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  1. Getting Error #13 for BaseElements Plugin

    To use BE_SMTP_AddAttachment you need access to the temporary folder as it exports the container content and use it for sending SMTP email. When you run a script on server (MAC) to set BE_SMTP_AddAttachment, the temporary folder is in /var/folders/ but it has not the right privileges for FM server and you cannot change them, even not as the administrator user. So, the BE_SMTP_AddAttachment is not able to export the field content and email is sent with no attachment. I tried to export the container and add it to a global container to using BE_ExportFieldContents but it fails due to the same reason of wrong privileges. I really appreciate any advise on it.
  2. Getting Error #13 for BaseElements Plugin

    Okay, actually FM Server has "Read/Write" access to temp folder but not me as administrator. So I can not check to see if the file is created on Mac or not. Then I tried to make a folder on desktop and documents folder using "BE_CreateFolder" and it does not.
  3. Getting Error #13 for BaseElements Plugin

    Hi sal88, It is just working fine on Windows. But it does not on MAC. The BE_SMTP_AddAttachment actually export the container contents into a temp folder and then use its path for attaching the file to SMTP email. It does export it successfully on windows and I could see the created file. It seems the problem is that FM server can not save/export container content to a temp folder on my MAC server. I have checked the temp folder on Mac and it seems neither me as administrator nor FM server has "Read/Write" access to the folder. Then I tried to add the access with no luck. I get the error of not having permission to do this while I have administrator permission on MAC. So I believe it is some sort of access permissions to temp folders on MAC. any advise on that?
  4. Getting Error #13 for BaseElements Plugin

    Hi sal88, Yes, it returns the same error.
  5. Hi all, I am trying to make a folder and export a container into it on a mac server using BaseElements plugin "BE_CreateFolder" and "BE_ExportFieldContents" but no matter what directory I select, it returns Error #13 (CURLE_FTP_WEIRD_PASV_REPLY (13) >> libcurl failed to get a sensible result back from the server as a response to either a PASV or a EPSV command. The server is flawed.) I have tried get(TemporaryPath), get(DesktopPath) and get(DocumenstPath) with no luck. The main goal is to be able to send SMTP emails with multiple attachments using "BE_SMTP_Send" and "BE_SMTP_AddAttachment" from Server machine. Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks in advance for any help. Regards,
  6. Sending Text Messages

    Hi Bikeman17, You need to use 3rd party services like Twilio.com. Using their API and and open URL, you can post the text to Twilio and they will send that to a phone number as an SMS or MMS. Twilio also can post back any received message to FileMaker. You would need to host the file on FM server and have PHP enabled. Then you may set Twilio to send the replied messages to FM server and run a PHP script to simply add a record in the target table of FileMaker to store the received message. There are number of posts and guide documents to help you how to integrate Twilio with FileMaker. You say any of that shit no we didn'tWatching this video would give you some ideas: Good luck,
  7. Rounding up

    Try: Round ( "your number field"; 1.5)
  8. CF to index a TimeStamp List

    Sorry for my misunderstanding. Please try this: Set Variable [ $source; Value:"2018/06/01 9:00 AM" & ¶ & "2018/06/01 9:10 AM" & ¶ & "2018/06/01 9:40 AM" & ¶ & "2018/06/01 9:50 AM" & ¶ & "2018/06/01 10:40 AM" & ¶ & "2018/06/01 10:50 AM" & ¶ & "2018/06/01 11:00 AM" & ¶ & "2018/06/01 11:40 AM" & ¶ & "2018/06/01 11:50 AM" & ¶ & "2018/06/01 12:00 PM" & ¶ & "2018/06/01 12:10 PM" & ¶ & "2018/06/01 12:20 PM" & ¶ & "2018/06/01 12:30 PM" & ¶ & "2018/06/01 12:40 PM" & ¶ & "2018/06/01 12:50 PM" ] Set Variable [ $unit; Value:600 //10 minuets in secounds ] Set Variable [ $counter; Value:1 ] Set Variable [ $index_counter; Value:1 ] Set Variable [ $index; Value:"" ] Set Variable [ $max; Value:ValueCount ( $source ) ] Loop Exit Loop If [ $counter > $max ] If [ $counter ≠ 1 and GetAsTimestamp ( GetValue($source;$counter) ) - GetAsTimestamp ( GetValue($source;$counter-1)) = $unit] Set Variable [ $index_counter; Value:$index_counter+1 ] Else Set Variable [ $index_counter; Value:1 ] End If Set Variable [ $index; Value:GetValue($source;$counter) & "=" & $index_counter ] Set Variable [ $Results; Value:$Results & ¶ & $index ] Set Variable [ $counter; Value:$counter+1 ] End Loop Show Custom Dialog [ Message: $Results; Default Button: “OK”, Commit: “Yes”; Button 2: “Cancel”, Commit: “No” ]
  9. Okay, lets see what other folks would suggest. mean while I will think about any other solutions and will let you know if came across any ideas.
  10. Yes, put the filter applied to portal in relationships and then show the appropriate field on the layout. see attached: Sources on report- No portal.fmp12
  11. I think it is easier for us to have a real sample file, Please see attached: Sources on report.fmp12
  12. You can make a relationship between the Sources table and your target table using the fk_RecordId = RecordId. Then you will be able to show related fields from Sources table on a report layout based on your target table.
  13. I would suggest to have one single table called "Sources" to record "sources" of each field. So you may have below fields on that table: - ID - Field name - fk_RecordID - Source - Created by user - Creation Timestamp - etc. Then use script step get(activefieldname) to determine which field is active. This is the field that you want to assign a source to it. By having the name of active field, you can create a new record in the "Sources" table and set the Field name by result of get(activefieldname) and set fk_RecordID to the target record ID from your table. The Source table can be either related to your target tables or not. This way you can save one record per field of any table in this table called "Sources" and have it added to your reports later on. The logic is some how same as audit logging.
  14. This is what @Beverly suggested in another post: Date ( Month ( Agreement Start Date) + Agreement Period ; Day ( Agreement Start Date ); Year ( Agreement Start Date ) ) FileMaker will handle the corrections for leap years and days, too! Here is the link to that post: https://community.filemaker.com/thread/172829
  15. Can you elaborate it a bit more? As far as I understand, you have a date field which is the agreement start date. Then you have a number field which is the agreement period (months). Now you want to calculate the agreement end date ?

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