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  1. Does anyone know when I can buy FileMaker Server 12 ? I'm currently on version 11 and want to upgrade. Can some please help me out? Thanks, John
  2. Hi , Does anyone know of a recommended way of display data specific to one user login. Simple example there's a FM database with 100 records 5 users accounts . Each users can only view 10 records that specific to their login. Anyway to set this up with out have to create 5 different database and get it to work with one FM DB? users no of records A 10 records B 20 records C 5 records D 5 records E 60 records
  3. I could have as many as 100 users at the same time. I may go with a FM Webhosting as a deployment plan.
  4. Hi Lee Smith, I spoke with FileMaker . They mention that FileMaker GO 11 is no longer available on Itune . They recommended buying FileMaker Server 13 and I would then be able to get FileMaker go 13 for FREE. Thanks
  5. Bcooney, How many connections would I need for about 100 Ipad users using it at the same time?
  6. I don't think it's a good move for FileMaker Inc to charge over $10,000 for 50 connections.
  7. Lee Smith, do you know where FileMakerGo 11 can be purchased?
  8. Can FileMaker 11 Server Advance be upgrade using FileMaker 12 Server (regular Version not advanced). ??
  9. Can the Filemaker 12 Server Upgrade be used to upgrade from FileMaker 11 Server Advance even though the FileMaker 12 Server is not the Advance version? Can it be used?
  10. Was IOS devices available in the FileMaker 11 Server or was it only introduce under FM 12 SVR and FM 13 SVR ?
  11. Can Filemaker 11 Server host (FileMaker Go) or is it only support under Fileamker Server 12 and 13 ?
  12. Can Filemaker 7 Server run solution created with FileMaker 13 to support IOS devices such as Ipad and Iphone?
  13. Hi Lee, Just looking where to buy it version 12 Server. FIlemaker 13 doesn't support more than one IOS devices without purchasing additional license which it is very costly . Not sure why they made that change other than to push using Web direct more. That's my concern.
  14. Hi, I'm looking to buy FileMaker 12 Server ? Any advise? Thanks
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