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  1. could this be done by using the case function ? I was trying to do it like this: Case (fieldA="1";Fieldb="Apple") but i keep getting 0
  2. I have a table called log, in this table I have several fields that are imported from a different table. There are two fields (A and that are numerical. A will have three different values 1,2,3 and B 10 different values (1-10). I wanted to "recode" the numerical values into different fields in the same table (C and D). For example if A has the number 1, then auto-enter apples in C, if A =2 then auto enter oranges in C, if A is =3 then auto enter peaches in C. The same For B here there will be 10 values each represent a specific item (1=red, 2=blue,3=black, 4=orange.....). I have tried wi
  3. here we go hope this helps: based on the design of my database i want to track the procedures i do.. There are is a table called procedures it contains the three main procedures type which are: Devices: the main categories would be loop recorder, pacemaker, defibrillator, pacemakers in turn can be single, dual, or triple chamber and defibrillator can also be single. dual, or triple chambers devices, loop recorders are a single type of procedure within device without sub category. Ablations: there are two main categories: right atrial and left atrial, each of these has several sub types of
  4. sorry it would be a bar graph of date and procedure
  5. nope each procedure will only be present in one of the three columns, this will be an ongoing log of my procedures so I would want to go back and see over time how many of each procedure I have done.
  6. Here is the table I would need to chart, as you see I have 3 fields device ablation and imaging, I wanted to chart those against procedure date... One of my ideas was to combine them all into one field (field 9) and then chart that one column but I don't know how... Â Could your idea be implemented here ?
  7. sorry so I have the filed ablation/imaging/device. The field procedure is filled by a drop down menu that gives several choices (pacemaker, ICD, Cath), the field imaging has several choice as well the field ablation. I want to chart how many of each i do a month, basically a bar graph that plots how many of each procedure I do a month. I attached my database to the message, the fields I want to chart are ablation/device/imaging by month. new_final.fmp12.zip
  8. Hey guys I have a table with several fields (procedure A, Procedure B and Procedure C, Date of Procedure), each of those 3 procedure fields are populated through a drop down list of menu items. I want to create a bar graph that compared fields A vs B vs C according to date, and I can't figure out how. All of the fields are contained in the same table.
  9. would FMeasySync work between filemaker 13 pro and filemaker go ie no server edition?
  10. thanks for the response... I tried this but when I triggered the import from the backup database the previous records get deleted...
  11. Hi guys... I need help with a project i am working on. I have a personal patient tracker database i want to be able to use a day to day database to put patients in and be able at the end of the week to export those records to a "backup database" and delete them from my day to day database. This way my day to day database won't slow down since i am using filemaker go to input this data. I have 3 tables Main, Visits and Procedures. Each table is related by a field called MR. Please help
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