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  1. Sub Summary reports and relationships

    Hi Steve Sorry for the very long gap in my reply. The problem with developing my database is that I also run two businesses so it always takes a back seat. Anyway - your suggestion was correct however it still did not work immediately as I discovered a "schoolboy error" in my relationship but once resolved my report works as expected. My next challenge ii to try to make Filemaker behave like a word processor to produce quotes and contracts. The problem is that the amount of text and items are never the same - one contract may have a job description which is one paragraph and then 10 items, while the next could have a job description of 3-4 pages and 50+ items. Ideally I would like to have the same neat layout that I can achieve with a word doc, but that seems difficult. I will need to do some more investigation Thanks for your help
  2. Sub Summary reports and relationships

    Hi I have been struggling for days with this. I am trying to stop using Word to produce quotes and contracts and enter the data once in filemaker then I can produce everything with a click of a button and not have to reenter things over again. I am sure that the problem is my understanding of relationships but the relationship seems to work ok until I attempt to build a subsummary report I hope you can view a screen capture I make which I hope explains https://www.dropbox.com/s/wmgb08oxi8l8utq/capture-1.mp4?dl=0
  3. Basic advice please about relationships

    Great Thanks - I tried that first but go an error - unrelated table. I just realized that I needed to search on the related table rather than native TODO - it works perfectly - thanks for the advice! Jim
  4. Basic advice please about relationships

    Thats great thanks for the guidance - I knew I was doing something stupid. I have developed a script to find all open tasks and it works perfectly - Thanks A followup question. Although I now have a layout that lists all open tasks (using the ToDo table), how would I develop a script to generate a found set of all the contacts that have an open ToDo?
  5. Basic advice please about relationships

    I hope someone can offer some very basic advice as I worked on this problem for many hours and think I am misunderstanding some fundamentals about relationships. I have a contact management database and the area I need guidance is with my ToDo list - All I want to have a layout which will only show "OPEN" tasks and exclude any that are defined as "CLOSED" based on a field titled STATUS. A pretty fundimental and straight forward requirement for any business, when I meet with my colleugues I need to click a button and see the tasks we need to focu on and not the entire list since the start of the database I thought about just having a script perform a find but as there are likey going to be a lot of future layouts (by staff name by type etc.) and I could see this becoming unruly as the variations increase. I thought building a relationship would be cool way to do this. My initial thought was to have a new table "GLOBAL" and then have two field gOPEN and gCLOSED then on a hidden layout add a new record and enter "OPEN" and "CLOSED" in the respective fields. My thoughts were that these global fields would be available all the time and then then I could set a relationship between the GLOBAL and TODO tables where gOPEN = STATUS. In simple terms any record on the ToDo table where the Status field contained "Open" would appear and any with "Closed" would not. Then the open ToDo's would appear on a layout based on TODO with a subsummary sorted by date, only the ToDo's with the Status field as "Open" should be displayed. This was not the case and it showed all ToDo's with all the Closed records showing also. I tried loads of different variations but never found any success - am I approaching this the wrong way? I know this is a dumb question and I would not ask if I had not labored on it to the point of complete frustration. Incidentally I run a small business and am developing this for an in-house admin system I am not an expert or developer just need to get a job done. I hope you can offer some guidance
  6. Count repeating field repetitions with data

    Thanks for the fast reply :-) Ok I can set this up and as related table as the fields were already part of the quote /item items, however the final output will be printed and sent to the customer. The reason I chose a repeating field is that (I thought) this would be easier to format as a merge field and have the document automatically reduce in size depending on the number of items in the quote. A appreciate that this is going onto another topic however The format of the printed report could be half a page or 3 pages depending on the number of line items. The format of the final printed page is Part 1 - customer details, date, quote number etc. Part 2 - Repeating field which could be between 1 - 50 lines Part 3 - final price. I want this to print with with the final price directly underneath the last line item If I am using a related table, don't I need to have a portal of defined size to accommodate the maximum size of the document (i.e 50 lines)? Is it possible to get a portal to "shrink" when printed and then have the pricing information directly underneath Part 2 regardless of the number of line items in the portal? Thanks
  7. Count repeating field repetitions with data

    Hi I am designing a very simple proposal with stages of the project in text which is held in a repeating field with 50 repetitions. Next to each I want to show a number but the number list should correspond to the number of repetitions that contain data Here is an example of what I am looking for The fields are LineItemsCount and LineItemsDescription, both are repeating fields with 50 repetitions This is how it should print Item Description 1 first item 2 second item 3 third item The description part works perfectly and only shows the repetitions were there is data (and as this has to be printed, the size if automatically adjusted to print on the required number of pages). However to create the number list automatically and how to check whether there is data in the description and only create a number for the repetitions with data.

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