the lack of a big container field for notes so I ended up used printed copies and hand-filling out the data. Life, research, teaching, deprived me of time to work on this again. I bought FM12 ran out of time and now we have FM13 and I cannot afford to buy the upgrade. So I have to do this on FM12 and limp along until FM14 comes out. At which point I will spring for the upgrade. It sounds odd to say this in 2015 but I really love those delicious container fields that can now even take a pdf. Wow! Thanks for any advice on this crazy complicated database for a poverty-struck academic who cannot afford to hire a professional to help her out.
  7. Hi, I have noticed that FM13 is backward compatible. I designed a test data base with FM13 and was able to open it in FM12. Is this deliberately built in because some clients may still be on FM12 but the designer is on FM13 Reason for this weird question is that I am testing out a 30-day free trial version of FM13. Given that according to the rumor mill, FM14 is due out soon, I don't want to pay for the costly upgrade to FM13. I had hoped to be able to sign up for the monthly $9 subscription but a call to the FM sales rep clarified that the subscription is only available for those who buy multi license not lowly indivs like myself. I made the mistake of buying FM12 a couple of months before FM13 was released and I don't want to make that mistake again. So I need to hobble along with FM12 as best as I can until FM14 is released at which point I will cough up for the upgrade. What I am wondering is if I should go ahead and design my database on the free trial FM13 with the intention of using it on FM12 until FM14 is released. FM13 has some nice features that makes designing more comfortable. Or should I just stick to FM12 and fully design my database there? What is the opinion of the experts? Thanks in advance for feedback. PS. I mistakenly listed myself as intermediate. I should be listed as Beginner as I have had previous FM experience prior to FM12 way back at the time of FM4 when we didn't have these delicious container fields.
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