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  1. I just imported all the contacts and it indicates that record count : 2425 record(s) but my address book has only 2423 cards. How can I reconcile the 2 contacts. I am using High Sierra 10.13 with FMPA 14. Kindly advise the necessary. Thank you.
  2. Hi Ryan, Take for an example, if I have a FM Server 13 and currently hosting solution for 3 clients. In such case, what license model I should buy? Assume 5 users for each of my client.
  3. If I buy 10 licenses for my users, is the license meant for a particular file solution (e.g. abc.fmp12) or I can use for more (e.g. abc.fmp12, ghk.fmp12, mno.fmp12 and xyz.fmp12)?
  4. Is it possible to sync one-way, i.e. from iPad to hosted file for a specific table / layout that I desire. The reasons are : 1. There is no need for the user to have data from server (e.g. data collector) 2. To reduce unnecessary traffic to download data p/s: my apology, usually i will but due to limited time and resource, i have not done any research on this but would like to tap on the vast knowledge from this community. thank you very much.
  5. <p>Let me try again. The iPad is not connected to any network (looking at the top left corner of my iPad). Login to the local solution (the file located on my local device). Click the SYNC button, MirrorSync Sync In Progress prompted me to login, enter password and click OK. Status initialising..... (stale).... Below the word Initialising are two buttons, namely : Sync Now and Abort Sync. The Abort Sync button is bright red coloured, so I assume it is clickable. I click on it, nothing happen. Status is still showing Initialising. I have to click repeatedly on the top left corner to bring
  6. So user cannot continue to sync if the device is removed fro the registered list without getting a new downloaded file. To add on to the issue, it is also important to control the user not to have access to the new downloaded file, if it is shared via Dropbox file sharing.
  7. I encountered a “problem” (maybe not a problem) with MirrorSync. I followed the steps to configure and the file is downloaded and sent to the iPad. When the iPad is connected to the network, I click on the “self-made” Sync button, data is synchronised and all processed smoothly. But when the iPad is not connected to the network and if I press the self-made Sync button, the MirrorSync will try indefinitely and nothing will happen. The screen remains as the MirrorSync (purple) screen with 5 tabs on it. If I manage (with luck) to cancel the process, I am stuck in this MirrorSync scr
  8. I am using FMGO 13. I will take note of it if it happens again. I was testing against 3 servers, 5 devices. But right now, I focus on just one server and one iPad for testing and evaluation. Hope this can narrow the issues.
  9. Thanks for clarification. Let say if I have 30 mobile users, I download it to Dropbox and send an invite to these 30 users. When they make the first sync, their devices will be registered and I can view it from the MirrorSync > Licensing. My question is : How do I recognise which device belongs to which user since the device name is not within my control. Also, how do I prevent "UN-authorised" device from being registered. Is this done through login authentication within my fmp solution?
  10. If I remove the previously-registered device from the list. Can the user still able to open the fmp12 file and make a sync request, which MirrorSync will accept the request and register the device back onto the list again?
  11. Hi I have a FM Server 13 with 5 concurrent license. Can I purchase (e.g.) 30 MirrorSync licenses to work with this server, assuming only 5 users can only sync with the server at the same time? And I wish to know also if the MirrorSync license is for 1 year or perpetual?
  12. Hi  There is no button to click for Yes, No when the sync is completed. I have to “try my luck and guess” to tap somewhere in order to close the dialog box.
  13. Assuming I have a hosted solution, a SYNC button on the layout. If I can identify the target users, I can email them the downloaded fmp12 file. They open with FMGO and their device will be registered. I have the following questions: 1. If I have new update to the hosted solution, how do I distribute and push the updates to the registered users? 2. How do I remove an existing registered device and prevent them from joining in the future?
  14. Thanks Jesse, This issue of connectivity is resolved. I am now able to sync locally and "remotely".
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