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  1. For this, you mean a difference between Details and List View, correct? I had noted that discrepancy, but didn't investigate it since I don't care as much about the colours of the status in Details view the way that I do in List View. Thanks for nudging me there so it'll take less time to fix.
  2. I've been mucking about in FMSP for about five years now so I'm sure my file is a complete mess as I have almost no idea what I'm doing when I modify things, but here's a mostly blank cloned file (I made some dummy entries to show the invoice status colours in list view). FM_Starting_Point_4_Copy_Clone.fmp12.zip
  3. I just Googled conditional formatting to see if it's what it sounds like. It would appear that this is item was formatted by the developers. I'll have to see how and even if the steps in this apply to my version of FMP and this solution. https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/16/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help/conditional-formatting.html Really appreciate the hint/breadcrumb. Thank you! ETA: The instructions for version 16 work for version 14! Thank you again, my layout looks like I want it to look and behaves perfectly.
  4. I thought I'd share my workaround in case anyone else wants to do this. It's not convenient since you have to change each entry manually every time you use it, but at least the end result is what I want. I've spent hours going through the layouts trying to find the screen that makes Active bold red by default, but it's obviously buried and not something a novice can change. So in List view regular mode (not Layout), you can actually highlight the text that you want to change the colour of and manually change it above. It will unfortunately also change the colour of the status at the top r
  5. My clients pay me into one of two PayPal accounts and I want to track where each invoice is paid. So I went to the "status" field in the invoice layout and changed the existing "Paid" entry to one with a descriptor of the account and then I created a second "Paid" entry for the other account. When I went to List view, the two paid fields went from bold dark blue to just black, same as the "Sent" entry (FMP 3 attached image). Active stayed red, though. I poked around and found a place where I could manipulate "Sent" and the two "Paids," but it changed the formatting (added the lines you s
  6. I get the impression from you answer that you've never worked with the invoice module in FM Starting Point... If you did, you'd know that you can't set a client's terms, but rather set the individual invoice's term. When you do, that triggers the calculation based on the invoice date. So if I make my invoice on September 1st and select 'Net 7' as the term for that invoice, the date due field is autopopulated with September 8th and September 8th is what shows up on the printed invoice template as the due date. I fail to see how your code will do any of that. I've been working with this solutio
  7. I'm not quite sure what your code is doing. As I said, I'm not that familiar with FMP, just sort of muddling my way through using the FM Starting Point solution. I'm loathe to do any major changes to their coding without an explicit understanding of what I'm doing. Thanks, Rae
  8. I have a client who is being difficult about paying my invoices in a timely manner. If I put a date, even the day I send him the invoice, it goes into his 'I'll pay this sometime in the next week or two' pile. He says that the absolute only way he will process my invoice expediently is if I have 'due upon receipt' in the due date box he sees at the top of my printed invoice. So I'm wondering if there is a way to add 'due upon receipt' to the date due box at the bottom right of the invoices entry template. Right now, it's a calculated field. So what I want is to have both the option of the calc
  9. I only got into FM because I was frustrated by the lack of invoicing software for the Mac market and FMSP seemed to have the most robust and customizeable solution. I was right. I'm only now, after over a year of playing with FMSP, starting to make fuller use of all its features. Rae
  10. OK. Thank you. I learn something new about FM every day! Rae
  11. This is of course assuming that starting from the first month, you will have a record for each consecutive month. Which isn't the case, unfortunately. I have some projects that aren't tied to the months. But the calculation you gave me was more than enough to start on. I need to tweak it a bit to get it working perfectly, but considering my utter lack of FM skills, I am thrilled with how far it has gotten me! Thanks again! Rae
  12. Looks like this is going to work exactly as I needed it to. Thank you so, so much! Rae
  13. I just call the project a month and do all my transactions for that month as being tied to that project. The only date fields are that I can input a start and end date to the project: Â Â I think I understand what you're saying with the calculation you provide. I will play around with it. Thank you! Â Rae
  14. I'm using the FM Starting Point database under FM 13 Advanced for Mac. Â As a freelancer, I track my monthly earnings very closely to ensure that I meet a target income goal for the month. I've been using a very lightweight app called 'Savings Jar' that lets me set a monthly target, enter earnings daily, and then displays how much I need to save per day to stay on track for this goal. Â It's working well, but is redundant and I can't do anything else with this data that I am tracking anyway in FM Starting Point. Â In FM Starting Point, I create a 'project' that is the current earning
  15. For my business model, a project is a month. I am currently only using projects to track income earned (linked to invoices). Before I expand that to also track expenses and time worked, I need to understand where FMSP is seeing costs being incurred. Â For most months, I'm seeing some data I don't understand in the summary tab for projects where you get gross profits. For some reason, there are costs listed, which take away from the gross profits. I cannot figure out where that cost data comes from. Â Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks, Â Rae Â
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