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  1. Any ideas why webviewer on a Mac isn't working? Works correctly on a PC but on a Mac shows URL can't be shown. Seems to be for any URL. Safari is working correctly on the Mac. FileMaker 19 very latest update, Catalina 10.15.7 - safari 13.1.3
  2. You could create a new field in your contacts table "TypeCorrected" which is a calc field, Case( your flag field = inactive;"Inactive";Type) and then ValueCount ( FilterValues ( List ( Contacts::TypeCorrected ) ; "Type1" ) )
  3. Hi all. I need to upgrade my Xero integration to use OAuth 2.0 and I'm struggling with 1 element. I have my Client Id and Client Secret and I can get an Authorization Code but I can't then get the required token. The Xero documentation says the token request requires: POST https://identity.xero.com/connect/token authorization: "Basic " + base64encode(client_id + ":" + client_secret) Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded grant_type=authorization_code &code=xxxxxx &redirect_uri=https://myapp.com/redirect My request always returns {"error":"invalid_client"
  4. This is still the database folder in library, you can't specify a remote volume for the container data. The Container data is always in the data folder, you can specify the folder sure, but it's always in the data folder.
  5. Does this mean when hosted on Fm Server the container data is always going to be a sub folder of the database folder? I need the Database files in the default location but the container data stored on an external volume, is this not possible?
  6. Now these are small points granted but why.. 1) In the script workspace would you not show the close button on the tab all the time? Why hide it till you hover over? 2) Why when you add a new step eg Set variable would you not automatically open the setup for that step? You have to add the step and then have to click to open it? Why would you add the step if you weren't going to make it do something?
  7. Thanks for your reply Filtering the portal to show only the stage I want in each column does do exactly what I want. I did think about populating the data into repeating fields but it needs to be editable therefore I'd need a reverse script to set the data back once the edits were complete, it all seemed a bit like hard work ( not to mention slow ). Bearing in mind your concerns regarding speed, is there another technique I should be thinking of looking at? many thanks
  8. Hi Barbara thanks for your reply. I explicitly need all my stages showing horizontally under the appropriate columns. 1 line per plot. I can't see how to do this unless I create a relationship for each column ( there are 50!). You solution would give a list of up to 50 stages for the first plot then another list for the 2nd plot?
  9. Hi all I have an issue which I'm hoping is easy to resolve. I have 2 tables, Plots & Stages. There are many Stage records related to the plots table. I would like to display the related stage records in a horizontal row under a Stage header. In my Plot record I have a unique id and I was hoping to use a repeating calculation field, get(calculationrepetitionnumber) with 50 repeats which gives me a repeating field with values 1 through 50. In my Stage table I have the plot id, a stage value ( a value from 1 to 50 ) and a data field. I was hoping to join the tables by both th
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