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  1. Thanks, would you rather doing it through a relationship or ExecuteSQL ?
  2. Hi comment; Is there any way of doing this using "ExecuteSQL "?
  3. Find prior Wednesday

    You may achieve that using get(CurrentDate) and DayOfWeek( get (CurrentDate)) the formula would be something like this: get(CurrentDate)-If ( DayOfWeek( get (CurrentDate))≥ 4;DayOfWeek( get (CurrentDate))-4;DayOfWeek( get (CurrentDate))-4+7 ) This would return the date of the last Wednesday.
  4. I assume this is simple...

    if that is a text field, then replace the field content with: Left( FieleName ; length(FieldName) / 2)
  5. Script to go to a related record in another table

    Does attached file help? I hope it is simple enough to understand. Contact Sample_V1.fmp12
  6. Script to go to a related record in another table

    You are right Comment, it is all depends on the business roles. To show up the contact name, we could also use the ContactName field from Contacts table directly instead of storing it in Activities table using lookup. There are cases that clients do want to store the contact name in child record and not change it even if the contact name has been changed. In this case lookup would do the job. Thanks for the comment
  7. Script to go to a related record in another table

    One other solution to relate a parent to a child is using drop down with a value list. The trick is to set the contact name to lookup values from Contacts table based on the relationship of ID_Contact (From Contact Table) = IDfk_Contact (From Activities Table) fields. Then put the IDfk_Contact field on the Activities layout and set it as a drop down or popup menu. The value list would look for values from the ID_Contact (From Contact Table) But only shows the values from ContactName field(From Contact Table). In the next step, put the ContactName (from Activities Table) on top of the ID_Contact (From Contact Table) same size but locked in browse mode. Now if you click on these fields, a drop down or pop up menu would show up with list of contact names. By selecting any contact name from the list, the value list would set that contact's ID in IDfk_Contact (From Activities Table) and lookup the contact name in ContactName (from Activities Table). I hope it is clear. let me know if you need elaborations. I have attached a sample file for you. Regards, Contact Sample.fmp12
  8. Script to go to a related record in another table

    What is the relationship structure between the two tables? Is the contact name the relationship key? If yes, is this the only field contributing in the relationship? And yes, as you mentioned a portal would help you showing up child records on a layout of the parent table records.
  9. If(IsEmpty ( Sub9First_Semester ) or IsEmpty ( Sub9Second_Semester); .....
  10. Good day, I have installed the ScriptMaster Plug-in on a Win 10, FM 14.6 advanced and I get below error for "Video Thumbnail (Requires QuickTime)". java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: quicktime/util/QTHandleRefParameters:{timeUnit=600, pathToMovie=file:\\C:\Users\Siroos\Desktop\Temp Download}---Script---Script:import com.prosc.qt.*;File file = new File(pathToMovie);if (file != null) { int timeUnit = Integer.parseInt(timeUnit); // convert from a String return QTUtils.generateThumbnail(file, timeUnit);} $errorPosition is: ng.NoClassDefFoundError: quicktime/util/QTHandleRefParameters:{timeUnit=600 g I appreciate any help. Warm regards,
  11. I understand your situation. I hope that other folks will be able to help you on this issue. The other option is to employ a FM developer and ask him/her to sign a NDA for you to make sure that no data will be shared to public. Good luck.
  12. When you save a file as a clone copy, it removes all the records of all tables.
  13. Can you upload a clone copy of the file for us?
  14. Check the script step "Go to layout" at the beginning. The layout you selected has a different table source as the fields you are setting. Layout is based on TO called "CentralENV" while you are setting field of TO called "ADL_Tool". Isn't that the problem? I am agreed with you. the reason why I use Case() is that it just simplifies the script and make it shorter so debugging is easier. And again, Agreed, we need to see the file and play around it to have a better understanding of the situation.
  15. In order tu use "Case()" you need to set a variable and call it something like "$DistrictAddressLabel" and use the case as below: Case ( $DistrictAdrees = 1; "District 1 P.O. Box 3700 blah blah blah"; $DistrictAdrees = 2; "District 2 P.O. Box 3700 blah blah blah"; $DistrictAdrees = 3; "District 3 P.O. Box 3700 blah blah blah"; //And so on... ) Then set the field as below: set field [ADL_Tool::District_Address_Label ; $DistrictAddressLabel]

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