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  1. Thanks David. I will look at those problems. (I had actually been wondering about the IDs not being numbers...)
  2. Thank you so much for your help! Here are the two attached zip files. The Invoices Demo Filemaker file is the example one I found online that has the wonderful portal I would like to replicate in my own database (an edited version attached as "components materials copy copy"). The location of the new portal (that does not work) is now on the Komponent Instance layout in my database. There are lots of Norwegian titles on the database, but that should´t matter I hope... If you have any ideas on how I can make the new portal editable directly in the portal, I would be EXTREMELY grateful. I have been working on this one bit of the database for over 24 hours now. And seemingly getting nowhere. Thanks in advance. components materials Copy Copy.fmp12.zip InvoicesDemoFilemaker.fmp12.zip
  3. I would love to upload these two zipped fmp12 files for you, Kris, but I seem to be a complete idiot who can´t even figure out how to upload a file on this site. What obvious thing am I missing now?
  4. Hi! I am new to Filemaker, but have done several hours of tutorials and was pretty confident when I started to build a little portal yesterday. Essentially, my portal needs to act as a portal on an Invoice layout, where the user can add a certain quanity of specified products to a invoice list, which is then summed at the bottom. My first try did not work, but I found a fantastic little example Filemaker Pro file that seemed to work perfectly (admittedly, it was Filemaker 7), but its portal included fields that could be edited with the number of the product, which then populated the price further along on the line, and the user was expected to enter the quantity. What I need to do is exactly the same, but with materials and components. I think the relationships are the same and I have been very careful in setting them up with a join table between materials and components. But even when I COPY the portal from the example file to my own file, something gets lost and the nice little fields that can be entered data into are not visible in Browse mode (even after I change the table references to the appropriate name). Would someone mind please having a look at the example portal on the Invoice layout of the attached file, and telling me what on earth I am doing wrong? I have been meticulous in checking that the settings are consistent, but I must have missed something. (Ok, now this system won´t let me upload the fmp12 file, despite the fact that it is only 246KB in size.) I will post this message and then see if I can figure out what the problem is with the upload...
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