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  1. Hi Chris A few years back, I made a solution for a car dealer to scan car VIN number and drivers license before they let cars go out for test driving. There are apps on Apple store which support interacting with FileMaker using url requests. By following online instructions, it would take you s few hours to set it up. Barcode scanners just scan the text of the Barcode, it is up to you to parse them based on different standards. So you might find a way to retrieve the standard of the code for each state and pars their code accordingly. Although it might be a bit slow to open a third party app, scan the code and post it back to fmgo, it is still way faster than typing the information. I would suggest buying ring Barcode scanner which are very tiny and handy and pair them with ipads via Bluetooth (if you can rise budget for it, about 80 bucks each on amazon) Best of luck,
  2. Search in Popover

    I would suggest to watch these videos: and I personally rather the second method as I found it much faster.
  3. if you setup the barcode field to go to next object by return and enter, then it wont store that in your field.
  4. Almost all barcode scanners pass a carriage return at the end of each scanned barcode. Set your barcode field to to go to next object using return and enter. You may do it from inspector window while the barcode field is selected: Now when scanner gun passes the return carriage, the mouse cursor will jump to the next object. This also can trigger a script trigger so you can set your script to trigger on "object save" or "object exit" for the barcode field. This way, when scanner gun passes the return carriage, it forces FileMaker to exit the field and run your script. Then the script trigger can go to next record and then select any field you want.
  5. Script to open a file from a field

    Please read below webpage, it clearly explains how you can make correct file path in FileMaker: http://www.filemaker.com/help/12/fmp/html/create_db.8.39.html
  6. Script to open a file from a field

    This might help: https://www.filemaker.com/help/14/fmp/en/html/scripts_ref1.35.170.html
  7. Hi all, Is there any way of sending and receiving message on iPhone using the iPhone Messaging app and have the conversation recorded in FM GO? I know that we can use "open url" to set messaging variables and pass it to messaging app, but this way we can not record the SMS conversation in FM go any more. On the other hand, we can use third party services such as Twilio to send and receive SMS but then we would need to stick to FM go for sending and receiving SMS. Regards,
  8. Thank you for all advises. I appreciate your time.
  9. Please receive attached. What I am after is to replace the first two lines of the "Parent script" with a set variable script step which the variable would be a custom function to set the $test and run the script called "Show Card". The problem is when I put the "Show Card" script in a custom function, it will run after the parent script is run completely. It is supposed to pause the parent script, then run the Show Card and wait for user to click on the button on Card Layout. After user clicks on the button, it should close the window and resume the parent script. I am not considering to take apart the parent script and run the second part of it after running the Show Card script as a solution due to the structure of my file. Regards, test.fmp12
  10. Hi, Thanks for comments, I am actually trying to open new window in the middle of my script and do some other tasks after that and then pause for user input. So far everything is clear to me and easy to achieve, the only problem is that in this way, I have to add several lines of script to open up that new window and then pause the parent script. I considered custom functions cause I though it might be possible to make a custom function to run the subscript and pause the parent script. This way I could replace all the script lines with one line of custom function as a variable.
  11. Hi everyone, How can we run a script using custom functions? By either employing plugins or native FileMaker methods? I have checked plugins like Scriptmaster and BaseElements and they work pretty well, but their problem is that the called script got queued in scripts queue and wait for current running scripts to finish and then the called script via plugin would run. I need a solution, to pause the running script, then run the recently called script, go back to parent script and wait for user to resume it. Thanks in advanced for your time. Regards,
  12. Rank function

    Are you sure that you uploaded the correct file to your post? On the other hand, please edit your description and clearly explain your problem step by step. the current description is not clear. Thanks.
  13. This below link might help: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5833/~/creating-conditional-value-lists
  14. Based your description, I would assume that you have SupplierID field and a global field for year in Supplier table, also a SupplierIDfk and a Year field in Scorecards table. Make a relationship between table of current layout (in this case Suppliers) and the Scorecards table using 2 fields as below: Suppliers::SupplierID = Scorecards::SupplierIDfk AND Suppliers::Year = Scorecards::Year You may call the TO of the Scorecards anything like "Scorecard Filter". Now, to calculate the total for Shipped pieces, simply make a calculation field with below calculation: Sum(Scorecard Filter:Shipped pieces)
  15. Force Answer when = ?

    My pleasure, is your calculation filed set to return numbers or text?

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