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  1. I'm having trouble implementing the example in the above hbase article. It won't type ahead and I swear i did something wrong. How do i rectify this? here are screenshots of what I've gotten so far.
  2. I'm confused as to how to make the filemaker "type ahead" feature work. I need for the field in my table to lookup values from my value list but by typing it out instead of being a drop down menu. and then if the name is not found, It needs to be able to go create a new record in the other table. I am familliar enough with having to do the last part, but the first part is simply not working. Also, is this "type ahead/auto complete" feature work in Webdirect? We have a chart of Job codes, and a chart of clients. I know how to format most of these things but using this particular feature do
  3. thanks for that .. But I think i found out the real reason i was getting the errors. I had removed the filepath links to external files that WEBDIRECT uses and forgot FMNET is ONLY for FILEMAKERPRO connections. I had discovered this when i got the same error at home while not being connected to the network.
  4. I've created a custom database that uses top and bottom navigation panels. It seems to work fine in FMP, but when I run the same under webdirect, it refuses to do anything, then loses connection to the server requiring me to update it. I've moved my files to "storage" and even tried runnign recovery to get it to rebuild. Neither step worked on getting this to run in Webdirect. It used to run fine earlier. I think One problem might be the theme I switched, but I doubt it, I am also running Seedcode's slidebar script and have turned off the animations. When ever i switch to a layout the databas
  5. you would need to use both. Accounts to track who owns what, and assets to list which lot is which. You Can use the inventory table to track services, although it's not being tracked this way, but it will be billable. Purchases would only be used for expendables and indirect costs in running your association.
  6. Apparently, there was alot of field errors. I deleted the variables, and the rounding and it now works perfectly.
  7. When it was just the straight Time /end calculations, the fields worked. When i try to use the rounding formula all hell broke loose. if i changed the /let code to a function, would it go back to operating the way i wanted? ( i had it originally as if end < start; 24+End-start;end-start (With hour (start) (hour(end) being used. It worked as I intended. - but then it wouldn't show the partial times. As for the variables I didn't want to create another cell to do the calculations i needed.
  8. Didn't realize my original post was the correct one. sorry about that
  9. Ok, back when I first started my table the standard calculation of end/start worked fine as a repeating value. now that i want to use this time showing function from another "solution" I can't get it to output correctly. it will only show the last repetition i entered and won't repeat to the other values. i know there is a simple solution, but i am at a loss. Let ( [ $end = GetRepetition ( END ; Get ( ActiveRepetitionNumber ) ) ; $start = GetRepetition ( Start ; Get ( ActiveRepetitionNumber)) ] ; Round( Hour( $END - $Start ) + Minute( $END - $Start) / 60 - BREAKS;2)+ If( GetAsNumber($E
  10. This is what Vlookup does ( // Created 2014-02-03 by Doug Staubach -- This file is version 1.0 -- http://www.briandunning.com/cf/1740 // Simulates the VLOOKUP function in Excel -- looks in a specific column for an exact match and if a match is found, returns the value from a different column on the same row (in the same table) If ( IsEmpty ( MatchingValueOrList ) ; "" //exit if there are no more items to process ;Let ([ VAR1 = GetFieldName ( LookupTableNameAndFieldName ) ;VAR2 = L
  11. vlookup is a custom function, that behaves like a vertical lookup from Excel. When i use a drop down list on a Text field, The fields it looks up does not get sent any input until i run the dropdown. the fields remain blank. even if they have text already in them. which makes my job worse because now i have to perform those lookups externally when i import my data.
  12. the field isn't defined as a lookup, so Filemaker doesn't want to look it up with relookup. When I define the field with a drop down value list, it refuses to update until i reselect the current text I think the problem may be that i am using vlookup instead of the standard lookup option, but then i can't get the right information either..
  13. I have a lot of tables to fill, and I don't want to use a drop down menu to reselect all 3000 entries. Is there a better method to do this? I originally tried lookup but it refused to accept input, then I changed it to drop down, but now It won't auto lookup entries. Is there a way to force this behavior?
  14. I don't know why, but every - Single - time i try to import a 3rd party database option into filemaker, it just doesn't work. I have a large Table with over 1000 items, all the fields are set, there's even a relationship set between EasyCal and the current table, but when ever I try to run the script it complains that 1) there is a record missing, and 2) it leaves the event field blank. I even imported the "Contacts" table from the demo database file and it STILL doesn't do anything. . What do I have to rename so that it stops Skipping the entire events entry section? I have a Data::Item fiel
  15. this seems very interesting, but i'm confused to what is actually required to add on to an existing database? on cursory glance, the scripts and themes are all around contact management, what would it take to add this to say, Filemakerstarting point?
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