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  1. You did not specify the folder name. Try something like this: /C:/Users/Siroos/Desktop/test folder/1.pdf The formula to achieve above can be something like this: Get ( DesktopPath ) & "test folder" & "/" & GetContainerAttribute ( Yourtable::YourContainerField; "fileName" )
  2. Can you type the path you used here so we can have a better idea?
  3. I am so sorry for this. Can you please retry. I tested it on 2 computers and a cellphone and a tablet and they all opened almost immediately. Sorry Comment, That is my mistake. I was not aware of Community Articles, Tips, & Techniques section. I will post my next posts in that area.
  4. Peter, Thanks for clarification. I am agreed with you in this subject but, we should try to find workarounds for existing shortcomings for the time being. Hopefully FileMaker will work on improving Quick Find functionality and any other known problems, but my experience with new releases of FileMaker tells me that solving most of the known issues take ages for FileMaker. For example, it is years that we all crying for being able to send html e-mails with multiple attachments from FileMaker and what we got after all these years is ability to attach multiple attachments into FileMaker native email script step with no chance of sending html emails. I mean, who sends text base emails these days? We need HTML formatted emails to attract attention to our email content and engage recipients to interact with us. All in all; from my point of view, workaround solutions are so handy, specially for beginners and intermediate developers.
  5. Hi every one, I’d recently been asked by a client to build an alternative method for FileMaker Quick find. The native FileMaker quick find use word-based search while there are lots of situations that users need to search for only a part of a word like a wildcard search. Also, you can not use FileMaker Quick Find on solutions that requires hiding the status area or when you open your solution on FileMaker go. Here is a blog post explaining two different techniques used to achieve a user-friendly quick find solution in FileMaker: https://iavenue.ca/filemaker-quick-find-alternative/ I hope these methods can help you with developing more robust and user-friendly solutions. Please spread the word if you think it can help other developers too! I am open to any comment or advise to improve the file. Thank you.
  6. Have you tried "Create directory" option on "Export Field Contents" or "Export records" in FileMaker 17 instead of "Send Event? https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/17/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help/export-field-contents.html Export Field Contents [ Create directories:Yes ] Export Records [ Create directories:Yes ]
  7. siroos12

    Sort problem

    Happy that you could solve it. Please mark the correct answe. Good luck.
  8. siroos12

    Sort problem

    Do you have any script trigger on any of the fields causing the commit?
  9. siroos12

    Sort problem

    You should not commit the record until your data entry is not finished. I would suggest to set up tab orders for all the files so you can easily navigate between fields without committing. As soon as you commit the sort will trigger.
  10. If the list is stored in a field of the same table, it means that it stores the list on each and every record, therefore performing a find would results showing all records.
  11. Hi Wickerman, Is re-login script set to run script with full access privileges? If that is the case, "Get(CurrentPrivilegeSetName)" returns [Full Access]. That is why it does not set the custom menu. I'd suggest to set a variable for "Get(CurrentPrivilegeSetName)" and see what it returns using data viewer and script debugger.
  12. siroos12

    Modify an existing payment on QB from FM

    Awesome advise.will apply that to my script. And yes, the TxnID was empty. my bad!
  13. siroos12

    Modify an existing payment on QB from FM

    Hi Geoffrey, I am trying to do an InvoiceQueryRq for the TxnID and IncludeLinkedTxns = true and it freezes and then FileMaker crashes. any ideas?
  14. siroos12

    Modify an existing payment on QB from FM

    Chris, I have another situation. I have an invoice in FM which is pushed to QB successfully. After that, a payment has been made for that invoice and it is recorded in FM but not pushed to QB yet. A user made a mistake and manually added the payment to QB. The next user comes in and tries to push the payment to QB while it is already added to QB manually. We need to query that payment before pushing it to QB to make sure that it does not exists in QB. If the payment was added to QB using the plugin, we would have a Reference number and TxnID for it so, we could easily search based on those. But, as it is manually added to QB, we are stocked. Any Idea of how we can find that payment in QB without having a Reference number or TxnID? Can we use a combination of invoice reference number and the payment amount? If yes, how do we do that?
  15. siroos12

    Error 3100

    Hi all, I have this clients that doesn't exists in QB but It keeps returning below error when I try to add it to QB: CODE: 3100 SEVERITY: Error MESSAGE: The name "Monica Talas" of the list element is already in use. Can any one suggest what am I doing wrong here? So, "Monica Talas" does not exists in QB as a customer, We have a vendor called "Monica Talas AB". When ,my script run a query for "Monica Talas", it cannot find it. Then the script attempts to add it to QB using "PCQB_RqNew("CustomerAdd" ; "" )". After setting up customer's variables and run "PCQB_RqExecute", I receive above error. Here is how I structured mt script: #Query customers in QB (Request) Set Variable [ $$Result; Value:PCQB_RqNew("CustomerQuery" ; "" ) ] Set Variable [ $$Result; Value:PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "NameFilter::MatchCriterion" ; "StartsWith") ] Set Variable [ $$Result; Value:PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "NameFilter::Name" ; globals_CUSTOMERS::CustomerName)] Set Variable [ $$Result; Value: PCQB_RqExecute ] Set Variable [ $$Status; Value: PCQB_SGetStatus ] If [ $$Result = 0 ] #Customer found, set the ListID and EditSequesnce Set Variable [ $$Result; Value:PCQB_RsOpenFirstRecord ] Set Field [ globals_CUSTOMERS::_ID_QBCustomerListID; PCQB_RsGetFirstFieldValue("ListID") ] Set Field [ globals_CUSTOMERS::QBEditSequence; PCQB_RsGetFirstFieldValue("EditSequence") ] Set Variable [ $$Result; Value:PCQB_RqNew("CustomerMod" ; "" ) ] Set Variable [ $$Result; Value:PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "ListID" ; globals_CUSTOMERS::_ID_QBCustomerListID) ] Set Variable [ $$Result; Value:PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "EditSequence" ; globals_CUSTOMERS::QBEditSequence) ] Else #Customer does not exists on QB so, push it to QB Set Variable [ $$Result; Value:PCQB_RqNew("CustomerAdd" ; "" ) ] End If Set Variable [ $$Result; Value:PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "Name" ; globals_CUSTOMERS::CustomerName) ] Set Variable [ $$Result; Value:PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "IsActive" ; 1) ] #Legal company name for billing Set Variable [ $$Result; Value:PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "CompanyName" ; globals_CUSTOMERS::CustomerName) ] Set Variable [ $$Result; Value:PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "FirstName" ; customers_CONTACTS||PrimaryContact::FirstName)] Set Variable [ $$Result; Value:PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "LastName" ; customers_CONTACTS||PrimaryContact::LastName)] #Execute Set Variable [ $$Result; Value: PCQB_RqExecute ] Set Variable [ $$Status; Value:PCQB_SGetStatus ] If [ $$result = 0 ] Set Variable [ $success; Value:True ] Else Set Variable [ $message; Value:"Customer was not synced to QuickBooks: ¶¶Status: " & $$Status & " Customer: " & globals_CUSTOMERS::CustomerName & " Order: " & ORDERS::OrderNumber & "¶¶" & GetErrorEnvironment ] Go to Layout [ original layout ] Exit Script [ Result: #SetParam("Success" ; $success) & #SetParam("Message" ;$message) ] End If

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