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  1. I agree with Comment - insert File a smarter idea. This fine spring Pacific Northwest weather must be throwi
  2. Hi Greg. Create a filepath variable, eg $fpath = get(temporarypath) & "mypdf.pdf" save the pdf to $fpath then use the script statement Insert PDF , using $fpath
  3. Filemaker Server 16.0.2 Filemaker Pro Advanced: 15.0.4 360works Plugin: 3.08 My client has recently switched to Office 365, and our very reliable 360Works-based email has stopped working. Connection String; EmailConnectSMTP($server ;$account ; $pword;"tls=0") // $server, $account, and $pword are all correct getting this response: <screenshot omitted> KInd of stuck here. help would be appreciated
  4. Yep. I mean long and lat. And thanks for the blog links jbante. The haversine formula might be sufficient, and involves no map requests. On the other hand, in some towns (like vancouver, with stupid things like oceans and rivers and mountains in the way), linear distance might not be enough. I"m thinking maybe using the haversine to shortlist to a few candidate couriers within a specific distance, then using web service to get transit times on the short list for a final result set. Thanks for the feedback folks.
  5. A client of mine is a courier. they want an estimate of the travel time between a client location and a courier (using a mobile phone that regularly uploads gps co-ords to a filemaker table). Courier may be on a bicycle or in a car. The desire is to prioritize dispatching to people who are in a time-based vicinity of the client. So, you can assume there's a "Trip" table, with client_gps field, and courier table with "current_location_gps" field. and a time_between calculation. Any thoughts?
  6. set variable $RecordsGreaterThan60 = Get ( CurrentDate ) -60 perform find <$RecordsGreaterThan60 uses two script step instead of three, which is 1/3 cooler.
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