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  1. Hello there, I am building the solution for my tech support company, we work with eletronics, games, pc's repairs etc, on my main layout we manage service orders and inventory, and I have the idea of keeping a way to monitor our productivity, for that I would need a way to read and start events from specific times, as I want few things like that: When the employe join early on the day, he check in the system and the system knows if he is late, or in time etc and I can have a custom notification for him based on that time; When he opens up a service order, he will be working on that until he closes it to end as done or waiting for parts etc, I want the system to monitor how much time he worked on that specific order, and from that I can calculate the "uptime" and productivity of that guy; I want to have the system to give custom messages on a schedulled time, like, "your lunch time starts in 15 minutes", "you have X hours to finish that thing" etc, and have stuff like every 9 am it says "good morning", simple stuff The thing is, most of that I can use the system clock to calculate the time spend on stuff, but I couldnt figure out a simple way to schedule FM to start the specific script at the exact time I want. So the questions: Is there some app (Windows) that checks the time on pre set intervals and send a start command to FM? As I can only have a single "ontime script" I was thinking to have a hide window inside my solution that runs an ontime script that checks every minute or so the current time, and then verify on a table, if there is anything schedulled to run on that time, if so it starts the pre set script, if not it restart the ontime script. I am sure I am over complicating things here, and all the help is welcome and apreciated! Thank you very much!
  2. Hello there, my solution has a layout that opens on a modal window to force the user to focus on that, as it has a side menu to the left that stays open all the time, I want to know if it is possible to when I have the modal window open and the user clicks outside of the modal window, to hightlight a field or button inside the modal window itself to force the user to focus on the unfinished job he has there. Ideas are very welcome! Thank you!
  3. Sorry but I couldnt find those padding options, mind to show me the directions? Thanks! Edit: Nevermind found those under Appearance tab, never really used padding on FM! Thank you very much!
  4. Hello there, I am trying to have an image set as a background of the header of a record display layout, that image must change based on a field, that I got right, the problem is the image is not on the correct align with the container field border, it is always few pixels under like if there was an empty border limit where the image start displaying. I tried to mess around with the data formating settings on the inspector to crop, reduce or enlarge to fit etc, none removed the empty limiter there. The orange line is the field border, I need the image to completely fill the field. Ideas are very very welcome! Thanks!
  5. Kinda reviving an old topic but I found this intresting. I have a layout that show work orders on the left, on a portal that filter by the work order status, on the right it shows the whole record that is selected on the left portal. All good. I also have a list layout simple because the search found most of the time contain many records and my users like to visualize all the records and find the one they need, as they usualy dont have the very exact work order ID when they need to use the search, so, using the same layout design that filters the work orders by status, but filtering to show only the found set records is actualy very usefull. Many records found showing on a list on the left, and the whole record showing all the fields on the right.
  6. Do modal dialog window needs an extra connection to the server?
  7. Hello there, on a list layout, I am showing the main fields from this tickets/service orders database, if the user wants more info he can just click on the "more info" and go to the layout that shows the full record, but sometimes the user wants to see just one extra field, lets say total due or date closed etc, is it possible to make a value list that lists the name of all the fields not showing (I can simple make the value list names), then based on that selection, show that specific field on the list? I was thinking to have all the "possible" fields stacked, and set to hide unless their name is on a global field, and then with a on object validate script the value list insert the selected name from the list on that global field. Is there a more elegant way to do this? Thanks!!
  8. It almost worked, on the very last step under the last if it halts the script, that is causing me problems as I have navigation buttons inside the popover, it wont navigate if the halt script is there. It worked but bugged if I changed halt to pause as it would keep the system pausing. If halt script is the last step when closing it wont let me navigate, ideas?
  9. Just to add from Davids comments, yes the trial is the Advanced version, so far on Mac it is working with both installed, on windows did not work, FMPA13 gave me an error after having FM 14 installed. I tried to load an FM14 file that had the new "glyphs" and the menu bar, none showed on FM13, simple empty space where they should apear. I am thinking as well if FM14 is worth for me as I am still learning, the BIG things so far are the new script space and mainly the new web direct that looks much faster.
  10. Need a way to open and close the popover on the same button, I have a popover button hidden, and a button set to "go to popover" object, but I want that exact same button to close the popover as well? Pretty sure it is very simple, just not comming to mind right now. Thanks!!!!
  11. Simple question, is there a way to export the icon files to be used on FM13? Thanks.
  12. Well I tried to install it on a win7 sp1 machine x86 at office and it did not let me, while the FMP13 is working fine on that same machine. Contacted FM support but no response yet.
  13. I am now curious if webdirect running on chrome will be compatible with android's speech to text.
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