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  1. Thanks for the response, I think my preference would be to show the next "highest" tab As for examples: Assuming Record 1 has Tabs A, B, & C, if the user switches to Record 2 (with Tabs A & B while the front panel is Tab C then the script should take control to switch the front panel on Record 2 away from the "empty" Tab C panel now being displayed. As the next available tab in this case is Tab B that should become the front panel. One clarification, I used these tabs as procedurally generated "Category" markers. So even though they may have different labels across different records, they still use the same sequential tabs. So there is never a scenario where a record has Tab 2 and 4 as you describe; in the internal logic the label may be "2" and "4", but functionally I'm only using tab 1 & 2, so there is never any "gap". Hope that helps!
  2. Hello all, I'm totally new to Filemaker, so I hope you'll bear with me as I try to explain what I'm doing and where I need a little help! As best I can tell, nobody seems to have had a question similar enough to mine for me to apply their solution to my problem. I am trying to script a behavior to automatically change the active Tab on a record, but with a slight twist. I currently have 4 tabs setup that are dynamically generated based on a user's selection of checkboxes (e.g., if 2 boxes are checked then two of the tabs take that text for their labels and the remaining two tabs are hidden -- solely for the sake of aesthetic design) The problem arises in that, on a record-to-record basis, some have 1 tab, and others have all 4. So if a user navigates from a record with 4 tabs to a record with only 1 (while the 4th tab was active) it makes that 4th tab active on a record where it should not be accessible! As mentioned, I have already worked out how to hide the extra tabs in formatting, and I have it scripted so users cannot click-interact with the tabs, but thus far I have not been able to close this loophole! So I guess I need help writing a script to compare how many Tabs should be active against the highest position one that actually is, and then figuring out how to automatically open the right tab(s). Thanks very much in advance for the assistance!
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