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  1. "The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today." -Elbert Hubbard

  2. Ah, you see. The conversion is exactly what I'm attempting to avoid because it has to go back into our FMP 4.0 database. My only solution to this is to just wait until the weekend to go in and repair the template on our server directly. It's a shame about the compatibility issue. If only Macs had backwards service packs like windows.
  3. I made sure of downloading the OSX version of the FMP 6. But I recieved a CD today of 4.0 (What the company uses) and the same "You can’t open the application “(null)” because it may be damaged or incomplete." error pops up so I have come to the conclusion that this is a "me" issue that I'll be looking more into later. A apologize for the misplaced post. I also apologize for not explaining my situation. Our company works off of version 4.0. I was asking about 6.0 since it can open .fp3 files as well as is available on filemaker's website as opposed to 4.0 where I can't seem to find anywhere on the internet. Upgrading to 13.0 is a separate task that will be complete once our base solutions are back in their proper order. Right now I'm focused on repairing our layouts.
  4. Please excuse my lack of Forum-courtesy as you see fit. It's been a while since I've been apart of one and I'm still trying to get my roots.

  5. This sounds like a permissions issue I literally resolved today. Below are some solutions I used: +The UAC could be interfering with permissions. Try disabling it. +Have you tried right clicking the document and choosing "Run as Administrator" +When you right click the document go under Properties->Security/Permissions. Make sure both admin and user have full permissions regarding the file. +(Question) The PDFs; are they opening in stock IE or are they opened with a Adobe PDF plugin inside IE? We've had huge issues with stock IE PDF readers in the past that decide to treat everything as a single-user licensed document. Best regards, Tumma K.
  6. Hello, All! I am an aspiring developer for Filemaker. The company I work with is stuck in the past working off of Filemaker Pro 4.1 I was given the task of bringing us up to Filemaker Pro/Server 13. So far my conversion prototypes are successful but we recently had a layout issue that can only be fixed in versions 3-6 (as the file is an .fp3) I work off of a macbook while our network is all Windows 7. In order for me to repair the layouts without tampering our active database, I decided the best option is to repair a copy of our solutions off the network. Unfortunately, when I go to download the trial version of Filemaker Pro 6 off of the respected website, the file is corrupt! I've tried multiple times, with different extraction apps and in different directories. My question is; Does anyone know a place where I could obtain version 6 (or better yet, 4.0) for an OSX computer? I've looked everywhere! Thank you for your time, Tumma K.
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