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  1. siroos12

    Script for incrementing a counter

    Hi John, Does this work for you? Go to Record/Request/Page[ First ] Set Variable [ $B; Value:0 ] Loop If [ Products::___About_this_table = 1 ] Set Variable [ $B; Value:$B+1 ] Else Set Variable [ $B; Value:$B-1 ] End If Go to Record/Request/Page[ Next; Exit after last ] End Loop You may also achieve the same results with calculation: Sum(YourTable::FieldA) - ( 5 - Sum(YourTable::FieldA))
  2. Oh, sorry, you are right. I misunderstood it. Good luck!
  3. I think that won't work, the first "If" would return true if sum is equal to zero, this means all child records have 0 in boolean field. I think you should modify it this way : If(count > sum;true ;false) Note: if there is only one child record, the calculation return false as one child record is equal to all of child records. Therefore having a 1 in boolean field means all child records have a 1 and not a mix of 0s and 1s.
  4. As Ocean West suggested, you could compare count of child records with sum of the boolean field. Below would be possible scenarios : A) count = 0. Then no child records exist. B) count > 0 and sum = 0 Then there are some child records but the boolean field is set to 0 on all child records. C) count > 0 and sum > 0 and count = sum Then all child records have value of 1 in boolean field. D) count > 0 and sum > 0 and count <> sum Then there are child records with either 0 or 1 in boolean field. Hope that make sense, a Friday midnight answer
  5. Hi all, After a MAC server OS update and auto restart, we are getting CURLE_FAILED_INIT (2) error on BE_SMTP_SEND function of BaseElements plugin. The firewall is off so it should not be a blocked port. Can any one explain what can cause this error and how to fix it? Regards,
  6. You should probably modify it like below : If [ IsEmpty (field 1) or IsEmpty (field 2)]
  7. siroos12

    Get button action

    Awesome methods. Thanks for that. This helps us a lot! Thanks Tom, I am aware of this technique and already being using it, but I just want to prevent the trigger script. The methods o that folks shared on Tod's challenge are pretty helpful. Thanks for your input.
  8. siroos12

    Get button action

    Not actually, I wanna gray out (Or apply any other actions) those buttons that has no action associated to them on layout load.
  9. siroos12

    Get button action

    Thanks Ocean West, I am aware of DDR and FM Perception or similar products. My goal is to use this in conditional formatting to disable or enable buttons.
  10. Hi folks, Is there any way that a developer can get the associated action of a button without physically checking the buttons in layout mode? To see whether or not the button has an action. If it has, then is it single script step or a script (what is the script name)? Warm regards, Regards.
  11. Thanks TeacherEd, That is so kind of you. Really no need to do that, we are all here to help the community. I received tons of help from this community and I would help others too as much as I can. Good luck.
  12. siroos12

    Getting Error #13 for BaseElements Plugin

    My bad. You were right. The problem was the wrong path format. This below path worked like a charm. Substitute(Get(TemporaryPath)&GetContainerAttribute ( Container; "filename"); "/Macintosh HD" ; "") Thank you all for your help!
  13. siroos12

    Getting Error #13 for BaseElements Plugin

    By using "/Users/username/Desktop/myNewFolder" as a path to create a folder, I get the results but only when I run it on FM client. When I run the very same script on server using PSOS, I still get the error #13. This would confirm that the path format is correct and plug-in is working. The issue appears when the script runs on server side. Any advise on ho to get it working on server? Server details: FileMaker Server 16 macOS High Sierra version: 10.13.3
  14. Okay, the issue is not committing the record after adding one portal record. The reason would be hidden in the "Auto Enter Calculation" behavior. It needs a commit to evaluate the calculations which are through relationships. A work around would be using ExequteSQL calculations to count the number of existing codes instead of using FM count function through relationship. This does not a commit to evaluate. So the auto enter calculation would be like this: Let ( [ ~count = ExecuteSQL ( " Select COUNT (Code) FROM Tests WHERE Code =? AND \"_f_ParentID\"=?" ;"" ;¶ ;Code ;Parent::_p_ParentID ) ]; If ( ~count > 1 ; 0 ; 1 ) ) Note that the new calculation is looking for records count of more than 1 instead of 0 because the current portal record itself is also counted as one. With this method, the "Code" field should be very first field that a user inputs data. You can restrict users access to other fields when this filed is empty. Have a look at attached: First Attempt_V2.fmp12
  15. Have a look at the relationship and do some testing. does this work the way you want? Changes I made: I added the "_f_ParentID" into the self relationship and also I setup the "FirstAttempt" to a number with with auto calculation. The formula is "If ( Count ( Tests_Self||Code::Code ) > 0 ; 0 ; 1 )". Note that the checkbox of "Do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty" is unchecked. Here is the file: First Attempt_V1.fmp12

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